banque / fondation win-win situation



banque / fondation win-win situation
200 M€ sur 20 ans dont 100 placés
(prix de la licence Europe)
- La banque gagne sur le prêt
- Sa filiale gestionnaire de fortune
gagne sur le placement.
- La fondation gagne à pouvoir
enfin exister et agir.
1 M € remboursement mensuel emprunt (240 mois)
6 M € payoff mensuels ( 6% sur 100M forex managed)
= 5 millions dispo soit 60 M €/an pour ses actions.
Fondation nirvaAmundi
tel. +33 (0)9 517 678 05 (aleatoire)
fax +33 (0)9 567 678 05 (plus sûr)
J’imagine que nous pourrions prendre RDV, à votre convenance.
Cordialement, Christian Galia, fondateur
dimanche août 11, 2013
Pour mémoire :
Mr Chief Executive Officer,
I am a french association founder aged 56, forgotten by his
country for 16 years in Paris, and interested in a managed forex account.
For example, SFX portfolio > Earnings of 20%
monthly have been achieved at medium risk, using signals generated by
"Range Trader Pro" and "Trend Hegemony" their most advanced artificial
intelligence systems.So, 10.000 € minimal deposit, supposedly trading forex
by professionnals & 15-20% monthly payoff, meaning capital will be doubled
within 4 months and so no reimbursment issue.
Would you agree to loan a substantially bigger amount to a caritative NGO
dedicated in development aid to emerging countries & new energies ?
May be you would want to buy our exclusive licence later, who knows...
Thanks for your consideration,
Kind regards,
Christian Galia
P.S :
I speak french, too.
Paris le 1 Aout 2013

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