1er Cru – Non dosé 2004
"Chosen among all the flasks that compose of our cellar” Its aptitude to unveil itself without dosage, this cuvée is
always a complex wine, to perfect maturity. It presents systematically an assembly of big origins, with a long
ageing on its lees, measured dosage, which is to say without expedition liquor, without makeup, just as one
tastes it in cellar.
Olivier et Didier Gimonnet
Blend of » 2004
It is exactly the “Fleuron 2004” blend, but presented without dosage.
100% Chardonnay:
- 39 % Cramant Grand Cru (the majority being of Buissons,
Gromonts terroir, Fond du Bateau de plus de 40 ans),
- 41 % Chouilly Grand Cru (1/2 Mont Aigu, 1/2 Ronds Buissons)
- 20 % Cuis 1er Cru (Croix-Blanche, Roualles, Bourgs)
This Oenophile 2004 is a marked Grand Cru, with a very important % of Cramant . But with its
freshness, the terroir of Cuis brings the final key, that signs the "Pierre Gimonnet & Fils
In fact, 2004 is a very specific year, with the highest yield that Champagne have
never done, but it is quiet typical of a classic year.
“We never elaborated balance and classic vintages with low yields”
Wine making process
- Grapes harvested manually and split pressing
- Temperature controlled alcoholic fermentation
- Malolactic Fermentation carried out
- Elevated 8 months (3 soutirages)
- Cold stabilization (-4°)
- Light filtration on clay before assembly
- Aeing in bottle for five years minimum (bottles in april 2005 for this cuvee)
- Degorgement 3months before expedition, so long maturation on lees (5 years = 60 months actually)
- No dosqge