Casa Solaris - Construction21


Casa Solaris - Construction21
Etu d e d e ca s : Ca s a S o l a r i s
S i te We b : h ttp :// n s tr u cti o n 2 1 .o r g /l u xe m b o u r g /
Casa Solaris
Type de pro jet : Co nstructio n Neuve
Type de bâtiment : Maiso n individuelle
iso lée o u jumelée
Année de co nstructio n : 20 14
Zo ne climatique : Dfb
Surface nette : 120 m 2
Co ût de co nstructio n : 16 2 0 0 0 €
No mbre d'unités fo nctio nnelles : 1
Lo gement
Co ût/m² : 1 350 €/m 2
Co ût/Lo gement : 16 2 0 0 0 €/Lo gement
T25, P447 , 0 7719 0 Vo luntari, Ro mânia
// Description
CasaSo laris (www.casaso ) is a single-family dwelling lo cated in no rthern Bucharest. It is an active house - pro duce
mo re energy than is needed fo r current co nsumptio n - thanks to the co ntributio n o f pho to vo ltaic panels. Casa So laris is
equipped with thermal panels, used fo r bo th do mestic ho t water and fo r heating in winter. To this end, it uses an innovative
heat sto rage in the gro und in summer captured, eliminating the need fo r heat pumps.
Building energy efficient and intelligent so lutio ns fo r heating and cooling, reduce heat to appro x needs 50 kWh / sqm / year and
leads to a climate co ntro lled indo o r humidity and temperature unifo rm witho ut anno ying drafts.
Casa So laris is a ho me healthy, co mfo rtable and has a po sitive impact o n the enviro nment.
Plus de dé t ails sur ce pro je t :
http://www.casaso /
Fiabilit é de s do nné e s :
Auto -déclaratio n
// Intervenants
Bureau d'étude thermique
No m : Geo term PDC srl
Neculai Negut, [email protected] o .co m, Bucuresti
Site Web : http://geo /
Actio n : General co ncept o f geo -so lar pro ject o f building active and independent; designing systems installatio ns
Autre intervenant
No m : Bauro m Co nstruct SRL
Site Web : http://www.bauro /ro /
Actio n : Building Executio n
No m : Accent Design SRL
Adrian Io vescu, io [email protected] m, Bucuresti
Site Web : /
Actio n : Architectural Organic
Mo de co nt ract ue l :
Vente po st co nstructio n
Dé m arche dé ve lo ppe m e nt durable du m aît re d'o uvrage : I wanted to build a sustainable ho me based o n renewable
energy and green ho use, in harmo ny with the natural enviro nment. I wanted to have a co mfo rtable ho use with a healthy indo o r
climate: take advantage o f fresh air co nstantly, but witho ut dissipate heat. I wanted to (i) demo nstrate that we can build such a
ho use in Ro mania, with the techno lo gy available and at a reaso nable co st. Last but no t least, I wanted to give so me peo ple
energy and inno vative spirit, the ability to realize his dream. His help to change the mentality and living standards. I ho pe that
such a co ncept ho use and applied techno lo gies to be ado pted by as many peo ple and o rganizatio ns.
De script io n archit e ct urale : Casa So laris was designed so that, in additio n to aesthetic and functio nal co nsideratio ns to
no rmal ho uses, to meet specific requirements and their o wn energy systems and green ho use co ncept. The ro o f has been
designed so that 2/3 o f the surface o f the sun to be o riented at an o ptimum angle to maximize the efficiency o f pho to vo ltaic
and thermal so lar panels. Also , by co nfo rming to the architectural elements o f the facade, windo w shading was do ne during
the summer to limit so lar gains, increase indo o r co mfo rt and lo wer energy co nsumptio n fo r co o ling. Shading is do ne so with
architectural elements (eaves, balco nies, etc.) and by ro lls o rientatio n east / west. Functio nally, the ho use is an apartment with
fo ur ro o ms o n the gro und flo o r has the functio ns o f day (living ro o m, kitchen, bathro o m) and also a ro o m with destinatio n
o ffice o r bedro o m and upstairs has two bedro o ms with dressing ro o m, bathro o m, laundry / dryer, sto rage. The bridge is an
additio nal sto rage space; Its central area is spacio us eno ugh (and height) to allo w co nstructio n o f a space study o r relax.
Fro m the living ro o m, kitchen and access to a terrace o verlo o king the sunny garden. Po sitio ning so litary ho use So laris II
emphasizes energy independence, the o nly external co nnecto r is the electricity. It is dual ro le: co nsumers and pro ducers, to
empty into the natio nal grid electricity pro duced fro m ho me. The yard is planted with trees (deciduo us and co nifero us) alo ng
the pro perty fence and grass endemic rest, allo wing expansio n with flo ral arrangements, etc., after the o wner's preferences.
// Energie
Consommation énergétique
Be so in e n é ne rgie prim aire : 135,76 kWh PE/m 2 /an
Be so in e n é ne rgie prim aire bât im e nt st andard : 131,9 6 kWh PE/m 2 /an
Mé t ho de de calcul : Autre
CEEB : 0 kWh PE / €
Performance énergétique de l'enveloppe
UBat de l\'e nve lo ppe : 0 ,35 W.m -2 .K-1
Plus d'inf o rm at io n sur l'e nve lo ppe : Po ro therm maso nry is brick. Thermal insulatio n: walls (20 cm po lystyrene),
bridge (40 cm wo o l) o ver gro und (10 cm styro fo am), fo undatio ns (extruded po lystyrene 15cm). The tire witho ut thermal
bridging. Triple glazed windo ws with lo w-e and PVC 6 ro o ms. Watertight witho ut lo ss o f air.
Co e f f icie nt de co m pacit é du bât im e nt : 0 ,74
// EnR & systèmes
Chauf f age :
Chaudière électrique individuelle
Plancher chauffant basse température
Wo o d bo iler
Chaudière gaz individuelle
Autre système d'eau chaude sanitaire
Raf raîchisse m e nt :
Plafo nd rayo nnant
Ve nt ilat io n :
Ventilatio n naturelle
Do uble flux avec échangeur thermique
Ene rgie s re no uve lable s :
So laire pho to vo ltaïque
So laire thermique
Pro duct io n d'é ne rgie re no uve lable :
215,0 0 %
// Environnement
Eau et qualité de l'air intérieur, santé et confort
Co nso m m at io n annue lle d'e au issue du ré se au :
Co nso m m at io n annue lle d'e aux grise s re cyclé e s :
0 m3
0 m3
Co nso m m at io n annue lle d'e au de pluie ré cupé ré e : 0 m 3
Water fo r do mestic co nsumptio n is pro vided by a drilling depth o f 55m. Micro state sewage water fro m its o wn so il is used
to irrigate the garden. We plan to use rainwater co llected fo r the same purpo se.
// Produits
Underground heat storage
Fabricant : Geo term PDC srl
Co nt act f abricant : Neculai Negut, [email protected] o .co m
Sit e Int e rne t f abricant : http://geo /
Cat é go rie de pro duit : Génie climatique, électricité / Chauffage, eau chaude
De script io n:
Aa seaso nal heat sto rage undergro und thermal energy captured by so lar panels and hydro
insulated, with pure water as heat exchangers heat in the earth. Pro vides 9 0 % o f annual ho t
water and heating the ho use, eliminating the need fo r o ther plants pro ducing thermal energy. It
is designed and applied fo r the first time in an individual ho me. This eliminates carbo n
emissio ns and asso ciated greenho use gases traditio nal heating systems.
Co m m e nt aire s:
Shareho lders were visio nary, who wanted to co ntribute to the pro mo tio n o f Ro manian inno vative pro duct, and the wo rkers
were o pen and enthusiastic during executio n.
Radiant heating-cooling system in the walls and ceiling
Fabricant : Geo term PDC srl
Co nt act f abricant : Neculai Negut, [email protected] o .co m
Sit e Int e rne t f abricant : http://geo /
Cat é go rie de pro duit :
De script io n:
System radiant hydro nic heating and co o ling o f very lo w temperature in the walls and ceiling,
scattering aluminum plate under the plasterbo ard. Unify into a single system bo th functio ns
co nditio ning (heating and co o ling). Size heat radiating surface temperature clo se to the ambient
heat and lack o f unifo rmity gives air drafts in the ro o m. This pro vides a high enviro nmental
co mfo rt. The no velty lies in the ambivalence system (used fo r bo th heating and co o ling), in
placing a ceiling (unusual), which allo ws an area larger than the radiant flo o r and in their o wn
co nstructive so lutio n, easy to implement o n site. Increase energy efficiency thro ugh the use o f
lo w temperature heat and thus explo itatio n o f so lar panels fo r a lo nger perio d o f the year.
Co m m e nt aire s:
Our o bservatio ns co ld thro ugho ut the seaso n 20 14-20 15 (installatio ns are functio nal in May 20 14) co nfirm tho se described
abo ve related to interio r co mfo rt. Thermo graphic images attached validates the temperatures heat and ambient expected fro m
this system.
Passive Cooling System
Fabricant : Geo term PDC srl
Co nt act f abricant : Neculai Negut, [email protected] o .co m
Sit e Int e rne t f abricant : http://geo /
Cat é go rie de pro duit : Génie climatique, électricité / Ventilatio n, rafraîchissement
De script io n:
Passive co o ling system based o n heat exchanger placed in water wells. Take trapped heat heating-co o ling system o f walls
during summer. Using the same system in the walls and ceiling radiant, take advantage o f it related to interio r co mfo rt.
Designed and applied fo r the first time at Casa So laris. Eliminate the need fo r a co ndensing unit, which wo uld have a negative
influence o n the enviro nment.
Co m m e nt aire s:
Our o bservatio ns in summer 20 14 (installatio ns are functio nal in May 20 14) co nfirm tho se described abo ve related to interio r
co mfo rt.
// Coûts
Co ût de co nstructio n : 16 2 0 0 0 €
Coûts de construction & exploitation
Co ût é t ude s : 0 €
Co ût t o t al : 16 2 0 0 0 ,0 0 €
Aide s f inanciè re s : 0 €
Facture énergétique
Fact ure é ne rgé t ique pré visio nne lle / an :
-1 8 10 ,0 0 €
co ût é ne rgé t ique ré e l / m ² : -15,0 8 € / m 2
Co ût é ne rgé t ique ré e l : -1 8 10 ,0 0 €/Lo gement
// Environnement urbain
Enviro nne m e nt urbain :
Surf ace du t e rrain :
557 m 2
Surf ace au so l co nst ruit e :
19 %
Espace s ve rt s co m m uns :
Parking :
40 0
2 (two ) surface parking unco vered
// Qualité environnementale du bâti
Qualit é e nviro nne m e nt ale du bât i :
// Concours
Santé, qualité air intérieur