African Development Bank (BMCE)


African Development Bank (BMCE)
Etu d e d e ca s : Afr i ca n De ve l o p m e n t B a n k ( B MCE)
S i te We b : h ttp :// n s tr u cti o n 2 1 .o r g /fr a n ce /
African Development Bank (BMCE)
Type de pro jet : Co nstructio n Neuve
Type de bâtiment : Autre bâtiment
Année de co nstructio n : 20 14
Zo ne climatique : [Csa] Co ntinental
Méditerranéen - Tempéré, été sec et très
Surface nette : 17 0 0 0 m 2
Co ût de co nstructio n : 18 0 0 0 0 €
No mbre d'unités fo nctio nnelles : 6 aucune
Co ût/m² : 11 €/m 2
Co ût/aucune : 30 0 0 0 €/aucune
, 20 30 0 Casablanca, Maro c
// Description
The pro ject invo lves the realizatio n o f BMCE Academy, lo cated bo usko ura. This pro ject co nsists o f a set o f training ro o ms, a
receptio n center, an amphitheater, a restaurant, a bank branch and finally a Data Center.
Fiabilit é de s do nné e s :
Certifié tierce partie
// Intervenants
Maître d'ouvrage
No m : BMCE Bank
Dé m arche dé ve lo ppe m e nt durable du m aît re d'o uvrage : BMCE Bank is a co mpany co mmitted to sustainable
develo pment, with an enviro nmental po licy and a system certified ISO 140 0 1 and ISO 9 0 0 1. The cho ice o f the HQE
certificatio n to the Internatio nal fo r its pro ject will translate the perfo rmance o f its pro ject fo llo wing an internatio nal unit o f
measure and demo nstrate co mpliance co mmitments by a third party. BMCE BANK wants to set an example. The o rientatio n
HQE (phase test) will allo w taking into acco unt eco no mic, so cial and enviro nmental characteristics o f Mo ro cco , that in o rder to
enco urage inno vatio n, co rpo rate so cial respo nsibility and green eco no my with co mmo n sense and in a co ntinuo us
impro vement pro cess.
De script io n archit e ct urale : As part o f the develo pment o f its educatio nal activities and to meet its co mputing needs,
BMCE BANK pro vides the realizatio n o f a TRAINING CENTER with OFFICES & WORKSHOPS. The new pro ject under the
BMCE Bank respo nds to the desire to pro vide quality services at internatio nal academic standards in terms o f o peratio nal and
managerial training. As equipment co llective public interest, the TRAINING CENTRE is strategically lo cated o n the mo st visible
part o f the land. Easily accessible, it is next to a green area o f
spo rts fields and parking areas. Due to the accessibility
TRAINING CENTER therefo re benefits bo th to the peo ple o f Bo usko ura that the po pulatio n o f the city o f Casablanca and its
visito rs. In additio n, all equipment that includes this pro ject sho uld generate o ver 70 permanent jo bs and several co ntracto rs
and jo bs is part o f the develo pment o f No uacer Prefecture and the city o f Casablanca.
// Energie
Consommation énergétique
Be so in e n é ne rgie prim aire :
132,0 0 kWh PE/m 2 /an
Be so in e n é ne rgie prim aire bât im e nt st andard :
Mé t ho de de calcul : Autre
CEEB : 0 ,0 0 kWh PE / €
18 1,0 0 kWh PE/m 2 /an
Performance énergétique de l'enveloppe
UBat de l\'e nve lo ppe :
0 ,40 W.m -2 .K-1
// EnR & systèmes
Chauf f age :
Po mpe à chaleur
Chauffe-eau électrique individuel
So laire thermique
Raf raîchisse m e nt :
Système VRV
Bâtiment intelligent
GT C :
// Environnement
// Produits
CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamic modeling f luid dynamics or
Fabricant : Design Builder So ftware
Co nt act f abricant : designbuilder.maro [email protected] m
Sit e Int e rne t f abricant : http://www.designbuildermaro m/
Cat é go rie de pro duit :
De script io n:
The CFD analysis (Co mputatio nalFluidDynamic) allo ws yo u to study the distributio n o f
temperature, pressure, co mfo rt, the air velo city o f an inner area and the winds and pressure
fields o utside a bâtiment.CFD means Co mputatio nalFluid Dynamics. It includes all the metho ds
o f numerical calculatio ns to predict the temperature o f the air, its speed, its directio n in an o pen
space o r fermé.Répo ndre questio ns such as: What effect my (my) building (s) has o r do they have o n the wind? What is the
temperature distributio n in a ro o m o f high ceilings? Ho w effective air diffusers acco rding to their placement, the air speed?
radiato rs peuvent- they be better po sitio ned to maximize co mfo rt? the CFD Mo dule DesignBuilder 3DEst designed to o ffer
users an airflo w predictio n to o l and temperature distributio ns inside and o utside o f a building o f the same so that the
dedicated so ftware but at co mpetitive prices and witho ut the need fo r assistance fro m a spécialiste.L'usage current CFD
so ftware turns greedy time and requires special attentio n to establish co rrect geo metries and bo undary co nditio ns. Using CFD
mo dule DesignBuilder drastically reduces these tasks by auto matically pro viding the geo metry and co nditio ns limites.Les
temperatures, heat flo w and air exchange vo lumes calculated by EnergyPlus can be used as bo undary co nditio ns by simply
specifying time and CFD CFD analysis so uhaitée.L'interface date is designed to allo w analysis 'push butto n' using
auto matically generated data but with o ptio n fo r mo re experienced users to mo dify the data. This appro ach allo ws users to
o btain reliable 3D CFD analysis witho ut reco urse to specialized kno wledge o f mo dels numériques.Quelques key features: 3D
grids are generated auto matically fro m the mo del geo metry and bo undary co nditio ns by pro mo ting the use o f algo rithms
o ptimal so lutio ns co nvergenceLe CFD engine is built aro und the SIMPLER algo rithm which is o ne o f the mo st widely
distributed and used metho ds. Turbulence is mo deled using the well do cumented ke mo del and have been the subject o f
much research. Other mo dels will be added later lo use meet spécifiques.L'interface applicatio ns included many to o ls fo r the
bo undary co nditio ns such as air diffusers, extracto rs, temperature patch, etc. A co mpo nent library is pro vided o ffering
radiato rs, fan co il units, furniture, o ccupants, etc. to place anywhere and auto matically included in the analyse.Les bo undary
co nditio ns can be derived fro m an EnergyPlus simulatio n antérieureLes 3D CFD results are displayed using the OpenGL
graphics engine DesignBuilder with impressive images easily interpreted, velo city vecto rs o f films, temperature co nto urs, iso surfaces, particle streams, etc.
Co m m e nt aire s:
DesignBuilder is a dynamic simulatio n so ftware, with a graphical interface with many features no t available in existing so ftware
simultaneo usly: Calculatio n o f lo ss / heat gain in winter envelo pe / étéDimensio nnement chauffageDimensio nnement o f the
refresh by natural ventilatio n and / o r dynamic climatisatio nSimulatio n (STD) resto ring co mfo rt data, heat balance, ventilatio n
and 3D etc.Co nstructio n realistic view o f shado ws (BIM mo del) Mo deling o f the building including windo w creatio n assistants,
co nstructio n assembly, auto matic detectio n o f the type wall that yo u avo id many seizures o r dessinGestio n o ccupatio n,
mechanical ventilatio n, windo w o penings, the o ccultatio n berries, internal gains ... by co nfigurable schedule depending o n the
day, mo nth, ho ur (o r sub zo ne) energy saving: free co o ling, energy reco very o n exhaust air, night ventilatio n, dimming the
lighting acco rding to brightness, air temperature regulatio n blo wn acco rding to demand, vo lume variable air ... already
available in so me clics.Plusieurs hundreds o f examples and materials are delivered in french with the Pack FrançaisCarte
natural lighting, FLJCalculs RT20 12Calculs LEED fo r ASHRAE 9 0 .1 and EAp2Calcul o verall co st with po werful functio n
estimatio n o f co nstructio n co sts, energy, lifecycle-based o ptimizatio n mo del BIMMo dule allo wing yo u to determine the
building parameters o ffering the best co mpro mise between co st, co nvenience, GES
// Coûts
Co ût de co nstructio n : 18 0 0 0 0 €
Coûts de construction & exploitation
Co ût t o t al :
18 0 0 0 0 0 0 ,0 0 €
// Environnement urbain
Enviro nne m e nt urbain : The pro ject site is lo cated so uth o f Casablanca, in the to wn o f Bo usko ura, which falls within the
pro vince o f No uacer. The pro ject field is limited by the Bo usko ura fo rest so utheast, no rth-west by the future high-speed line
(LGV), and no rtheast thro ugh Sidi Masso ud (Casa-Medio una link). The metro po lis o f Greater Casablanca is justified taking
into acco unt the fo llo wing key po ints: - The develo pment strategy fo r Greater Casablanca, which aims to impro ve the
eco no my o f the regio n, Mo ro cco o ccupies the lo co mo tive status fo r mo re than a century, bo th eco no mically and culturally. The stro ng urbanizatio n facing the metro po lis. Indeed, the registered urban gro wth is 70 0 to 10 0 0 hectares per year Enco uraging dedensificatio n thro ugh the o pening 25 0 0 0 ha to urbanizatio n by 20 30 . - The eco no mic dynamics that kno ws
the axis Casablanca-No uaceur. - The pipeline, structuring and co ntro l o f urban develo pment o f the city Bo usko ura; - The ro le
o f vo catio nal training in pro mo ting eco no mic and so cial activity.
Surf ace du t e rrain :
50 0 0 0 m 2
Surf ace au so l co nst ruit e :
Espace s ve rt s co m m uns :
30 0 0 0 %
20 0 0 0
// Qualité environnementale du bâti
Qualit é e nviro nne m e nt ale du bât i :
Adaptabilité du bâtiment
Santé, qualité air intérieur
Bio diversité
Chantier (incluant déchets)
aco ustique
co nfo rt (o lfactif, thermique, visuel)
gestio n des déchets
gestio n de l\'eau
efficacité énergétique, gestio n de l\'énergie
énergies reno uvelables
gestio n du bâtiment, maintenance
gestio n des espaces, intégratio n dans le site
mo bilité
pro duits et matériaux de co nstructio n
// Concours