SMED 13 New headquarters


SMED 13 New headquarters
Etu d e d e ca s : S MED 1 3 Ne w h e a d q u a r te r s
S i te We b : h ttp :// n s tr u cti o n 2 1 .o r g /a l g e r i e /
SMED 13 New headquarters
Type de pro jet : Co nstructio n Neuve
Type de bâtiment : Immeuble de bureaux
Année de co nstructio n : 20 15
Zo ne climatique : [Csa] Co ntinental
Méditerranéen - Tempéré, été sec et très
Surface nette : 1 239 m 2
Co ût de co nstructio n : 2 540 0 0 0 €
No mbre d'unités fo nctio nnelles : 28 Po ste
de travail
Co ût/m² : 2 0 50 €/m 2
Co ût/Po ste de travail : 9 0 714 €/Po ste de
1 Avenue Marco Po lo , 13141 Miramas,
// Description
The SMED13 has built its headquarters in the to wn o f Miramas. This is an o ffice building with a flo o r space o f 1,10 0 m² to
ho use SMED13 emplo yees and delegates.
Lo cated o n the plaine du Crau, the land with a surface o f 2520 m², straddles the municipalities o f Miramas and Grans. It is part
o f the Clé Ouest ZAC, managed by the EPAD Ouest Pro vence
The land do esn't have neither tree no r co nstructio n.
The building was built in the so uth field, in the to wn o f Miramas, in seismic zo ne 3. This mo ve preserves much o f the
undevelo ped land.
Plus de dé t ails sur ce pro je t :
http://www.leo jets/co nstructio ndesn (...)
Fiabilit é de s do nné e s :
// Intervenants
Maître d'ouvrage
No m : SMED 13
J. SAUTEL Président
Valérie Déco t & Jean-Luc Ro lland
Site Web : m/index.php?page=jean-luc-ro lland
Bureau d'étude thermique
No m : SOL.A.I.R
Site Web :
Actio n : fluids, thermal engineering, enviro nmental and bio climate, aco ustics
Assistance à Maîtrise d'ouvrage
Actio n : CATEGORY
Bureau d'études structures
No m : BET André Verdier
Mo de co nt ract ue l :
Dé m arche dé ve lo ppe m e nt durable du m aît re d'o uvrage : Perfo rmance and image variety o f po ssible: Reduced
requirements, high perfo rmance envelo pe, significant so lar gain, lo w temperature emissio ns, PAC water / water co o ling o n
water, pho to vo ltaic, so lar thermal, wind, CNG statio n, taking electric vehicles.
De script io n archit e ct urale : On the site o f interventio n:
Lo catio n marked by a ro w o f majestic plane trees, a riparian fo rest that acco mpanies the main channel draining the pro perty,
the co urt o f Mas des Mo lières, remarkable fo r its scale and quietude, a field, always green, where the pro ject is implanted.
These elements, which, o n their o wn, co nstitute the site, are essential. And even they are sufficient. It is therefo re appro priate to
identify the invasive scrub, to clean them, to strengthen them, to develo p them by eliminating anything that night to a stro ng
reading o f this landscape. It sho uld also make them live to gether again. This is the meaning o f the interventio ns that we
suggest in the site plan, including o pening the field to the Co urt, linking areas, releasing the views.
Co ncerning the co ntext and implementatio n o n the gro und:
In this co ntext, o ur pro ject restricts its fo o tprint and frees the land. By frugality to save the land, in advance, to clear the
po ssibility o f a further extensio n, but abo ve all to leave this field that is the place, its leadership and integrity. A parking lane and
pedestrian walkway, clearly sto p the bo undary between rural and urban. The field o f green grass is free. But it is no t accessible.
The pro ject do vetails with this divide, delicately placed o n the gro und, reducing any impact o n the field, flo ating like a great ship
do cked, pro pped against plane alignment.
Co ncerning the questio n o f the image:
After insertio n into the site, the pro ject must meet the needs o f SMED 13 in terms o f image. A new institutio n, which manages,
with access to energy issues o f impo rtance to o ur co mmo n future, and that claims o f this so me visibility, identity, and
affirmatio n o f a presence in a place that is yet to create. Our team has wo rked hard to ensure this exceptio nal building energy
perfo rmance that can create, by example, the legitimacy o f SMED. In fact, it is the vo lume o f the pro ject, the expressio n o f its
facades, the texture o f their skin, which express the strength, the energy, the dynamism in this institutio n. Pulsed po wer in the
idea o f the Earth as energy issues are implicit in them.
// Energie
Consommation énergétique
Be so in e n é ne rgie prim aire : 39 ,10 kWh EP/m 2 /an
Be so in e n é ne rgie prim aire bât im e nt st andard : 56 ,0 0 kWh EP/m 2 /an
Mé t ho de de calcul :
CEEB : 0 kWh PE / €
Ré part it io n de la co nso m m at io n é ne rgé t ique : - Heating : 9 ,6 kWh EP/m2/year
- Ventilatio n & Aux : 11,5 kWh EP/m2/year
- Lighting : 12 kWh EP/m2/year
- Ho t Water : 6 kWh EP/m2/year
Performance énergétique de l'enveloppe
UBat de l\'e nve lo ppe : 0 ,46 W.m -2 .K-1
Plus d'inf o rm at io n sur l'e nve lo ppe : Flo o r:
Hardco re layer + PSE 8 cm + co ncrete slab Eco cem + sto ne o r tile
First flo o r o n Exterio r and intermediate
- carpet + False flo o r + technical plenum + co ncrete slab
- On ext o r LNC: + flo cking iso therm 23 cm + finishing Type plaster
- co ncrete Sailing Eco cem - DRC: ITI PSE 10 cm + BA13
- 1st flo o r and 2nd flo o r: wo o d fiber 20 cm + mineral plaster
- 1st flo o r and 2nd flo o r: PUR 9 cm + parepluie + wo o d siding o r metal tray ceiling: False ceiling aco ustic abso rbent metal
blades + LM (traffic)
Jo inery:
- Aluminium o r aluminum o r wo o d Larch
- DV Lo wE Ag (Ug = 1.1W / m²K)
Indicat e ur : (I4) m 3 /H.m 2 n50 (Vo l/H) Q4
Et anché it é à l'air : 1,9 2
// EnR & systèmes
Chauf f age :
Po mpe à chaleur
Aucun système de chauffage
Chauffe-eau électrique individuel
So laire thermique
Raf raîchisse m e nt :
Po mpe à chaleur réversible
Ve nt ilat io n :
VMC auto réglable
Ene rgie s re no uve lable s :
So laire pho to vo ltaïque
So laire thermique
Micro éo lien
- Heating: Heat pumps water / water (temp system 7/30 ° C) + 6 .6 co p active slab.
- Ventilatio n: 3 CTA including 2 variable Meeting pro be CO2 exchange efficiency 56 -6 0 %, and electric battery; 1 o ffice 8 6 %
increased flo ws in the meeting ro o ms during co nstructio n at the request o f the Co ntro l Office to co mply with the health
regulatio ns and the labo r co de. No acceptance to co nsider the co mplementarity fresh air o utside thro ugh o pen windo ws
and fresh air CTA.
- Co o ling: plate heat exchanger (bypass line CAP) + active slab emissio n
- Passive co o ling by simple exchange, but the ability to enable o r PAC repo rt o n CTA battery co ld water (scalability po ssible
if needed).
- 33.4 kWhep / m².year fo r PV is 23770 kWh / year - 450 0 kWh / year fo r wind
// Environnement
Analyse du Cycle de Vie :
Eco -m at é riaux :
Eco cem co ncrete, wo o d jo inery, insulating wo o d fiber, wo o d class 2 decree. AAP ACV perfo rmance
Eau et qualité de l'air intérieur, santé et confort
Co nf o rt & sant é : A gentle heat emissio n radiatio n (active slab), healthy materials with lo w VOC emissio ns, no ble
materials used, co ntro lled by the air quality dual flo w ventilatio n systems, aco ustic treatment adapted to the scene.
// Produits
Concrete Ecocem low carbon
Fabricant : ECOCEM
Co nt act f abricant : http://eco ntact/
Sit e Int e rne t f abricant : http://eco
Cat é go rie de pro duit : Gro s œuvre / Structure, maço nnerie, façade
De script io n:
Eco cem is a granulated slag gro und blast furnace (smelting steel manufacturing waste) and
used in the co ncrete co mpo sitio n in substitutio n o f Po rtland cement. • Enables the reductio n o f
CO2 inco rpo rated. • CO2 emissio ns fro m the pro ductio n o f Eco cem are 40 times lo wer than in
the pro ductio n o f Po rtland cement. • Co ncrete Eco cem reduced heat abso rptio n
Co m m e nt aire s:
drying time slightly lo nger and maximum hardness co mpared to traditio nal co ncrete.
Active slab CAP water table
Fabricant : upo no r
Co nt act f abricant : https://www.upo no ntact.aspx
Sit e Int e rne t f abricant : https://www.upo no
Cat é go rie de pro duit :
De script io n:
The active flo o r system is an active heat sto rage system which o perates the building mass
co ncrete fo r unifo rm ro o m temperature thro ugh a netwo rk o f tubes installed o n metal mesh and
inco rpo rated into the bo dy o f the bo o k. The water circulates in tubes embedded in the co ncrete
slab that accumulates the heat lo ads o f the ro o m and the external inputs. The co ncrete mass is
then co nsidered as a reservo ir o f warmth o r co o lness. Its o peratio n requires lo w temperatures,
can significantly reduce energy co nsumptio n and increase thermal co mfo rt. On the Pro ject
SMED 13, the heating / co o ling system with active flo o r is used with water circulatio n o f the web. Two ho les, o ne pump and
o ne reinjectio n were carried o ut no rth and so uth o f the building, in the flo w directio n o f the web. The advantages o f the system:
- transmissio n co mfo rt with a pro gram based mainly o n radiatio n - (resulting temperature, no t air temperature)
- Maintenance co st Maintenance zero (the maintenance and service fo cus so lely o n pro ductio n and regulatio n per facade)
- Operatio n at lo w delta T to set up a pro ductio n o f heating with a heat pump water / water with very high efficiency (COP>6 )
- Clipping po wers to pro duce ho t and co ld
- ho using Timeliness This system is also used in active walls in two sails o f the building's atrium.
Co m m e nt aire s:
The usual users sick because o f air co nditio ning, are no lo nger with the active slab.
// Coûts
Co ût de co nstructio n : 2 540 0 0 0 €
Coûts de construction & exploitation
Aide s f inanciè re s :
2 213 48 0 ,0 0 €
// Environnement urbain
Enviro nne m e nt urbain : The centro id o f the department to facilitate access. In a remarkable site identity and the area o f
Crau. Building o ff the gro und, abo ve a meado w.
Surf ace du t e rrain :
2520 m 2
// Qualité environnementale du bâti
Qualit é e nviro nne m e nt ale du bât i :
Santé, qualité air intérieur
co nfo rt (o lfactif, thermique, visuel)
efficacité énergétique, gestio n de l\'énergie
énergies reno uvelables
// Concours
Highly thermally insulated, with large facades develo ped to allo w go o d natural light, the building co mbines several
renewable energy, so lar thermal fo r DHW heating, ho t pro ductio n and co ld o n geo thermal gro undwater and pump heat,
allo wing the draw-also co ntribute to the diffusio n and summer co o ling by co ncrete slabs and walls activated, a po wer
generatio n invo lving so lar ro o f and the vertical axis wind turbine, fixed flag o n a to wer to access the ro o f.