4 December 2015 - Marist Fathers



4 December 2015 - Marist Fathers
Friday, 4 December 2015
Today Fr John Hannan travels
to the UK for the 150th
anniversary of N.D. de France,
London, and his visitation of the
Region of England.
Fr Alejandro Muñoz is attending
an assembly of the District of
Brazil, after which he will go to
Mexico to visit his ailing mother
for Christmas.
The 2015 edition of Forum Novum has been made available on the Society’s website, .
http://www.maristsm.org/en/forum-novum.aspx . The contents are:
Marist History and Spirituality / Histoire et spiritualité Mariste
• Le père Colin et la Société de Marie avant le grand séminaire
The general council has agreed
to give a donation from the
Special Projects fund to the
Jean-Claude Colin junior school
in Vendou, Cameroon.
Peter McMurrich sm
• The 150 Anniversary of Villa Maria Monastery 2015
Lionel Roos-Jourdan
• Hommes de foi, hommes de sciences. Missionnaires maristes et ethno-
graphes en Océanie
• De l'importance des écrits des missionnaires, depuis les débuts de la mission d'Océanie, jusqu'à nous
Fr Larry Duffy is on retreat.
Fr Paul Cooney leaves for
Australia on Saturday for his
annual vacation and for some
medical attention.
Jean Coste sm
Rafael Rámila sm
• La influencia de la Venerable María de Agreda sobre el P. Juan Claudio Co-
lin en su manera de comprender el misterio de la Virgen María en su relación con la Iglesia
• Simposio sobre María de Agreda. Roma 29-30 de octubre del 2015.
Marists in Education / Maristes en éducation
Philippe Paturel
• La première en chemin
• Die Erste auf dem Weg
Alois Greiler sm
• Marist Ethos in a Global World. 90 Years of St. Mary's College Blackburn
23 July 1816 - 23 July 2016: Bi-Centenary of the Fourvière Pledge. A dossier
We pray for
Fr Joseph McKenna, aged 91, from the province of Europe (Ireland), who died on 5
Fr Jan Kouijzer, aged 76, from the province of Europe (Nederland), who died on 6
November, and for
Fr Alfred Limeburner, aged 89, from the province of Australia, who died on 11
May they rest in peace.