Revue de presse ANGLAIS Semaine du 03 au 09 octobre 2011


Revue de presse ANGLAIS Semaine du 03 au 09 octobre 2011
Revue de presse ANGLAIS
Semaine du 03 au 09 octobre 2011
Time – october 3, 2011
The Economist –
14th, 2011
October 8 th -
Teacher, Leave Those Kids Alone (By Amanda Ripley) : Leaders
South Korean kids study day and night, which helps Steve Jobs - The magician : The revolution that Steve
explain their world-beating test scores. Now the Jobs led is only just beginning.
government wants them to go to bed early.
How Science Can Lead the Way (By Lisa Randall) : What
we lose when we put faith over logic...
Newsweek – October 03 , 2011
Middle East – Rights
The Women’s Revolution (By Ursula Lindsey) : Protests in
Droughtbusters (Conservation) (By Anita Hamilton) : The
Tahrir Square were meant to bring freedom. Eight months
world is getting thirstier. Five ways we can keep from
later, women fear their rights are about to be taken
going dry.
New Scientist – September 2011
Nation – Punishment
I Committed Murder (by Michael Daly) : For the
anonymous executioners of death row, the ‘high’ of
pulling the lever is often followed by a lifetime of doubt.
The Guardian
Inside Guardian Weekly
Inside the 7 October edition (by Abby Deveney) : Arab
spring's forgotten uprising; rainforest defenders under
threat; moments of stillness and obsession with Edgar
Technology / Developing world
Phone tech transforms African business and healthcare
(by Melissae Fellet) : Apps and cheap smartphones are
giving everything from farm-produce market prices to
medical advice to the swelling ranks of African users.
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UK News
UK has 'worst quality of life in Europe' (by Mark King) :
Survey of 10 developed European countries puts UK at
bottom of the pile due to high costs of living, while
France takes top spot.
Twittering classes for teachers (by Lucy Tobin) : Twitter is
playing host to a group of teachers who meet weekly to
swap top tips and advice.
Scientific American – October 2011 Courrier International – n°1092 –
Du 06 au 12 octobre 2011
Energy & Sustainability
Afghanistan's Buried Riches (By Sarah Simpson) :
Geologists say newfound deposits in the embattled
country could fulfill the world's desire for rare earth and
critical minerals and end opium's local stranglehold in the
Le Sud profond fait la chasse aux clandestins (By Paul
Harris) : L'Alabama, la Géorgie et la Caroline du Sud
prennent des mesures très dures envers les sans-papiers.
L'économie de la région dépend pourtant de cette main
d'oeuvre abondante et bon marché. (The Observer,
More Science
Waiting for the Higgs (By Tim Folger) : Even as the last
protons spin through the most successful particle Ecologie
accelerator in history, physicists hope to conjure one Initiative – breveter la nature pour mieux la préserver (by
final triumph.
Nicola Jones) : Au Mexique, une biologiste veut
commercialiser les gènes de bactéries vivant dans un
The Scent of Your Thoughts (By Deborah Blum) : Although bassin hydrographique. Le but : aider financièrement les
we are usually unaware of it, we communicate through habitants du lieu et les encourager à protéger cet
chemical signals just as much as birds and bees do.
How Skulls Speak (By Anna Kuchment) : New 3-D software
is helping scientists identify the sex and ancestral origins
of human remains with greater speed and precision.
A New Ally against Cancer (By Eric von Hofe) : The FDA
recently okayed the first therapeutic cancer vaccine, and
other drugs that enlist the immune system against tumors
are under study.
Financial Times Weekend Edition –
October 8/9, 2011
World news
Nobel Peace Prize honours women activists (By James
Blitz and Noah Browning) : The Liberian president, Ellen
Johnson-Sirleaf, Liberian activist Leymah Gbowee and
Tawakkul Karman of Yemen have won the Nobel prize for
House and Home
The age of flower towers (by Christopher Woodward) :
architects are tackling the problem of the concrete
jungle with ambitious schemes using green technology to
grow forests in the sky.

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