Collaborative and Computer Aided Design


Collaborative and Computer Aided Design
Collaborative and Computer Aided Design
Instructor: Pascal Morenton
Professor, École Centrale Paris
[email protected]
Prerequisite knowledge: none
Course description: The course begins by an overview of the state of art in
Collaborative and Computer Aided Design. The main topics are:
Collaborative teamwork and extended enterprise
Computer Aided Design (CAD), Digital Mock-up
Electronic Data Management (EDM)
Reverse engineering and rapid prototyping
Then the students attend a short training for a CAD tool and realize a case study by
teams of four students. During this case study, students have to design and make the
prototype of a system that meets given specifications.
Course objectives: This course aims at presenting and introducing the main concepts
and tools used in digital engineering in the fields of mechatronic and multidisciplinary
design processes.
Textbook: course reader.
Computer software: a CAD licence and a electronic data management system will be
available to each attendee.
Course content: The course is organized into the following lecture and lab topics:
An introduction to Collaborative and Computer Aided Design (lecture – 6h)
SPACECLAIM CAD Training (labs – 9h)
Study case by teams of 4 students (labs – 18h)
Oral defense (Oral defense – 3h)
Evaluation Methods: participation and oral defense of the study case
Instructor’s Brief Biography
Pascal Morenton – [email protected]
Professor at Laboratoire Génie Industriel
CAD & PLM Manager of École Centrale Paris
• M.Sc. CAD & Computer Science, Paris 6 University
• M.Ed. in Mechanical Engineering, ENS Cachan
Graduate education activities at Centrale Paris
• Collaborative CAD Design
• Product Lifecycle Management Course
• X-Ray Beamline Design
More information at:
• - english speaking
• - french speaking
Executive education
Head of Centrale Paris Executive Education in Product Life-cycle Management
Research Interests
* Applied research in PLM:
Publications (selection)
• Dynamics of premixed confined swirling flames - P. Palies, D. Durox, T.
Schuller, P. Morenton, S. Candel - Comptes Rendus Mécanique de l'Académie
des Sciences, Combustion for aerospace propulsion, Volume 337, Issues 6-7,
June-July 2009, Pages 395-405
• Towards a multiCAD/multiPDM integration - T. Paviot, P. Morenton, V. Cheutet,
S. Lamouri - International Conference on Product Lifecycle Management, July
• Knowledge Driven Optimization and Finite Element Analysis of Aircraft
Structures - R. Curran, G. Gomis, A. Murphy, S. Castagne, P. Morenton, A.
Rothwell, ISPE CE 2006, Antibes France.

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