Revue de presse ANGLAIS Semaine du 16 au 22 avril 2012


Revue de presse ANGLAIS Semaine du 16 au 22 avril 2012
Revue de presse ANGLAIS
Semaine du 16 au 22 avril 2012
Time – April 17th, 2012
New Scientist - April 21st, 2012
Features - Unemployment
The Jobless Generation (By Michael Schuman) : Tens of
millions of young people are unemployed. How to get
them jobs before they become unemployable--and erupt
in fury.
‘Cocktail party effect' identified in the brain (By Jessica
Hamzelou) : Now we can visualise the workings of the
brain as it picks out one voice from many others.
Features – Society
Frozen Assets (By Jay Newton-Small) : America is the
largest exporter of sperm. But what happens when all
those kids grow up and decide to go looking for Daddy?
AI graders get top marks for scoring essay questions (By
Jim Giles) : An analysis of several automated grading
systems has found machines are just as good at grading
student essays as humans.
COVER - Society – Religion
Heaven Can't Wait (By Jon Meacham) : Christian scholars
are urging believers to set their sights lower – from a
celestial beyond to an earthly resurrection.
Poor little rich minds: The price of wealth (By Michael
Bond) : Psychologists now have evidence that money
breeds greed and kills empathy. Knowing how could help
solve social ills.
The Economist – April 21st, 2012
Newsweek – April 16, 2012
Manufacturing - The third industrial revolution : The
digitisation of manufacturing will transform the way
goods are made—and change the politics of jobs too.
Special report: Manufacturing and innovation
Additive manufacturing - Solid print : Making things with
a 3D printer changes the rules of manufacturing.
Layer by layer : How 3D printers work.
Collaborative manufacturing - All together now : The
advantages of crowdsourcing.
United States
The death penalty - Another reprieve : Connecticut is to
repeal capital punishment, part of a growing trend.
Online assets - Deathless data : What happens to our
digital property after we die?
Mississippi Sends Its First Hate Criminal to Prison (by Tony
Dokoupil) : In a parking lot in Mississippi, he killed a
black man with his truck. He's in jail for a hate crime—
but his black friends disagree.
Labor Movement (by Alejandro Cartagena and Rob
Verger) : With the highway below them and the sky
above, these man have a risky journey to the job. One
photographer captures the moment.
The Guardian Weekly – 20/27 April Courrier International – n°1120 –
19/25 avril 2012
Inside Guardian Weekly
Inside the 20 April edition (by Abby Deveney) : What next
for the internet? A special report; China's investors storm
the art world; 938 hectic days on the high seas.
News – Technology – Battle for the internet
US and China engage in cyber war games (By Nick
Hopkins) : US and Chinese officials take part in war
games in bid to prevent military escalation from cyber
Comment is free – Liberty Central
China's censorship can never defeat the internet (By Ai
Weiwei) : No matter what limits China's government tries
to impose upon the internet, the free exchange of ideas
cannot be stopped.
Culture – music
The world's oldest record shop: on the vinyl frontier
since 1894 (By Tom Lamont) : Spillers Records in Cardiff
has served music lovers for nearly 120 years, but
competition from the internet makes its future far from
certain. We spent a day there meeting staff and
Financial Times Weekend Edition –
April 21/22, 2012
Life and Arts
Political hot potatoes (by Jurek Martin) : How White
House eating habits have become part of presidential
campaign debate about America's diet.
Courrier in English
France Now - Urban France moves to the countryside (by
Ruadhán Mac Cormaic) : The setting – a lazy village cafe
in the south of France on a sunny midweek morning –
makes it all the more incongruous to listen to Cathy
Guillermet describe her high-octane Paris advertising
career and the punishing commuter lifestyle that went
with it. (The Irish Times, Dublin)
→ Article en anglais avec glossaire-aide de lecture.
→ Article en français.
Business - Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful :
Attractive women should not include a photo with a job
application. (The Economist, Londres)
→ Article en anglais avec glossaire-aide de lecture.
→ Article en français
Indicateur – A la poursuite du bonheur national brut (by
Peter Whoriskey) : A leur tour, les Etats-Unis sont en
quête d'indicateurs de richesses allant au-delà des
critères purement financiers. Mais comment mesurer le
bien-être ? (The Washington Post, Washington)
Modes de vie
Portland, capitale mondiale de la branchitude (by Paul
Harris) : cette ville du nord-ouest des Etats-Unis ne jure
que par le bio, le local, les piercings et les tatouages.
Elle revendique à ce point sa culture alternative qu'elle
est devenue la cible des railleries d'une série télé à
succès, « Portlandia ». (The Guardian, Londres)

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