6 Pancras Square


6 Pancras Square
Etu d e d e ca s : 6 P a n cr a s S q u a r e
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6 Pancras Square
Type de pro jet : Co nstructio n Neuve
Type de bâtiment : Immeuble de bureaux
Année de co nstructio n : 20 15
Zo ne climatique : [Cfb] Océanique hiver
tempéré, été chaud, pas de saiso n sèche
Surface nette : 38 6 43 m 2
Co ût de co nstructio n : 10 0 8 9 9 50 0 €
No mbre d'unités fo nctio nnelles : 3 8 6 4
Po ste de travail
Co ût/m² : 2 6 11 €/m 2
Co ût/Po ste de travail : 26 113 €/Po ste de
Pancras Square , N1C Lo ndo n, United
Kingdo m
// Description
BNP Paribas Real Estate presents 6 Pancras Square next to Saint Pancras statio n. The building was designed by JeanMichel Wilmo tte and will be develo ped by BNP Paribas Real Estate Pro perty Develo pment UK.The pro ject co mprises o f o ffices
and gro und flo o r retail o f 37,0 0 0 sqm o n Argents 743,20 0 sqm redevelo pment o f the site. The scheme will benefit fro m its
clo se pro ximity to the majo r transpo rt hub o f King’s Cro ss and Saint Pancras, pro viding easy access to six tube lines, natio nal
railways and the Euro star.
The pro perty will be develo ped to the highest enviro nmental standards (BREEAM Excellent) and specificatio n.
The develo pment includes:
350 ,0 0 0 sq ft o f o ffices
10 ,0 0 0 sq ft o f retail
a 3,8 0 0 sq ft staff fitness centre
27 parking spaces
Fiabilit é de s do nné e s :
// Intervenants
No m : BNP Paribas Real Estate
Site Web : https://www.realestate.bnpparibas.co m/bnppre/en/gro up-navigatio n-cfo 4_120 9 7
No m : Wilmo tte & Asso ciés SA
+33 (0 ) 1 53 0 2 22 22
Site Web : http://www.wilmo tte.fr/en/pro jects/pro grams
Actio n : Design Architect
No m : Adamso n Asso ciates
Actio n : Executive Architect
Bureau d'études acoustique
No m : AKT
Bureau d'études autre
No m : Ho are Lea
Actio n : Services Engineer
Bureau d'études autre
No m : Co nfluence
Actio n : Health and safety co nsultant
Bureau d'études autre
No m : Aeco m
Actio n : Fire Strategy Co nsultant
Bureau d'études autre
No m : Reef Asso ciates
Actio n : Facade access co nsultant
Bureau d'études autre
No m : Buro Happo ld
Actio n : Facade design co nsultant
Bureau d'études autre
No m : Gleeds Quantity Surveyo rs
Actio n : Quantity Surveyo r
Mo de co nt ract ue l :
Dé m arche dé ve lo ppe m e nt durable du m aît re d'o uvrage : Fro m the o utset we strived to create a City standard o ffice
building o f the highest quality that wo uld co mplement o ur track reco rd; that was in line with o ur develo pment aspiratio ns fo r the
UK, and that wo uld play its part in the transfo rmatio n o f Euro pe’s largest strategic regeneratio n site.
Our o bjectives were to develo p the mo st effective building po ssible in terms o f functio nality and flexibility fo r po tential tenants,
and that perfo rmed to an excellent standard in terms o f energy efficiency, whilst pro viding exceptio nal value fo r its o wners,
o ccupiers and fo r the surro unding area.
The greatest challenge was to achieve an extremely challenging design brief within the established budget. Fro m early stage
fo cused o n a bespo ke and technical façade as well as a magnificent atrium and two large so uth facing terraces.
De script io n archit e ct urale : 6 Pancras Square has a direct relatio nship to the industrial character o f the histo ric buildings
in the surro unding co nservatio n area thro ugh the use and grain o f materials and vertical detailing - the fins running alo ng the
vertical piers co nvey depth and beco me a dynamic features that cast shado w and alter in appearance thro ugho ut the day.
The lo wer two levels are scaled to pro vide a stro ng base fo r the building respo nding efficiently and directly to the public realm.
Abo ve this, the middle and cro wn are fo rmed by the expressio n o f functio n and perfo rmance thro ugh a 3m grid.
Emerging fro m undergro und statio n at Pancras Square o r fro m St Pancras statio n the massing o f the building respo nds
immediately to the visito r. The landscaping o f Pancras Square extends beyo nd the building into an o verhang to create a
semi-public co vered space, marking the building entrance. Within, the atrium fo rms visual and functio nal co nnectio n between
surro unding spaces, beco ming a destinatio n po int.
Lift lo bbies are accessed auto matically as visito rs pass thro ugh the access barrier, making the jo urney fluid and user friendly.
Cro ss perspectives, acro ss the atrium and thro ugh the façades to wards key urban landmarks, allo w clear way finding
thro ugho ut the building.
The flo o rplates are deep and lo ng, allo wing a unique, uninterrupted perspective o f 9 5m. Daylight is pro vided by the lumino us
Fo r the upper levels, the direct access to genero us so uth facing terraces with striking views o f the cityscape o ffer a unique
o ppo rtunity to inco rpo rate exterio r spaces that co uld be integrated to the interio r general arrangement.
The atrium leads the visito r within the building. Light is the primary material, shaping the space and emphasizing the
co mplementarity between transparency and built fo rm. The use o f light materials magnifies light, leading the visito r’s lo o k
to wards the sky.
Et si c'é t ait à re f aire ? :
We wo uld reduce the co mplexity o f the building co missio ning
// Energie
Consommation énergétique
Be so in e n é ne rgie prim aire : 49 ,26 kWh PE/m 2 /year
Mé t ho de de calcul : Autre
Ré part it io n de la co nso m m at io n é ne rgé t ique : Primary Energy need (kWh PE/m2/year) - UK SAP calculatio n
Gas- 17.8 8
Electricity- 48 .49
Breakdo wn fo r energy co nsumptio n
Heating & Ho t water - 17.8 8
Lighting- 15.9 7
Building services- 32.52
Office equipment & small po wer- 42.58
Performance énergétique de l'enveloppe
Plus d'inf o rm at io n sur l'e nve lo ppe :
Opaque- 0 .18
Glazing- 1.2
Envelo pe U-value:
Co e f f icie nt de co m pacit é du bât im e nt :
Et anché it é à l'air : 3,50
// EnR & systèmes
Chauf f age :
Réseau de chauffage urbain
Réseau urbain
Raf raîchisse m e nt :
Ventilo -co nvecteur
Ve nt ilat io n :
VMC auto réglable
Bâtiment intelligent
1,0 0
GT C :
Individual sub metering o f every tenant flo o r
// Environnement
Emissions de GES
Duré e de vie du bât im e nt (anné e ) :
6 0 ,0 0 year(s)
Eau et qualité de l'air intérieur, santé et confort
Co nf o rt t he rm ique calculé : Summer- 24 degrees / Winter- 20 degrees
Co nf o rt aco ust ique : Offices- NR38
Fact e ur lum iè re nat ure lle : 2,0 0
// Produits
Natural ventilation
Fabricant :
Co nt act f abricant :
Cat é go rie de pro duit : Génie climatique, électricité / Ventilatio n, rafraîchissement
De script io n:
features were inserted in the design wherever po ssible and with an understanding o f the site co nstraints and aco ustic
o bligatio ns. This was co mbined with a highly efficient mechanical ventilatio n system with exhaust air heat reco very.
Co m m e nt aire s:
Turbo core chiller systems
Co nt act f abricant :
Sit e Int e rne t f abricant :
Cat é go rie de pro duit : Génie climatique, électricité / Ventilatio n, rafraîchissement
De script io n:
Ultra efficient ‘turbo co re’ chiller systems using high-speed axial co mpresso rs, with the co mpresso r turbine flo ating o n
magnetic bearings to eliminate frictio n in the main mo ving part, achieve demanding energy efficiency levels. Co o ling systems
built into the chillers pre-co o l the chilled water fro m the building at lo w external ambient temperatures witho ut the use o f
refrigeratio n equipment.
Co m m e nt aire s:
Low carbon district heating network
Fabricant :
Co nt act f abricant :
Sit e Int e rne t f abricant :
Cat é go rie de pro duit : Génie climatique, électricité / Chauffage, eau chaude
De script io n:
The building benefits fro m co nnectio n to the King’s Cro ss lo w carbo n district heating netwo rk, including heat fro m a mixture o f
CHP, efficient gas bo ilers and po tentially Bio mass bo iler systems.
Co m m e nt aire s:
// Coûts
Co ût de co nstructio n : 10 0 8 9 9 50 0 €
// Environnement urbain
Enviro nne m e nt urbain : Building is designed to integrate with the o verall kings cro ss masterplan in terms o f building use
and gro und level retail units. External lighting is integrated with the neighbo uring buildings.
The building is within 30 0 m o f Euro star, King’s Cro ss statio n, Lo ndo n Undergro und and Lo ndo n bus services.
Surf ace au so l co nst ruit e :
Espace s ve rt s co m m uns :
10 0 %
Parking : 19 0 cycle facilities including sto rage
27 parking spaces within the basement.
// Qualité environnementale du bâti
Qualit é e nviro nne m e nt ale du bât i :
// Concours