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sewing for haiti - Haiti Lutheran Mission Society Canada
These are some of 257 dresses for little girls sewn for the HLMS spring 2014 container shipment to
Haiti. This huge job (along with over 900 perineal pads!!), was undertaken by nine talented ladies in
Welland (Doris C, Fleurette, Rita, Clemence, Yolande, Pauline, Doris P and Lorraine and Pauline) who
heard about the Haiti sewing projects at Christ Lutheran in St Catharines through Erna, and were happy
to donate these gifts to Haiti:
Always needed:
Cloth diapers, lightweight infant
clothing, boys boxer shorts,
boys summer weight pants,
shirts and girls dresses. We hope
to inspire you to sew, but used
summer clothing in good
condition is also appreciated!
(Below: Translation to French, courtesy of LorraineTalbot.)
Voici quelques unes de 257 robes pour fillettes cousues et inclues dans le conteneur du printemps 2014.
Ce travail énorme (ainsi que plus de 900 serviettes sanitaires!) fut entrepris par 9 dames talentueuses
de Welland qui ont appris de nos projets ici à St-Catharines par une rencontre d'hasard avec Erna dans
un terrain de stationnement. Doris P, Doris C, Fleurette, Rita, Clemence, Yolande, Pauline, Pauline H
et Lorraine font la couture.
Notre Dieu savait qu'on espérait en envoyer d'avantage pour les enfants dans ce conteneur . Il a touché
des coeurs et des mains pour accomplir nos désirs. Nous Le remercions , À Lui toute la gloire!
The sewing ladies at Christ Lutheran added a few more hundred pads along with those made by more
friends of Haiti in our community. It is humbling to know how many hours of labor go into these
sewing projects!Other LC-C congregations and individuals across Canada. have contributed money
and goods to fill and ship the container this May 2014.
Our God knew we were hoping to send more for the children on the container and He moved hearts
and hands to accomplish what was needed. We thank Him and To Him be all glory!

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