Je suis une personne



Je suis une personne
I am
created in 2012
ktha compagnie
I am
Performance for 2 stacked containers and 1 actress
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I am
Performance for 2 stacked containers and 1 actress
I am a person
and sometimes I forget you are one
I would like to say it to you
I am a person
Because it is the most important thing for me
and also because it is important for you to know
I’m a person
Each of us is a person
I am a person is a play in which a stage actress acts
simultaneously for two stacked rooms.
Two six meter containers one on top of the other.
One bleacher in each container. Two isolated
audiences. One actress who moves from one
container to the other on her arms.
When she is not here, we still hear her voice, her
image is still here.
And she always keeps her smile.
You can’t lock up people, you know
You can not
It is not possible
I am a person is a text written for one woman and
two audiences. For the impossibility of talking to
everyone at the same time. It is a counter-relief
description of the confinement, the testimony of a
confined woman on the outside world.
By smiling, I lay out all these beautiful things that I
cannot do if I am confined.
I give you an account of my escape, of my getaway.
I never talk directly about jail or detention centre.
Only about all the things I like to do, and how I’m
running away.
I am a person is how, imprisoned,
the love I have for the world
returns to me in its very details.
I am
I am a person is constructed around the impossibility
to talk to everyone at the same time. One actress, two
rooms one on top of the other.
And a continuous attempt to talk to someone, to
speak to someone holding eye contact.
We are very close to each other, we can touch each
other. The actress is always talking to someone in the
In the process of the work, which the ktha compagnie
develops since its debuts, the words and the whole
performance are simply directed only towards the
spectators seated right there.
On each stage there is a video-projector that covers
the whole scenic space, floor, ceiling and walls.
The video projection is caried on live, in real time.
The image coincides with, follows or precedes the
action and the actress’s speach. The interaction is
permanent, choreographed and almost organic.
What happens in one of the containers is filmed live
and reprojected in the other, above or under. The two
spaces are synchronized. The actress is duplicated.
When she leaves a container, her image immediately
replaces her.
Something between the ghost of the actress, screen
images of the video surveillance control. A retinal or
digital persistance...
And she always keeps her
We are not here to give
lessons or to make anyone feel
guilty or to accuse anybody.
We are not here to convey
collective sufferance, or to
torture any good conscience.
Maybe just to ask some
questions and move our point
of view.
To tell you again that I am a
person, to remind you that
you are indeed one person.
And she always keeps her
I am
The accoustic plays in a very troubled manner in this
small metallic space.
The auditive perception is principally worked upon
in the live voice of the actress and in her addresses.
Hearing is very different when following what one can
see, the actress herself or only her image.
From time to time, in an almost imperceptible
way, a system of sound diffusion comes into play,
independently for each container. It adds to the direct
voice, to work it out, to largely modify it, to echo it, to
precede it, to add to it some murmurs.
For the sitting audience in the containers, the exterior
interfers permanently. The containers let the rumors of the city pass through
the walls.
One can roughly hear the noise of the outside world.
And every now and then, some waves of an outside
activity, of something that is going on outside the
From the outside, the construction itself acts in such a
seductive way that happens to be an event for itself. A
six-meter high bloc and a team keeping busy around.
The wings of the theatre tease the pedestrians, only
to hide the show itself.
I am
I am
When I think about myself, I run.
tongue or make a face to the children?
I mean, when I imagine myself, I’m runing.
But I shouldn’t forget to smile after that because
otherwise he can be scared and that, I don’t want.
You know, everyone has this, I think, a self-image,
an action, what are you doing when you think
about yourself ?
As for me, I run.
Straight, I run.
You know, I take off, I almost fly at every step, and
I fall back so I can bounce again.
To make a phone call.
To fly away, to escape from the soil.
Dressing up well, making myself pretty, wearing
make-up, watch myself long time in the mirror.
And then paying attention to how I walk, to be
pretty. With pretty shoes. And something on my
I liked the blow, the blow is the only thing I hear
now.The rest will be hidden, far behind the rythm.
Then, you know, I know what I’m doing. I’m
Flowers! I forgot about the flowers.
The breath and the sweat.
The Children.
Yes, to stick out my tongue to a passing kid.
Everybody does that, don’t they ? To stick out your
Having a stick and playing around.
To have fun with him. Enjoying looking at him
running, looking at him approaching you, and go
away, far away.
I go fast.
It’s good to run. I forgot about that myself. How
good it is to run, and then I remembered and I
couldn’t forget it anymore, I only thought about
that, but now I could think about something else,
it’s all good.
Playing with a dog
We cannot forget the flowers, can we ?
I like looking at people writing text messages in
public transports. They write love notes. People
write love notes in public transportion.
And then crossing a gaze on a bus when it’s cold
outside and the sun is shining. He’s far away and
then, over all the heads, a look. A tiny little smile.
« I love you honey. Footbal is at 7:30. »
I am
Lateral View
5,8 m
2,9 m
2,9 m
1,5 m
Ground plan
1,2 m
Technical sheet - performance
Our container is fully equipped and prepared for
any necessary safety-regulation checks
2,45 m
46 spectators per performance (several
performances possible in the same day)
Length of performance :
45 minutes
Electricity :
connection for 16 Amp plug
+ 2 connections for 16 Amp for air conditionning
2,45 m
Transport :
transportation of the containers from SaintOuen-l’Aumône (near Paris)
Personnel :
4 people ( travelling from Paris )
For performances overseas, it can be simpler and
cheaper to build up containers on the spot. We already
have done it with our other show “does the world know
it’s speaking to me?” in Chile, Canada and Morocco.
I am
Je suis une personne is a coproduction between
ktha compagnie, Parc de la Villette - Paris,
Le Parapluie centre international de création
artistique - Aurillac, Coopérative De Rue et de
Cirque (2R2C) - Paris
With the support from Direction Générale de la
Création Artistique, DRAC Ile-de-France, d’ARCADI,
Mairie de Paris, DICRéAM (Ministère de la Culture),
Centre de Création Artistique et Technique Nil
Obstrat, Théâtre le Monfort and Confluences.
ktha compagnie is supported by the Mairie de Paris,
Région Île-de-France, and is a member of the 360
colletive, SYNAVI, and 2R2C.
* 15 and 16 september 2012
Festival de Rue de Ramonville - Ramonville
* 18 to 22 july 2012
Festival Chalon dans la Rue - Chalon-sur-Saône
* 22 mai au 16 june 2012
Le Monfort - Paris - in association with Coopérative
* 14, 15, 21 and 22 april 2012
Festival Hautes Tensions - Parc de la Villette - Paris
I am
ktha is a theatre company.
La ktha is a theatre company.
We use texts which are not written expressly for the
theatre: poems, stories, TV series, advertising slogans,
speeches…And other texts which deal with the real
world as it is, now.
Our performances sometimes take place in theatres,
but more often in outdoor urban settings (stadiums,
parking lots, wasteland, the roofs of buildings, freightcontainers, motorway rest-stops
Over recent years the ktha compagnie has been
supported by organisations including :
* Parc de la Villette - villette numérique (paris)
* Carré des Jalles (Saint-Médard-en-Jalles)
* Conseil Général de la Région Aquitaine - OARA
* Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication DICRéAM
* Mairie du 18ème arrondissement (Paris)
* Mains d’Œeuvres (Saint-Ouen)
The actors address their texts directly to the
spectators, with unflinching eye contact
* Ville de Houilles
Our staging often uses projections and computers.
* L’Hostellerie de Pontempeyrat
In addition to performances, the company organizes
workshops and theatre laboratory sessions.
* Sputnik 347 (Montreuil)
We also regularly produce short pieces, performanceart, lectures, installations, exhibitions…
* Écrire pour la Rue (DMDTS - SACD)
In the recent years, ktha compagnie also explores
the urban space through collectif projects related to
urbanism, visual arts, and performance arts.
La ktha has existed since 2000. We were in residence
at Mains d’Œuvres from 2003 to 2007, associated
company in Collectif 12 from 2008 to 2010, and
resident company at Confluences in 2011.
ktha compagnie is supported by the Mairie de Paris,
Région Île-de-France, and is a member of the 360
collective, SYNAVI, and 2R2C.
The team
Chloé Chamulidrat ; Michael Ghent ; Yann Le Bras ;
Camille Lévêque ; Guillaume Lucas ; Lear Packer ;
Louise Vantalon ; Nicolas Vercken ; Camille Voitellier ;
Mathilde Wahl
* EnCourS – KompleXKapharnaüM (Villeurbanne)
* Collectif 12 (Mantes la Jolie)
* Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Rouen
* Espace Périphérique (Mairie de Paris - Parc de la
* Cie les goulus (Montreuil)
* Festival Teatro Container de Valparaiso (Chili)
* Matucana 100 (Santiago - Chili)
* Mairie de Paris
* Institut Français
* Escales Improbables de Montréal (Québec)
* Ambassades de France au Chili, au Canada et au
* Région Île-de-France
* DRAC Île-de-France
I am
2009 - 2012 = Est-ce que le monde sait
qu’il me parle?
2008 = Laboratoire nomade
d’expérimentation d’écriture théâtrale en
milieu urbain
2003 - 2007 = la machine qui vient
triptyque théâtral : 2003 = dans la neige
électronique avec la machine qui vient ; 2004
= kapital_ ; 2006 = g8
I am
ktha compagnie
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75012 paris france
[email protected]
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