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making money at home
No.197 August 2008
North Hamgyong
North Hamgyong
Ryanggang Province North Hamgyong
North Pyongan
Kangwon Province
South Pyongan
North Hwanghae
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Most Students of Kyongsung Medical School Went Back Home Before the
Many of medical school students at Kyongsung County of North Hamgyong Province
had gone back home before vacation. The students said they could not study anymore
because food supply in the school cafeteria was not enough to fill their hunger.
The students had ground corncob meal (묵지가루밥) for breakfast, noodles and five
pieces of potato for lunch and dinner. Many of them left school for home without
permission saying that going back home and making money would be better. Kim Minchan (19 years old) said, “I have lived with money sent by my parents but my family also
had a financial problem this year. I cannot be burden on my parents anymore. It is a
season for small octopus. So at least I can make money from catching octopuses. I should
make and save money so that I can continue my studies.” Kim left school for catching
octopus before vacation started. On August 7th, a student who was a second grade of the
school went on a fishing boat to catch squid and died. The Organization and Guidance
Department of County Party is considering how to criticize the school principle and the
teacher in charge.
Jogoonsil College, School Schedule Normalization since Last July
It usually costs 50,000-60,000 won for a month for students to attend to Jogoonsil
College (조군실대학) at Kangwon Province. However, for last May and June, the
students could not concentrate on studies because they could not have meals from the
school even though they had money for that. Except for those who could afford to buy
meals outside of the school, many students gave up to pursue their degrees at school and
went back home. There were only about ten students left per class, therefore it was hard
for professors to manage their curriculum. The school reported to the government about
the situation and received 28 MT of whole corn on last July 4th. On July 8th, the school
asked all the students to gather for memorial event for Kim Il-Song. After the event, the
students were able to attend classes from July 10th.
Wheat Distribution to Sinuiju Colleges
From August 1, all the universities, hospitals, and school teachers in Sinuiju, North
Pyongyang Province received wheat provided by the United States. Generally, deans and
professors got 26kg of wheat and school teachers received minimum of 15kg per person.
Hyesan City, College Student as a Lecturer
A Publicity Department and Police Station at Hyesan City of Ryanggang Province gave
lectures to the residents on “Limit television channels to North Korean broadcasting, Do
not watch illegal video tapes.” Senior students of the medical school were sent to give
lectures in Hyesan City. The students emphasized, “If you watch South Korean movies
and CD, you will be caught and punished severely.” at the city hall and Neighborhood
Unit. These kinds of lectures are also provided in other areas including National Border
Area and censorship has been tightened.
The Government Seizes Teacher’s License
Choi Myong-ae, a music teacher at the Ontan elementary school in Onsung County,
North Hamgyong Province got her license deprived due to giving illegal private lessons.
Choi earns ten thousand won per month for musical instrument lessons. She was
criticized for violating socialistic ideology and her diploma of Chungjin teacher's college
was confiscated.
A Train Carrying Glass Got Derailed
On August 7th, a train was derailed at Ryonggang Station (룡강역). It was carrying glass
made from Daean Chinsun glass factory (대안친선유리공장) in Nampo City, South
Pyongan Province to Wonsan City, Kangwon province. Due to this accident, five out of
six cabins were overturned. The person in charge of taking over the glass and four
deliverymen were killed on the scene. The glasses over 12,000 square feet were damaged.
The crowds of the scene were busy finding and carrying glasses that fit to their windows
instead of restoring the damage.
Pyongyang and Wonsan
Ryonggang Station
South Pyongan
South Hwanghae
Toward Nampo
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A Freight Train Bounding for Sariwon to Pyongsan County Overturned
On the afternoon of last August 9, a freight train bounding for Sariwon to Pyongsan
County overturned due to the collapse of a railroad tie. This accident caused heavy
casualties nine passengers were killed at the scene of the accident, eight injured seriously
and seven cars overturned. The victims were all women who left home to do business to
make a living.
Robber Disguise as Peoples Army Men
On the evening around 7:00 of August 13, two robbers disguised as People's Army had
appeared at a ridge of Poongsan (풍산고갯마루) in Hoeryong city. They beat up a man
on a bicycle without saying anything, they left the injured along the street and hurried off
with robbed bicycle. The mugged victims reported the incident to a local police station,
but tracking a criminal does not seem to be simple because the victims' witness was
uncertain whether they were real Peoples' Army or disguised as robber.
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