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SOS lancé par Sr Gertrude - Religieuses de l`Assomption
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Philippines - Après les typhons...
SOS lancé par Sr Gertrude
dimanche 19 décembre 2004
Soeur Gertrude, en charge de la Commission JPIC(Justice et Paix, Intégrité de la Création) pour
la province des Philippines, nous transmet - en anglais - un appel au secours pour aider amis,
familles, philippins, dans le drame qui les frappent après les torrents de boue et les tornades de
pluie qui se sont abattus sur le pays.
Dear Sisters and Friends, Peace ! You must have seen over television or read in the newspapers about the
recent calamity that the typhoons have caused our people in the Provinces of Quezon, Nueva Ecija,
Isabela, and Bulacan. The suffering and the pain that this has caused our people has been overwhelming.
At the same time, we can see the faith and the trust in God that has held them strong. Thank you for all
those who have written and been in solidarity. Our communities have been mobilizing for assistance.
Faculty and students with their families have been volunteering their help in the centers. We are
appealing to your generosity, especially as Christmas approaches.
Assumption College has been in partnership with the Prelature of Infanta which was hardest hit. More
than a hundred thousand families have been displaced. As of now, relief can be sent only through
helicopters as the landslides have destroyed roads and bridges. They lost their Vicar Chancellor, Fr.
Charlito who risked his life to save his parishioners. They have asked for help.
And on their behalf, we are reaching out to you. They have a good integrated development program
infrastructure with their village communities that would need help not only in the relief but in the
rehabilitation program later on. For those who are interested to partner after this immediate relief, we
will be grateful to have you as partners in the assistance program. We will be happy to receive help for
relief. For the rehabilitation of homes and livelihood, it will take time as we are only on the immediate
relief of the people. They need medicines and food to reach them as they got isolated.
Data and pictures are available through the attached power point presentation that we are sending to you
You may send your reply to the following address : [email protected]
re : JPIC (Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation) Commission
Should you want to send direct donations, we will be happy to receive it through the bank account of the
Philippine Province of the Religious of the Assumption :
METROBANK Foreign Currency Savings Account (US Dollars)
Bank Reference (for a possible transfer of funds)
Name of the Bank and Address :
Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company
908 A. Arnaiz Avenue, Makati City, Philippines
Telephone : (632)844-5824/(632) 818-2027
Branch : A. Arnaiz-San Lorenzo Branch
Account Holder : Phil. Province of the Religious of the Assumption
Account No. 089-2-08900003 -8
Thank you for the time you take to read this and see our Paskuhan sa Quezon Powerpoint. [1,5Mo]
God bless.
Sr. Gertrude
Commission Head JPIC,
Phil. Province

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