mold for plastic


mold for plastic
Plastic Injection Mould
Mold is industrial production medium-term a widely used technique and equipment, the
development of modern industry and technology can increase the level of mould. According
to statistics, industrial parts of 75% and rough precision by Custom Plastic Mold 50% to
finish. According to their kinds can be divided into: cold Injection Molding, rush Die, Die
Casting Mold, rubber Mold, etc.
A, injection molding profile
1.1, practical scope:
Injection Molding practical at thermoplastics like ABS, PP, PC, PO M, etc., and such
thermosetting plastic phenol, aldehydes, plastic, epoxy plastic used the rubber mold;
1.2, injection molding classification:
According to the structure: SanBanstandatd of mold, mold
Press shuikou: big shuikou, some shuikou, hot water mouth
130, injection mould structure
 moulding plastic injection
 plastic molding company
A, the Plastic Injection Molding parts: namely we usually say before, back mould CORE, is also the
most closely linked with products; site
B, gating system: molten plastic from the nozzle to cavity flow can be divided into:
mainstream way, split way, runner, cold material well;
C, guiding system: sure, before and after mode when shut the mould of relative positions,
generally have guiding pole, guiding set, the necessary, ejection part also need to guide pin,
guide sleeve positioning;
D, parting structure: is from mould plastic pieces of ejection device, commonly have: thimble,
roof, cheese canister, etc.;
E, temperature control system to meet the injection forming process, to mold temperature
requirements, in front and back mould for cooling channel;
 plastic injection mould
 plastic mold injection
F, lateral subtypes and lateral core-pulling: when the glue thing upside down with existing is
not consistent demoulding direction when they have to use line structure of position, common
form: the slider, lifter, core-pulling, etc.;
G, exhaust structure: common exhaust form has two kinds: exhaust slot, forming parts
clearance. In order to eliminate the process of plastic injection mold in air and shaping
process produced gas, often set in parting surface air exhaust slot. Setting the principle is,
vents are not affected when overflow anticipates the beatles, should as far as possible big
spike the exhaust slot. And ejector, thimble, set piece is to use molding parts clearance
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