DEVOIR MAISON (à rendre pour le 11 mai 2015 9h)


DEVOIR MAISON (à rendre pour le 11 mai 2015 9h)
(à rendre pour le 11 mai 2015 9h)
Pour TOUS les exercices, recopier les phrases entièrement !
Exercice 1
Conjuguer au présent be+ing.
1. Look, the cat (to sleep) on the sofa.
2. Where are the children? They (to play) in the garden.
3. What you (to do) ? I (to read) a book.
4. I (to write) a letter to my mother.
5. She (to meet) her new boss tomorrow.
6. (to sleep) you ? No, I am not.
7. Look, the cats (to play) with the dog.
8. You (to wear) very nice shoes, are they new?
9. We (have) a party tonight.
10. At the moment, you (to improve) your English! Congratulations!
Exercice 2
Conjuguer les phrases suivantes au présent simple.
1. I (to play) with my dog.
2. She (to love) her mother.
3. He (to prefer) tea to coffee.
4. My PE teacher (to be/not) nice.
5. They (to burn) papers in the fire-place every day.
6. My rabbit (to be) ten years old.
7. (to have) he any brother ?
8. He (to try) to do his homework.
9. Your uncle (to smoke)?
10. (to believe) they in witches?
Pour les trois exercices suivants, choisir le bon temps entre présent be+ing et
présent simple.
Exercice 3
1. We (to go) to the funfair every Sunday night.
2. We (to play) football on Saturday afternoons.
3. The phone (to ring) ! Laura can you answer please?
4. You (to drive) the children to school today, aren't you?
5. Don't tell such things ! You (to be) very silly.
6. Water (to boil) at one hundred degrees.
What are you doing? I (to look for) my keys !
I (to know) all my lessons.
It is Saturday evening ; all my family is in the living room and we (to watch) TV.
John! Someone (to knock) at the door.
Tom (to drink) rarely coffee in the morning.
Exercice 4
1. I am tired. I (to want) to go to bed now.
2. Be careful, a car (to come) down the street.
3. Normally, I (to finish) work at 5 o'clock but this week I (to work) until 6 o'clock
to earn a little more money.
4. Good students never (to neglect) their homework.
5. I am sick so I (not / to go) to school today.
6. How many foreign languages (you / to speak)?
7. Look, Michel (to play) also the piano.
8. Every Sunday I (to eat) lamb.
9. Paul (to work) in a garage.
10. I (to phone) my mum now.
Exercice 5
1. I (to read) always in the evening.
2. What (to do) he? We are waiting for him!
3. He (to eat) fish on Fridays.
4. He (to write/ not) now.
5. I (to work) in an office.
6. John (to live) usually in Paris, but he (to stay) in a flat in London at the moment.
7. She (to like / not) carrots.
8. Peter and Mary (to move) once a year.
9. (to think) you he is going to work in the garden today?
10. Ben is very rich. He (to buy) a new house every year.
11. Stop that noise! The neighbours (to watch) us!