LeThe Wilvy_1


LeThe Wilvy_1
Vol. 4, Issue 1
June 25, 2016
Daily Horoscope
The stars have aligned in your favour
this week. You will be challenged both physically
and emotionally, however Jupiter has a surprise
in store that will give you the strength to
Your time has come to step down from
place of authority and let yourself be guided by
the ones from whom you least expect guidance.
A weight will be lifted off of your
shoulders this week. Take time to appreciate all
that others do for you. Your moon mother will
thank you.
The celestial energy is pushing your
every move. Let this energy guide you in the
right direction, and you will be pleasantly
surprised by the outcome.
Today you will seem distant, as your
moons have fallen short of alignment. Don’t let
this bad energy get you down.
The moon propels you. Beware of
the squirrels, sent from Jupiter. They’re
Andromeda’s pattern may get in
the way of your success. Confide in a close friend
to help you through.
The Big Dipper is going to be really
big tonight. Check it out.
You will find love in a hopeless place
this week. Don’t forget to thank Venus.
The current planetary configuration has
new discoveries in store for you. Explore them.
Attack of the Artists
Author: Mac
This past Wednesday was the EP Art Attack! Everyone got
together and had a fun, exciting evening. The staff were joined
by a pair of expert artists; Latiana Sapphire and brother,
Francesco Avariane. With knowledge and guidance, the staff
were able to make both large and beautiful collages. These
collages fit under four different themes, “Under the Sea”, “Into
the Jungle”, “To the Zoo”, and “Donald Trump”. “These
collages were good because we helped.” Said Mme. Sapphire.
M. Avariane commented, “They were all a bunch of potatoes.”
He went further in saying, “The Art of friendship, was the big
winner, but the ‘Birth of the Gods (under the sea)’, was a close
The stars are shining, don't be
surprised if you find yourself shining too.
You’re doing great, Mercury is in
your favour this week. It will bring you great
success in your upcoming challenges.
Editor & Chief: Kait & Alicia & Laurence
Vol. 4, Issue 1
June 25, 2016
Talent Knight
What to look forward
to this week at
La soirée de talent s’est passée le jeudi, 23 juin. Chacun a pu
démontrer leur talent que ce soit en chant, en théâtre, à la guitare
et en danse. Aussi, nous avons eu la chance d’entendre des
proverbes tout aussi intéressants les un que les autres, grâce à
Alana et Lara. À la toute fin, grâce à nos impressionnantes
performances, nous avons été couronné en tant que chevalier
dans la grande famille CalienT en se faisant taper les fesses avec
une épée.
• C.I.T.s Arrival— June 25th
• Camper’s Arrival— June 26th
• First Campfire— June 26th
• Vol. 4, Issue 2 of Le The Wilvy!!
• Birthdays:
• June 27th: Mac et Kait
• June 28th: Quentin et
• Canada Day— July 1st
Heard by the
fire ring..
“Every small squabble
should be squelched
straight away.”
Editor & Chief: Kait & Alicia & Laurence