(Association loi 1901) 26 Rue du Faubourg Sain


(Association loi 1901) 26 Rue du Faubourg Sain
Mission Interuniversitaire de Coordination des Echanges
(Association loi 1901)
26 Rue du Faubourg Saint Jacques
75014 Paris
Tel. 33 1 40 51 76 96 – Fax. 33 1 44 07 18 10
Email: [email protected]
Web site: http://www.micefa.org
President : Anne DEYSINE, Professor at the University of Paris X – Nanterre
Assistant : Hélène JOUEN
Treasurer : Jean-Jacques BOURDIN, Professor at the University of Paris VIII
- Saint Denis
Exchange Director and contact person : Dr. Nancy MERRITT
Student Affairs : Carol BROZZETTI
Assistant : Pascal VAN ROY
Contact Person for Medical Exchanges : Hélène JOUEN
Language Coordinator : Michèle LE COADIC
MICEFA is a not for profit consortium
of which the Universities of Paris III,
XIII, the Institut Catholique de Paris
and the University of Evry are
MICEFA is an indispensable tool for enhancing US/French academic
cooperation, because it helps American students register and adjust to
the French higher education system.
If your students have an interest in France, If you think that a traditional
study Abroad Program is more like an island in France. You may want
to establish contact with MICEFA. It gives you access to the “real
thing”, a genuine experience in a French university with French and
European students.
What MICEFA can do for you ?
Our Mission: Reciprocal exchange
Facilitate the exchange of students – MICEFA helps integrate an
average of 170 American students every year, either for a semester or a
year, and sends as many French students to partner institutions.
- Mechanisms : reciprocal exemption of tuition fees ; facilitation of
transfer of credits
- Requirements : minimum level of language in host country
- Fields : humanities, social sciences, pre-law, business. Special
programs exist for medical school, Law school and engineering.
The «! Pluses !» of MICEFA
Who are our Members in France?
If your university signs with MICEFA, you have access to :
- A wide choice of prestigious universities, including the Sorbonne, with
various curricula and emphases on different fields.
- A team of professionals and academics to help facilitate the selection of
courses attended in France and the transfer of credits to the home university.
- Intensive 3-week sessions of French
language, in September and January,
including cultural activities and visits.
- Courses of French language (oral, written)
and culture available both at partner
universities and through MICEFA.
- Help in finding housing either through
CNOUS or in private apartments, and
obtaining medical coverage if necessary.
- Each student receives a lot of individual attention and advice in
integrating into Parisian life: Carte de séjour, internships, small jobs, teaching
jobs, extra curriculum activities, French student contacts and gatherings …
Specific Services
MICEFA can also:
- Offer services as a portal to French universities.
- Provide access to experts and help future US partner universities in arranging
transfer of credits for their students in MICEFA universities.
- Help organize customized symposia for American partner universities on a
given subject, in English if requested, in order to facilitate American faculty to
further their contacts with French academia, both for research and teaching
- Offer 15 T.A. positions in French high schools, and 4-5 T.A. positions in
French partner Universities.
Useful Websites
www.micefa.org (with links to partner
www.frenchculture.org/education (French
www.cnous.fr :information about
accomodation – living in France
www.education.gouv.fr: information
about the French education system
www.ciep.fr (TA positions)
www.comete.u-paris10.fr: for a course of
French language (intermediate)
http://www.laits.utexas.edu/fi for French
interactive course
Université Paris 3 – Sorbonne Nouvelle
Université Paris 4 – Sorbonne
Université Paris 5 – René Descartes
Université Paris 6 – Pierre et Marie Curie
Université Paris 7 – Denis Diderot
Université Paris 8 – Saint Denis
Université Paris 9 – Dauphine
Université Paris 10 - Nanterre
Université Paris 11 – Sud
Université Paris 12 – Val de Marne
Université Paris 13 – Nord
Institut Catholique de Paris
University Evry - Val d’Essonne
Who are our Partners in the US?
The California State University System (CSU), the City University of
New York (CUNY), Florida International University, New Jersey State
University, the University of Denver, the University of Colorado, the
University of Richmond, the University of Connecticut, Boston
College, the University of Puerto Rico, the Louisiana State University
System, the University of New Orleans, the New York State University
System (SUNY), the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, the
University of Illinois at Chicago, Vanderbilt University, Manhattan
College, George Washington University, the University of Texas at
Austin, the University of Waterloo- Canada, the University of Miami,
The University of South Florida at Tampa, New Mexico State
University, Bellarmine University, Pace University, Hartford
University, …
What about our Medicine Exchange Program?
All Paris Schools of Medicine are part of our program and work with
Harvard Medical School, Columbia College of Physicians and
Surgeons, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, George Washington
University, and the University of Pennsylvania. American applicants,
Med 1, Med 3 or Med 4 students, as well as French ones, can obtain
clerkships either clinical or in research for two month periods.

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