NEWSLETTER – April 17 2014



NEWSLETTER – April 17 2014
S10 - Grade 1 / Première année
April 17th, 2014 / le 17 avril, 2014
Dear Parent(s),
Our Paper Clip Chain of Success celebration was a
hit! We enjoyed doing Easter activities in our
pyjamas, watching Disney’s ‘Frozen’ while enjoying
healthy snacks (and somewhat healthy snacks),
and took the time to show and tell special items
from home.
This week, check out our class website for
photographs of some more of the students’ work:
Mme. St. Denis
Pâques (Easter) – as part of our daily
calendar routine and our phonics exercises,
Easter vocabulary will be mixed into their
daily routines.
Super Moi! (Star of the Day) – Every student
will have the opportunity to be the Super
Moi! of the day. Questions have been asked
and answered in French and the Super Moi !
student is responsible for reading their
Les mots de la semaine (Words of the Week
with activities - mots de murs)
La lecture et les phoniques (reading and
phonics) – the students amaze me every day
with how many words in French that they
come up with based on sounds/phonics
French Home Reading:
Please continue to update your child’s Le
journal de lecture (French Home Reading
Log). A lot of the students are working hard
to practise reading at home and it shows
when we do French Guided Reading groups.
Les mots de la semaine (French Words of the
aime (like, love)
famille (family)
jouer (to play)
merci (thank you)
sous (under, underneath)
toi (you)
The students will be quizzed next Tuesday. (the
same as the English Words of the Week).
This week, we completed a quiz on les
prépositions (spatial sense/relational) and
This week, we enjoyed reading the following Blue
Spruce Award-winning book:
Sky Colour by Peter H. Reynolds
We also finished writing our responses to our
pencil pal letters. It’s amazing how easily the ideas
flow when the children are writing to other
children they haven’t even met 
Working With Words (W.W.W.) – Week #17
Your child’s words of the week are:
As a reminder, I give the students a mini quiz
every Tuesday to test their spelling. Also, the
words will now be posted on the website under
the “Spelling” tab every Wednesday so that you
can have an extra couple of nights’ notice.
Library Days (la bibliothèque): This is on every Day 3, so
please make sure that your child brings their library
books to school every Day 3. They are allowed to sign
out a total of two books at a time.
Milk Days: Milk days are every day at first nutrition break.
Please note that another Milk Order Form went
Pizza Days: Pizza days are every Wednesday at second
nutrition break.
This week’s homework / les devoirs:
Earth Day Activities
In light of the upcoming Earth Day on
Tuesday April 22, please read the
“Endangered Species” side of the
homework with your child in order to
ensure comprehension of this important
If you have any questions, please contact me.
This week, we’ve taken an introductory look at
different fasteners found in structures (from
construction fasteners like nails and screws to
fasteners found in our clothing like zippers).
Mme. Erin St. Denis
Voicemail: (519) 570-8137 ext. 5993
Bonne fin de semaine et Joyeuse Pâques!
Have a great weekend and Happy Easter!

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