Language and Linguistics, French


Language and Linguistics, French
Master’s Programme in
Language and Linguistics, French
•Master of Arts in Language and Linguistics
•2 years, full time, 120 ECTS credits
•Centre for Languages and Literature
•Lund Campus
•Application deadline: 15 January 2015
•Programme start: August 2015
General Linguistics: Philosophy of Science for Linguists
(7.5), Fundamental Linguistic. Methods (7.5), Master’s
degree thesis (30)
2.Compulsory courses for each specialisation. 3.Elective courses (45), to be selected from a list available
from the programme coordinator.
Lund University offers you a unique opportunity to
Compulsory courses for this specialisation
with number of credits
pursue advanced studies in languages and linguistics
Students may choose four of the following courses: Spoken
at Master’s level. The Centre for Languages and Lit-
French – Intercultural Dialogue (7.5), Spoken French – Po-
erature offers students access to the most modern
litical Rhetoric (7.5), The Linguistic System of French (7.5),
resources for research and education. You will meet and
French Language Learning (7.5), The French Language in
study together with students from several different fields
Multilingual Settings (7.5), Modern French Thinkers – Biog-
of specialisation. As a Master’s student, you will have the
raphies and Texts (7.5).
Programme overview
possibility of receiving funding for a stay abroad to conduct
research on your Master’s thesis through grants available
Career prospects
from the Birgit Rausing Language Programme.
With a Master’s degree in Language and Linguistics, you are attractive for employers looking for a highly qualified individual
Specialisation in French
with specialised knowledge in communication and language.
Le Master de Langues avec spécialité Français/Linguistique
An international Master’s in Language and Linguistics also pro-
française s’adresse aux étudiants désireux d’acquérir de sol-
vides you with the academic background you need in order to
ides connaissances en linguistique française et de développer
apply for doctoral studies in languages and linguistics.
leurs compétences et leurs performances langagières en français parlé et écrit. L’emphase du cursus est donc mise sur la lin-
Admission requirements and how to apply
guistique du français ainsi que sur le français moderne et son
usage dans différents contextes. Dans le cadre de ce Master
A Bachelor’s degree with a major in French (corresponding
sont dispensés des cours sur le français des discours oraux
to a Swedish major with 90 credits in the subject) and a com-
et écrits, des interactions interculturelles, des milieux pluri-
pleted Bachelor’s degree essay in French linguistics. English
lingues ainsi que sur son acquisition par différents groupes
6/English Course B. See www.lunduniversity. for details
d’apprenants. Tous les cours allient une dimension épisté-
on English proficiency levels.
mologique aux dimensions analytique et critique. Le mémoire
devra s’appuyer sur une recherche de terrain et impliquer
l’acquisition d’un corpus de données. L’objectif final du Mas-
1. Go to and find the programme.
ter est d’apporter aux étudiants une meilleure maîtrise de la
Click on “Apply” and follow the instructions for the on-
langue française ainsi que de parfaire leurs connaissances
line application form on the Swedish national applica-
pratiques et théoriques leur permettant de diriger et de
tion website.
développer divers secteurs d’activités professionnelles en
2. Send your supporting documents (for details on docu-
français. Le Master de Langues avec spécialité Français/Linguistique française propose donc tant aux professionnels de
l’enseignement qu’aux consultants internationaux dans les
domaines de l’administration, de la communication et du
tourisme une reprise d’études diplômante à un niveau universitaire supérieur. Il est également destiné aux étudiants
qui voudraient mener une carrière universitaire de recherches
en linguistique française.
Programme modules/courses and number of
The Master of Arts (120 ECTS) programme consists of
1.Compulsory courses common to all specialisations (45):
and Central and Eastern European studies. SOL is also home
- Cover sheet
to Lund’s largest student library and a popular cafeteria.
- Certificates and diplomas from previous studies at an inter-
We offer free-standing courses in 28 different subjects and
nationally recognised higher education institution (univ-
a number of study programmes, including Creative Writing
ersity or university college)
and Arabic Studies. In autumn 2011, a new teacher training
- Transcripts of completed courses and grades for each se-
programme began in collaboration with Kristianstad Uni-
mester (including course list)
versity College. Secondary teacher training will be offered
- Proof of English language skills
in English, French, German, Italian, Swedish and Swedish as
- Proof that you meet the specific admission requirements
a second language.
- Copy of the page in your passport with your personal data
The extensive research conducted at SOL, with over 200
and photograph, or some other identification document researchers, guarantees that your studies will have a strong
(EU/EEA citizens may need to send a certified passport foundation in research. Research at the centre has two main
focuses: one on linguistics and one on literature and culture.
3. Make sure to check the country specific requirements on
For example, it could address the relationship between lan- before sending your docu-
guage cognition and the brain the depiction of the welfare
state in film or the works of the latest winner of the Nobel
4. Pay the application fee (when applicable).
Prize for Literature.
In addition to the documents in this checklist, you must also
staff and 3 000 students, of whom around 100 are doctoral
submit a Bachelor’s degree essay when applying to this pro-
students. Together we combine tradition with dynamics and
gramme. Please note that the essay should be sent directly to
creativity in an interdisciplinary learning and research envi-
the department. The essay is to be submitted in the original
The Centre for Languages and Literature has some 300
language and (unless written in English, German, French, or the
language of the specialisation chosen) in an English translation
About Lund University
(which does not have to be made by an authorised translator).
Lund University was founded in 1666 and for a number of
years has been ranked among the world’s top 100 universities.
The University has 47 700 students and 7 500 staff based in
Selection is made based on Bachelor’s degree essay, grades
Lund, Helsingborg and Malmö. We are united in our efforts
of relevant courses and interviews.
to understand, explain and improve our world and the human condition.
There are no tuition fees for EU/EEA citizens. For non-EU/EEA
citizens the tuition fee for this programme is SEK 100 000 per
year. For details on tuition fees, see
About the centre for Languages and Literature
At the Centre for Languages and Literature (known as SOL),
you can study languages, literature, film, European studies
Programme coordinator
Arne Jönsson
Academic advisor
Åsa Wikström, [email protected]
Webpage for this specialisation
Disclaimer: Changes may have been made since the printing of this fact sheet. Please see for any updates.
ment requirements, see

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