feb newsletter


feb newsletter
Students of the Week:
100e jour d’école
Samantha - feb 1 - 5
Nouvelle an chinois
Elena – feb 9 - 12
La Saint-Valentin
Sophie – feb 15 - 18
Les familles et les amis
Dennis – feb 22 - 26
La sécurité personnelle
Isla - feb 29 - mar
Les célébrations
This month is jam-packed with many
different themes. Through literature, songs,
poems and activities, we will be learning
about Chinese New Year, Valentines Day,
families and friendships. We will also
celebrate our 100th day of school in grade
1 near the end of the month. Finally, we
will be discussing personal safety using the
C.A.R.E. Kit (more specific details about
this program will be sent out later.)
As part of our Valentine’s Day celebration,
we will participate in a “special friend”
activity. For the week of the 9th – 12th, your
child will randomly select the name of a
person in our classroom. They will be asked
to do kind and special things for this
person. More details about this will follow.
We will also host a Valentine’s Day party
on the afternoon of Friday, February 12th.
Our Group 3 Party Group (Peyton, Jane,
Raquel, Samantha & Vincent) will be
contacted soon about what treats to bring
for this special event. Students can pass
out Valentine Cards on this day if they
wish. The names of our classmates are:
Olivia, Zachary, Alondra, Rose, Abigail,
Leila, Ilinca, Tristan, Ezra, Nikolas, Noah,
Peyton, Jane, Raquel, Samantha, Vincent,
Sebastian, Elena, Sophie, Dennis, Isla and
Katie. We have 22 students in our class.
French February
Now that we have reached February, the
expectation is that students speak in
French at all times, with their teacher and
with each other. This is an important part of
the French Immersion program.
février 2016
Our focus this month in math is on addition
and subtraction as well as on geometry.
Our goal is to improve our abilities at:
- decomposing 20 into parts
- using mental math strategies
o counting on
o making 10
o doubles
- understanding that addition and
subtraction are linked
- verbally describing a change in
quantity (eg. I can build 7 and make 10
by adding 3)
- recognizing geometric shapes and their
We will be doing various activities to
support these learning outcomes, please
check the blog for more detail.
Pink Shirt Day
Wednesday, February 24th is Pink Shirt Day.
Students are encouraged to wear a pink
shirt (or something pink like a button) in
support of anti-bullying.
Language Arts
• Speak in turn
• Engage in class discussion using French to
express ideas
• Comptines (rhymes,songs, poems)
• Les sons et les lettres: j, é, ou, ch, qu, oi, v, on
• Continue « Les 5 au quotidien »
• Lecteur du jour
Addition and subtraction for numbers 0-20
Physical and Health Education
• C.A.R.E. Kit
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