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Press File -
Press File
P.NY is a not-for-tourists guide.
No group tours,
No site-seeing,
No historical background.
P.NY will show you the city the local in-crowd lives in.
P.NY creates a bridge between Paris and New York
And offers you its address book,
Where you’ll find a guide to the best laid plans the city has to offer,
With parties and high-hand events that are not to be missed.
P.NY saves you the trip to the souvenir shops
And leads you right to the heart of the city.
P.NY has the most select, the finest, the simplest and the most chic.
P.NY tells you everything you need to know, what to see,
Where to eat and even what to drink !
P.NY brings you only the best the city has to offer.
This site is a reference in terms of the most unusual and unique places,
In both Paris and New York, capitals of culture and style.
P.NY is for the trendiest NY and Paris crowds over 21.
P.NY targets, without any snobbism or cynicism,
Urban esthetes, enlightened amateurs,
Avant-gardists, trend-setters,
Early-adopters, discoverers,
Fashion beasts, gastronomists, the finicky.
These are not addresses to be shared with just anyone :
P.NY makes the unusual your daily life.
The P.NY team is composed of journalists, promoters, stylists, art directors,
Internet communication experts, press members, graphic designers,
And of DJ’s embedded in the local scene.
The team is therefore on the top of what is happening, aware of emerging trends and places,
Fashion styles, down to that very detail that makes the whole difference.
The P.NY website is regularly updated to bring you the newest urban “news”,
So that you never have to miss a thing in Paris or in New York.
Apartment rentals
Vintage stores
Multibrand stores
Concept stores
Refined eateries
Culture stores
Interior design
Galleries and museums
(exhibitions, gallery opening)
Concerts and festivals
Special events and parties
24H services
Beauty salons
Hair stylists
Massage centers
Swimming pools
Each month, a newsletter composed of over 10,000 Parisian contacts
And over 10,000 NY contacts will be added to our database.
It will contain the latest news allowing us to personalize the promotion of places,
And customize event planning according to our clients’ request.
Our subscribers will be able to access the P.NY website,
Will receive a monthly promotional follow-up via the newsletter,
And will be granted a 20,000 strong network from which to platform their own events.
Thanks to its website and newsletter, P.NY is the best way to see and to be seen...
As a member, your business and your events will be promoted in Paris, France,
And in New York, USA.
P.NY will allow you to reach out to a niche market.
You will attract a new kind of crowd, trend-setting, high-end clients.
Web surfers will save time, since they’ll have direct access to the P.NY experience,
Its suggestions and address book.
You will also be able to maximize your exposure on P.NY by creating partnerships,
Special offers and ‘lotteries’ (trips, gifts, discounts, event tickets...).
You will be included in web surfers’ search for hot spots and rare events in Paris,
As well as in NY.
P.NY is the result of an age where it has become very easy and affordable to travel,
To settle abroad, to discover, to be mobile here and there, but still feeling at home.
P.NY was born one night on top of a Manhattan rooftop from the imagination
Of 2 hard-working cosmopolitan girls, one French American, the other French Italian.
After crossing the Atlantic dozens of times, meeting thousand of people, sharing millions
Of good plans, they came up with this concept meant for a targeted audience.
Nalini Cazaux [email protected]
Nalini has the scoop on the music industry after having worked by Joey Starr’s and
P.Daddy’s side as an artist before becoming Art Director and producer for Warner Music,
Ln Productions, Spoon Live... Her talent for hosting good parties and her down to earth attitude
have led her to organize various events (for George Michael, Isabel Marant, Xuly Bët,
Corrine Cobson), and film premieres (April Snow, Locataires, Rosario).
Being a very modern but serious girl, she became a specialist in e-communication
and created, a website dedicated to new trends, as she did for in terms of concept and communication.
Virna Martini [email protected]
Virna likes good music and event promotion. She started at the Sound Department of Canal Plus
as production assistant. She then worked as PR for OK Fred before joinning X-Track
as Production Designer and Coordinator (Blueberry, France Télévision, LCI, L’Oréal, Hollywood,
Bourjois, Renault, Nintendo). Passionate about communication, she now leaves between
New-York and Paris and created her own Events and Promotion company in NY, Ouh La La.
She organizes parties and events such as Refuge Night at Hotel Rivington or in Paris,
at famous club le Paris Paris.
Leïla Eisenmann [email protected]
Graphic-designer & artistic director, Leila is a Penninghen French school art's graduate.
Her passion of typography and images brought her to work closely in music, fashion, press
and publishing. She's working as an artistic director freelance for advertising agencies,
but she's also asked for the visual conception of record labels and events agencies.
Always in touch with the last trends in graphic design, she is responsible for the entire visual
identity for P.NY with the help of Fabien Stimulak for the programmation.
Emmanuelle Piganiol [email protected]
Emmanuelle is working as journalist as well as a copy-writer. She used to be a style and music
editor for Crash Magazine during seven years before joinning En Ville and then Rendez-Vous
Magazine's adventure. She also works for websites, record companies and advertising
agencies. Music, fashion, new trends and medias are her main interests, but she also experienced video production and fashion events organisation. She loves a trendy parisian lifestyle
and knows a lot about nightlife in Paris : she writes the « short notes » for P.NY, offering some
surprising places.
Tania Bruna-Rosso [email protected]
Tania is a journalist at the top of her game. She worked in written press for Les Inrockuptibles,
Nova Magazine, Depêche Mode, Jalouse, Magazine, Dazed & Confused, Biba, etc., at the mic
for Radio Nova, and presented the music new releases for the Grand Journal of Canal Plus
(News Info). Pure Parisian and an insatiable scoop seeker, she writte the “short notes” of P.NY.
Kristine Corin Rakowsky [email protected]
Kristine Corin Rakowsky is an American writer, producer and artist with a progressive and positive
energy regarding life, music, culture, food, art, philanthropy and entertainment. As Editor-In-Chief
she maintains quality control of content and specializes in trend spotting, branding, media
relations for clients, subscribers and fans of P.NY. A decade of experience collaborating with many
high-profile corporations, organizations, magazines, films, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, stage
productions and other creative ventures allows her to shine and preserve a meticulous reputation
for success with noted integrity and passion. She lives in New York City, equally loves Paris, and
encourages those with further curiosity to "google" her.
Jean Charline Tomlinson [email protected]
23 years old, Jean Charline is a french-jamaican leaving in Paris for 6 years. Her passion
for arts and photography led her start working very young through collaborations with art
directors and fashion stylists. Then she started working on her own and works today as a
freelance with photo agencies and photographers (Visionaries in Art, Le Joker), as an artistic
director. She also styles for magazines such as Icon magazine, Tank, Elle USA, Oyster, Code,
Standard... Along advertisements and feature films, styling Juliette Binoche for Hous Hsiao
Hsien's "Le Voyage du Ballon Rouge". Always on the look out for new cool places to go
and things to see, to hear in Paris, she's a precious contributor for P.NY.
Fabienne Ayina [email protected]
Fabienne Ayina is a french native New York based journalist who's received her diploma
in Art Business and Communication in 1999 from l'Institut des Carrières Artistiques (EFAP
group) in Paris, France. She has been working at Christie's New York, Christie's Paris,
Yves Saint Laurent, Paul Morris Gallery, Marian Goodman and more recently at the cuttingedge America Magazine (Damon Dash's entertainment publication) and the shopping search
engine Shopwiki. She definitely has an extensive experience in the photography, imagery
and publishing industry. Parrallely she's been photographing and work on personal project
over 5 years. She's writing the "short notes" for P.NY.
Linda Karlsson [email protected]
She started off in the heart of Sweden as a young TV-producer of the news program
"SVT rekyl" and continued as an editor of the widest spread guide of culture, music, movies
etc, in the same area 2003. After that, 19 years old she gave up her role as a drummer
in "Iris" and moved to France for art studies. She continued her interest in music
by promoting and managing clubs in Gothenburg, when in Sweden writing for club guide
"djungeltrumman", designed clothes under her own brand "youarethefabric", drives
a paperbound gallery "der galleri" and re-designed interiors, music festivals and gallery
spaces under the name "fabric box project". Has lived in New York back-an-forth since
June 2006 and figures as a graphic and jewelry designer in Manhattan.
She writes the « short notes » for P.NY.