What`s New for 2015... - Riverside School Board


What`s New for 2015... - Riverside School Board
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January, 2015
Volume 3, Issue 5
What’s New for 2015...
We Are All Unique!
Jade and Vicky
Our tree beside Mrs. Legault’s office has
been jazzed up once again. Since it’s January,
we have a winter theme … SNOWFLAKES! Our
tree is covered with snowflakes made by the
students and each one is different.
Every class from Kindergarten to Grade 6
was asked to participate in this project.
Everyone made a paper snowflake and wrote
their name on it. The snowflakes represent all
of the unique students. They used different
kinds of materials such as tissue paper, doilies,
and coffee filters. Some classes made designs
and others painted their snowflakes.
Money Well Spent!
Alexandro and Sofia
Have you heard about the new items that we
are getting at our school? We’ve been doing
plenty of fundraisers to make our school
better. We’ve been raising money for several
years and now it’s time to spend it!
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We Are All Unique
Money Well Spent
What’s Happening In …
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No two snowflakes are alike on our tree.
Now, when you walk by the front office, you
can see the beautiful snowflakes that the
children made. The tree looks very beautiful
because it is decorated with the prettiest
snowflakes ever. Best of all, each snowflake is
unique, just like everyone in the school!
The P.P.O. organized fundraisers and then
presented some ideas for spending the money
to the Governing Board. They decided to buy
new sports jerseys and a brand new stage,
since our old stage was broken. The
jerseys were bought with the money from the
La Montagne Fundraiser this year. They will be
used for our S.S.I.A.A. tournaments. We can’t
wait to see them!
A big thanks to all of the families and friends
who helped support our fundraisers so that we
can buy new things for our school.
Just JAM!
January, 2015
Volume 3, Issue 5
What’s Happening In … Grade 3/4
La Classe de Mme Stephanie
Mrs. Bravi’s Class
Alice and Maude
Aimez-vous les
dragons? Les 22
magnifiques élèves
année et 7 en
4ième année) ont
thème sur les Cette élève était fière de partager
dragons. Les élèves son projet.
devaient faire un piège pour dragon chez eux
et ensuite le présenter. Chaque mois, les
élèves doivent faire un projet (une biographie)
sur un chanteur différent et ils doivent le
présenter devant la classe.
Les élèves apprennent les formes et les
angles en mathématiques.
Leurs livres
préférés sont les L`agent Jean et une nouvelle
série qui s`appelle Marie-P. Les élèves aiment
discuter avec Mme Stephanie, s`assoir avec
elle et aller faire des exercices au tableau. La
classe est décorée avec des lettres, des affiches
et des activités de mathématiques. Les
activités et affiches les aident à faire leurs
travaux et à faire de leur mieux.
Chaque matin, Mme Stephanie pose des
questions générales que les élèves doivent
répondre. Quand ils ont terminés, ils font le
calendrier. Par la suite, ils continuent avec
l`horaire de la journée. Après le dîner, les
élèves font leur lecture silencieuse. Tous les
vendredis après-midi, les élèves ont un temps
libre pour la dernière période. Les élèves
aiment bien leur horaire.
Mrs. Bravi’s class of 13 Grade 3 students and
11 Grade 4 students have been busy working on
fairy tales. They’re also learning about
subtracting 3-digit numbers in Math, and
they’re reading fantasy stories in ELA.
The classroom is decorated with lots of Math
posters and other materials. There’s also a
reading section with posters for English. These
posters help students learn and improve.
Every day, the students arrive and follow
their routine, which is to empty their school
bag, change their shoes, and read quietly. After
lunch, they wash the top of their desk and read
quietly again. The students like Art, playing on
the computers, Gym, ELA, French, and of course
free play. This is something they do during the
last period each Friday, as long as all of their
work is complete. Mrs. Bravi teaches Math to
all of the Grade 3 students while the Grade 4
students are taught Math by Mrs. Gibson.
Mrs. Bravi’s class went on three field trips.
They went hiking at Mont St. Hilaire, skating at
the arena in Delson, and to the movie theater
with the entire school at Dix30. Their favourite
field trip was skating.
The students’ favourite book series are Flat
Stanley, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Robert Munsch,
Magic Tree House, The Magic School Bus,
Arthur, Harry Potter, Amulet, Geronimo Stilton,
and Percy Jackson. Wow! This class reads a lot
of books!
Just JAM!
January, 2015
Volume 3, Issue 5
Sports News!
Badminton Tournament
Basketball Season
Tommy and Xavier
The badminton team was off to a great start
and they got better after each game. On
December 11th, the team went to Collège
tournament. Parents volunteered to drive our
team to the tournament.
Dribble, dribble, shoot! Basketball season
has arrived. Every year, students at John Adam
have the opportunity to take part in a friendly
basketball league. Anyone can play in it. Every
team must have two Grade 4 students, four
Grade 5 students, and four Grade 6 students.
The students also got to name their team.
There were four boys teams and four girls
teams that played every lunch hour.
The badminton team celebrates their success.
Our boys and girls players were excellent!
Both the boy and girl in the singles tournament
won first place! Our double boys won second
place. The girls double team and the mixed
doubles both won fourth place, but they still
did an amazing job.
This year, just like last year, the team from
John Adam placed second. The team that won
the banner won it by only one game. A round
of applause goes to our badminton team who
trained hard to prepare for this tournament.
They did very well and they are proud of their
A special feature to this friendly
sport was that the students were
the referees and scorekeepers for
all of the games. Everyone who was
interested in refereeing and
keeping score got a special course at recess to
have this role during the lunchtime games. It
was a fun change because the students are
used to the teachers refereeing them.
Mrs. Danielle had a schedule for every team
to play against each other. Each team played at
least once a week and some teams played up
to two times a week.
The friendly basketball tournament was also
used as a tryout for the basketball team. Every
student that played on a team and went to a
lunchtime practice or game got to try out for
the school team. Mrs. Danielle had a tough
time choosing her teams for the upcoming
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