Domaine du Vieux Pressoir Saumur Brut Rose NV


Domaine du Vieux Pressoir Saumur Brut Rose NV
This small domaine is turning out delicious, well
balanced wines from Chenin Blanc, both still and
sparkling. The secret to their Chenin wines is balance,
between ripe fruit, acidity and residual sugar.
Domaine du Vieux Pressoir Saumur Brut Rose NV
This sparkling rosé, a non-assembled, single vintage brut from the Loire valley is made
from 100% cabernet franc grapes planted on limestone terroir with grass growing between
the vine rows.
After an egrappage and a 12 hour maceration at 16° C., in order to preserve aromas the
wine is vinified and raised in a stainless steel cuve. Rosé bruts run a risk of being flabby,
so the malolactic fermentation is blocked keeping the wine rich but vivacious. Total acidity
is a crisp 4.90 grams/liter. A second fermentation that gives off carbon dioxide occurs in
the bottle, which produces the lovely bubbles. After an élévage on fine lees there is a final
dosage of 0.9 grams sugar/liter.
This cuvee exhales a delicate and fresh bouquet of red fruits. It is perfect as an aperitif
and beautifully accompanies calf ’s liver sautéed with raspberries and deglazed with
balsamic vinegar. It is superb with salty/sweet pairings like melon and prosciutto. The
perfect balance between raspberry fruit and firm acidity makes this sparkler a problemsolver at the table.
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