Exercice 1
Transformer les phrases dans les deux formes manquantes.
1. I did not learn my lesson.
Did you learn your lesson?
I learnt my lesson.
2. Pupils were crazy about copying.
Pupils were not crazy about copying.
Were pupils crazy about copying?
3. Did children obey when you were younger?
Children did not obey when you were younger.
Children obeyed when you were younger.
4. None of my teachers made me smile.
Did your teachers make you smile?
All my teachers made me smile.
5. Did you chat during your English Courses?
I chatted during my English courses.
I did not chat during my English courses.
Conjuguer les verbes entre parenthèses au preterit.
Exercice 2
Yesterday everything went wrong. First I left for school late and I forgot my money
at home so I could not pay for the bus fare. Everyone stared at me. I was very
embarrassed. I arrived at school half an hour later. I apologized for being late but
the teacher interrupted me and asked me for my exercise copybook. I tried to tell
that the bag did not belong to me. It was my sister's. She blamed me for my bad
behaviour. She wrote a letter to my parents and complained about my laziness.
Exercice 3
1. I did not answer all the questions.
2. When I finished doing my homework last night, I realised it was late ! So I
immediately went to bed.
3. They were very hungry so they ate up all their food.
4. Peter wrote some letters and then went shopping this morning.
5. The Smiths spent a wonderful holiday in Los Angeles last year.
6. Were you at home yesterday ?
7. I phoned you last night.
Exercice 4
Poser la question sur les éléments soulignés.
1. I woke up at seven yesterday.
When did you wake up at seven?
What time did you wake up yesterday?
2. She learnt my lessons all afternoon because I did not want to copy them.
What did she learn all afternoon because I did not want to copy them?
When did she learn your lessons because you did not want to copy them?
Why did she learn your lessons all afternoon?
3. This coat belonged to my brother before he sold it.
What belonged to your brother before he sold it?
Whose coat was it before he sold it?
Whom did this coat belong to before he sold it?
4. I went to the restaurant last week and I saw my former English teacher. He
was very pleased to see me.
Where did you go last week?
When did you go to the restaurant?
Whom did you see at the restaurant last week?
How did he feel to see you?

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