French Language Text / Theory and Practice 1st Year


French Language Text / Theory and Practice 1st Year
Course title: French Language / Text Theory and Practice
Course code: FR0823 (A)
Type of course: compulsory
Level of course: BA
Year of study: 1st
Semester: 2nd
Number of ECTS credits allocated: 5
Name of the lecturer: Liliana Foşalău
Course objective: Familiarize students with theoretical notions of poetics, stylistics, semantics and text
grammar. These notions will be applied to practice (essay writing, text analysis, text presentation, etc.).
Course contents: The text between theory and practice; the text structure and components;
text/reality; literature/civilisation; the language functions; the text between writing and reading; notions
of intertextuality.
Recommended reading: Ducrot, O., Todorov, T., Dictionnaire encyclopédique des sciences du langage,
Seuil, Paris, 1972; Genette, G. Figures I – III, Seuil, Paris, 1972; Todorov, T., Les genres du discours,
Seuil, Paris, 1978; Schmitt, M. P., Viala, A., Savoir-lire, Didier, Paris, 1982; Milly, J., Poétique des textes,
Nathan „Université”, 1992
Teaching methods: interactive lecture
Assessment methods: (a) final written examination; (b) oral examination
Language of instruction: French

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