Revue de presse ANGLAIS Semaine du 24 au 30 octobre 2011


Revue de presse ANGLAIS Semaine du 24 au 30 octobre 2011
Revue de presse ANGLAIS
Semaine du 24 au 30 octobre 2011
Time – October 24, 2011
The Economist – October 29, 2011
Economy – Economic crisis
What Was I Thinking? (By Gary Belsky) : Why we often Europe's rescue plan : This week’s summit was supposed
have trouble acting in our best financial interests.
to put an end to the euro crisis. It hasn’t.
The Unwinnable War (By Aryn Baker) : Despite 10 years of
U.S. power, talent and money, Afghanistan is a country of
squandered hope.
Education – Student loans
The indebted ones : Student debt risks becoming an
enduring burden for young Americans. It should be
New Scientist – October 29, 2011
Reading the brain : Mind-goggling : It is now possible to
scan someone’s brain and get a reasonable idea of what is
going through his mind.
Newsweek – October 24 , 2011
Environment Rankings
The World's Green Giants (by Ian Yarett) : As government
efforts slow, our annual rankings show which companies
are still carrying the eco-mantle. Plus, view the
expanded list of 500 U.S. companies and 500 global
News > This Week
Online Cravings (by Carolyn Sun) : South Korea is the
The Israeli children who are suing for being born (By
most-wired country in the world—and online games are
Anjana Ahuja) : Why are more and more people in Israel
the new drug of choice for its youth.
with genetic disorders filing lawsuits for "wrongful life"?
The Guardian Weekly- October 28,
Special Report : Science in America
Decline and Fall (By Shawn Lawrence Otto) : The US is
the most powerful scientific nation on Earth and yet the
status of science in public life has never been so low. US
Inside Guardian Weekly
politics (espacially on the right) appears to have entered
Inside the 28 October edition (by Natalie Bennett) : The
a parallel universe where ignorance, denial and unreason
big news on health and demography, plus the Arab spring.
trump facts, evidence and rationality.
Don't tell it so straight (By Peter Aldhous) : Opponents of
Business – Inflation
science are experts at winning the battle for hearts and
Household spending falls as inflation hits three-year
minds. It's time to learn their game and beat them at it.
high : (By Katie Allen) : Report reveals spending dropped
5% in 2008-9, as data shows 5.2% rise in prices driven by
energy, food and transport.
The real you: Say goodbye to online anonymity (By Jim
Giles) : Online anonymity may be a luxury we can no
longer afford – and it's disappearing fast anyway. Are we
Benign invaders of inner space (By Rob Stein) : Microbes
ready to bare all on the internet ?
may play crucial role in human health, researchers
discovering. Although only one in 10 cells in our bodies is
human, the alien one do us good !
Courrier International – n°1095 –
27 octobre 2011
Dossier « Tous pirates ! Comment les hackers changent
la politique »
L'irrésistible appel du hacking (By Joseph Menn) :
pratiqué par des groupes comme Anonymous et LulzSec,
le sit-in virtuel, qui consiste à bloquer un site en
l'attaquant, séduit de plus en plus. (Financial Times,
A l'ère des Lumières 2.0 (by Heather Brooke) : les
« hackerspaces » ou clubs de hackers ont le pouvoir de
changer le monde, s'enthousiasme une journaliste
spécialisée. (The Guardian, Londres)
Gastronomie – Touche pas à mon foie gras ! (By Adam
Nagourney) : Bientôt, la vente de ce mets si français sera
interdite en Californie. Mais une poignée d'irréductibles
refusent d'obtempérer et sonnent le branle-bas de
combat. (The Ledger, Floride)
Armée – Mieux que le GPS, la ceinture
Duncan Graham-Rowe) : comment diriger
le noir ? Des chercheurs américains
équipement qui indique, en vibrant,
prendre. (New Scientist, Londres)
intelligente (by
des soldats dans
ont conçu un
la direction à
Téléphonie – Un drone sur l'App Store : les smartphones
et les tablettes envahissent les champs de bataille...
(The Economist, Londres)

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