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dossier de presse ang
Holmarcom Group
Performance and innovation for a country on the move...
Press Kit
January 2014
Holmarcom Group Today
Data and Key Figures
A dynamic growth policy
Diversification of activities
A daring and dynamic innovation
A Group committed to civil society
A commitment to society rooted in the Group culture
Decades of an active commitment
A pioneering group, a visionary family
From water to insurance
From an industrial flagship to a structured Group
Who is Mohamed Hassan BENSALAH ?
Holmarcom Group: Closeup …
A specialized management team
Industry-leading Subsidiaries
Press Contact
Holmarcom Group Today
Holmarcom is a structured and dynamic Moroccan family group that occupies a leading position among the major
groups of the Moroccan economy. It operates through five business divisions and the majority of its subsidiaries
are industry-leading businesses.
• Ambition
Since its inception, Holmarcom has stayed on track and moved forward with caution, anticipation and foresight to
an even brighter future. Indeed, the Group has managed to cope with the changing economic needs of its time,
adapting to changes and anticipating future challenges. It is constantly consolidating its economic assets,
maintaining its growth and pursuing its development by opening all the opportunities that generate value creation
for its country and its subsidiaries.
• Strategy
The Group is building its strategy around three main areas: consolidating the leadership of its subsidiaries,
pursuing an ambitious investment policy and supporting the major development projects of the Kingdom.
Holmarcom has in fact always aspired to be a leader in the fields of activity it gets involved in. It has also since
its inception adopted diversification as a strategic choice by involving in key sectors of the Moroccan economy. It
continues in this way to consolidate its leadership by pursuing its policy of promising businesses, combining both
growth and profitability in the long term, while opening up new challenges.
• Data and Key Figures
• Over 50 years of development
• Consolidated Group turnover : MAD 3,989 Million in 2012
• Five business sectors: Finance, Agribusiness, Distribution & Logistics, Aviation, Real Estate
• Over 3,500 employees in 2012
• Two companies listed in the stock exchange : Les Eaux Minérales d’Oulmès and Atlanta
• Acquisition of interest in BMCI.
• Creation of Regional Air Lines, first private airline company in the Kingdom.
• Acquisition of Sanad and CPA.
• Agreement
on the acquisition by the CDG of 40% of Atlanta and Sanad Insurance companies.
• Contribution to regional investment funds in the Eastern and the Souss Regions.
• Acquisition of SOMATHES within the framework of its privatization plan.
• Acquisition of interest in CIH and Credit Agricole du Maroc.
• Atlanta insurance company IPO.
• Acquisition of interest in Mutandis investment company.
• Starting the activity of Mass Cereals Al Maghreb at Jorf Lasfar port.
• Starting the activity of Mass Cereals Al Maghreb at Casablanca port.
• Starting the activity of Air Arabia Maroc.
• Opening Atlas first furniture store by Comptoir Métallurgique Marocain in Marrakech.
• Launching of Captingis real estate project.
• Launching of "Manazil Development" real estate projects.
• Acquisition of interest in Radio Plus.
• Launching of Yellowrock activity.
• Launching of Huiles d'Olives de la Méditérrannée activity.
• Launching of a real estate project in Senegal.
A dynamic growth policy
With a consolidated turnover of MAD 3,989 million in 2012, Holmarcom Group achieved an excellent performance and
is implementing a dynamic and ambitious growth policy. This growth is based both on strengthening its position in
sectors where the Group is a leader, but also on external growth through acquisitions. Its leadership was consolidated
mainly through a diversification strategy in key growth sectors and a constant search for innovation and improvement.
• Diversification of activities
Holmarcom Group operates in a variety of trades and its main subsidiaries are industry-leading businesses. Most
of them have been acquired under the impulse of its founder, the Late Abdelkader Bensalah, after the
Protectorate. During this period, Holmarcom Group, both a visionary and a pioneer, made of diversification a
strategic choice by operating in key sectors of the Moroccan economy.
• A daring and dynamic innovation
For Holmarcom, daring and innovation are not merely managerial concepts. This approach is naturally and since a
long time ago part of its corporate culture and is at the heart of its development.
The Group's history is built on technological advances and daring choices in order to adapt to the country’s
economic changes and meet customers’ expectations, or even anticipate them.
As a pioneer, Holmarcom was the first Moroccan private group to engage in the airline industry with the creation
of Regional Air Lines. To ensure the development of its subsidiary, the Group did not hesitate to embark on the
low cost adventure by partnering with Air Arabia, the first low cost airline in the Middle East and North Africa.
Daring to take up new challenges, Holmarcom Group is also engaged in new activities such as the operation of
grain terminals through its subsidiary Mass Céréales Al Maghreb or marketing tea through the acquisition of
SOMATHES whose flagship brands (Kafila, Menara, Souiri) marked the tea ceremonies of many Moroccan
Moreover, by launching a real estate project in Senegal, Holmarcom Group opens opportunities for international
growth, particularly in Africa.
A Group committed to civil society
• A commitment to society rooted in the Group culture
Convinced that businesses has a major role to play with the various components of civil society, Holmarcom Group
has always been involved in the human and socio-cultural development of Morocco, particularly through its
Abdelkader BENSALAH Foundation. Its citizen involvement is one of its priorities and reflects the human values
driving its leaders.
• Decades of an active commitment
In addition to its support for charities acting for the disabled and people with serious and costly diseases, Holmarcom
is actively involved in improving the living conditions of the poor.
Similarly, Holmarcom is committed to protecting the environment by promoting awareness-raising operations and
participating in the "Clean Beaches" campaign. Holmarcom is hence sponsoring since 1999 the upgrade of Saidia
beach in terms of infrastructure, equipment, hygiene, entertainment and security.
These efforts made it possible for the beach to obtain the international Bleu Label in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2013.
On the other hand, aware of the importance of the development of culture and sports and their social and economic
benefits, the Group is also active in major cultural and sporting events.
Abdelkader BENSALAH Foundation
Founded in 2000, the mission of Abdelkader BENSALAH Foundation is to carry out community
services activities in order to improve the social and economic conditions of the Moroccan population. Its areas of intervention are essentially social medicine through supporting the poor suffering
from disability or costly diseases as well as the preservation and stewardship of environmental
resources for a better life quality, mainly in rural areas, with a particular focus on "water" resources.
A pioneering group, a visionary family
The rise of Holmarcom Group is linked to a family who gave it its ambitions, values and stability.
Indeed, its story is one of a series of achievements of a visionary family: the Late Abdelkader BENSALAH,
clairvoyant founder known for his ambition, his seriousness and honesty, and his son, Mohamed Hassan
BENSALAH, who took over in order to maintain the momentum of development and growth.
• From water to insurance
The Late Abdelkader BENSALAH was a real visionary and a fighter who was able to lead his group on the path of
success. In the 60s, he not merely acquired interests in many companies, but also made of the diversification
policy his warhorse.
During the Moroccanization period, he took over the companies Les Eaux Minérales d’Oulmès, Le Comptoire
Métallurgique Marocain and Orbonor Textile. In the early 70s, the Late Abdelkader BENSALAH opened the
insurance doors by acquiring l’Entente, Al Amane and Atlanta.
If today Holmarcom Group is a leader and a pioneer in many of its activity sectors, it is largely due to the spirit and
the strength of its founder.
The Late Abdelkader BENSALAH was a visionary but also a "nationalist". Committed and
activist, he was among the signatories of the Independence Manifesto. With his vision
and his inherent qualities, he has built an empire in harmony with the needs of his era,
while anticipating the issues that loomed on the horizon. Mindful of anchoring the group
in modernity while relying on strong values, he has always put the Human at the center
of his concerns and ensured his development.
Constantly driven by a desire to succeed, the Late Abdelkader BENSALAH had faith in
his action paired with integrity and honesty.
• From an industrial flagship to a structured Group
After the death of the Late Abdelkader BENSALAH in 1993, his son Hassan Mohamed BENSALAH took over as
CEO, surrounded by the members of the Board of Directors, namely his mother and three sisters :
• Latifa BENSALAH - EL MOUTARAJJI, Vice President of the Group;
• Miriem BENSALAH - CHAQROUN, Holmarcom Director and General Manager of Les
Minérales d’Oulmès;
• Kenza BENSALAH, Holmarcom Director and General Manager of Le Comptoire Métallurgique
• Fatima Zahra BENSALAH, Holmarcom Director and General Manager of Atlanta Company.
Perceptive and lucid, Mohamed Hassan BENSALAH has proven to be a strategist and an outstanding tactician. He
knew how to take advantage of such insight in order to sustain the family assets. With perseverance, the young
CEO was able to restructure the Group before launching a development phase, particularly by entering into several
alliances and partnerships.
Not afraid to take up challenges, Mohamed Hassan BENSALAH successfully faced up with the challenges in
which nobody used to believe, starting by the launching of the first private airlines in Morocco, Regional Air Lines.
This was followed by the acquisition of SOMATHES, Atlanta Company IPO, the launching of the new low cost
airline, Air Arabia Maroc, grain terminals operating through its subsidiary Mass Céréales Al Maghreb, etc.
From human adventures to industrial performance, from tradition and know-how to innovation, Holmarcom Group
continues its development strategy over the decades. Today, under the leadership of its CEO, Mohamed Hassan
BENSALAH, the Group confirms its leading position in several industries and opens new opportunities for growth,
particularly internationally.
Who is Mohamed Hassan BENSALAH?
Born in 1970, Mr. Mohamed Hassan Bensalah is a graduate in business and financial administration of Paris-Sorbonne University and Ecole des cadres (Paris). He
succeeded his late father and founder of Holmarcom Group in 1993.
He is also :
- President of the Moroccan Federation of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies ;
- Member of the Board of Directors of Mohammed VI Foundation for the Protection of the
Environment, Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity and Alawite Foundation for Sustainable
Human development;
- Member of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council;
- Member of the Board of Directors of the CGEM, Casablanca Finance City and Moroccan
Financial Board;
- Member of the Supervisory Board of BMCI ( BNP Paribas Group) and Crédit Agricole;
- Member of the Board of Directors of CIH (CDG Group), CIMR and MUTANDIS...;
He was decorated as a Knight of the Order of the Throne of Morocco (Wissam Al Arch) by His
Majesty King Mohammed VI, in 2004.
Holmarcom Group: Closeup …
• A specialized management team
The Family Group could strengthen its original development model thanks to a functional organization in line with
its growth ambitions. Hence, Mohamed Hassan BENSALAH started an integration and development dynamic of
human resources, surrounding himself with a team of specialists that has federated around the objectives of the
In addition to the senior management led by Mr. Karim CHIOUAR, the CEO established a Steering Committee
composed of support functions whose role is to assist the subsidiaries and help create more value, making
available for them all the means necessary to achieve their development goals.
Steering Comity
Karim Chiouar
General Manager
Loubna Tmimi
Communication Manager
Samia El Amrani
Management Control Manager
Salah-Dine Ait Ahmed
Legal Manager
Hakim Cherradi
Real Estate Manager
Aicha Zaanoune
Project Manager/Assistant to the CEO
Driss Zaanoune
Human Resources Manager
Mohamed Laraqui
Project Manager reporting to the GM
Mustapha Berrissoul
Financial Manager
Mohamed Benbrahim
Financial Manager
Industry-leading Subsidiaries
Finance Sector
Holmarom is present in the financial sector through its insurance and reinsurance companies Sanad and Atlanta.
The Group also holds a significant portfolio of financial acquisitions in renowned institution : BMCI, CIH, Crédit
Agricole du Maroc, Mutandis, etc.
Insurance and Reinsurance Company
Insurance and Reinsurance
Insurance and Reinsurance
Brokerage Firm
Agri-business Industry
Holmarcom Group is keen on marking its presence in the development of the Moroccan agri-business industry
through promising subsidiaries in this sector. It is holding industry-leading subsidiaries in the water and tea
markets. The Group also operates significant agricultural domains.
Flat and sparkling
natural mineral water
Production of extra
virgin olive oil
Marketing of tea, chocolate,
biscuits and ice creams
de l’Oriental
Production of fruits,
olive and cereals
Production of fruits
and cereals
Distribution and Logistics Sector
The Group is present in the distribution sector through specialized companies in the distribution of home and
industrial appliances and furniture as well as in the field of operating grain terminals.
Grain unloading
and storage terminals
Trading and distributing
home and industrial appliances
and furniture
Logistics services linked
to cereals imports
Parcel pickup and delivery
and direct marketing
Real Estate Sector
Holding significant land and real estate assets, the Group also invests in large scale residential and tourist
Residential and tourist project
in Tangiers Bay
Intermediate real estate projects
(Casablanca, Rabat, Meknes)
Social Dwellings in Senegal
Airlines Sector
Holmarcom Group also invested in the airlines sector through Air Arabia Maroc, stemming from a partnership of
its subsidiary Regional Air Lines with Air Arabia low cost company.
Low cost airlines
Regional radio station
Implementation and maintenance of
reservoirs and tubing in polyester and
Press Contact
Loubna Tmimi
Communication Manager
[email protected]
Tel. : + 212 (0)5 22 31 07 01
20, rue Mustapha El Maâni
Casablanca, Morocco
Tel.: +212 (0)5 22 31 07 01
Fax : +212 (0)5 22 31 37 44
20, rue Mustapha El Maâni
Tel. : +212 (0)5 22 31 07 01 Fax : +212 (0)5 22 31 37 44

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