China Mold Manufacturer


China Mold Manufacturer
Injection Mold Making Manufacturer
Our in-house manufacturing unit has the capability and is technologically
equipped with modern tools and equipment for creating the best custom
moulds of plastic. The company has been focusing on export quality mould
products since the time of its inception. Most of our exports are sent to the
European and North American countries, and its quality strictly adheres to
the HASCO and DME international standards.
Our expertise and proficiency lie in our rate of supply within the international
markets. The approximate supply rate of our manufacturing unit is 25 units of
moulds in a month and we are striving to increase our growth rate over time.
This supply rate depends on the complexity of the design provided by our
esteemed clients. The other factors that affect our supply rate includes – the
rate of supply of mould bases by Lung Kee Group, the heat processing
treatment and the steel to be used according to our client’s specifications, our
machine capacity which is about 7.5 ton and even our precision of 0.005mm.
On an average, we strive in completing the whole process within a time
period of 25-35 days.
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For creating the perfect mould, our manufacturing unit provides various
services according to the needs of our clients, which are as followsInsert and Shuttle MouldsInterchangeable and Expandable MouldsMultiple
Slide Action MouldsFloating Cavity Plate and Stripper MouldsHot Runner
SystemUnscrewing MouldsDie Casting
Below is a list of the mould steel our manufacturing unit uses to make the
perfect export quality moulds.
1.2344, 1.2343, S136, LKM2316, LKM738H, 1.2083, 1.2312, 1.1730, H13,
P20, P20H, P20HH, NK80.
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Our manufacturing unit ensures undivided attention of all our staff workers
during the process of injection mould making to minimize the costs. Our
special attention is what lowers down the cost of making, as compared to
other manufacturing units in the competition. Despite all the hurdles and
setbacks from our leading suppliers, we ensure quality perfect designs, avoid
reworking and practice time efficient processes to ensure the delivery on
time. Over the years, our client satisfaction rates have grown exponentially
and we are striving to be better for the coming demands of the market.
According to our previous year’s reports, there has been a 97% positive
feedback for our plastic injection moulds.
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In-House Moulding Facilities
Our in-house manufacturing unit has the best moulding facilities and
equipment meant to fulfil all the requirements of our clients. Before placing
an order, we encourage our clients to have a tour of our manufacturing
facility to build a sense of trust in our company and what we are really
capable of. We accept all sorts of orders for custom made plastic injection
Our manufacturing unit houses the China mould maker which has the
capacity to create custom plastic injection moulds for the clients at a very
cheap and reasonable price. Compare to other machines in the manufacturing
unit, the Chine mould maker ensures speed and flawless efficiency at a very
low rate. This specific feature makes our manufacturing unit stand at par
within the best ranks in the market. Moreover, our moulding solutions have
rarely been questioned for its results because we promise the best results. We
encourage our customers and clients with a huge or small volume of demand
to approach our company for best satisfactory results.
Other Services – CNC Machine Parts
Along with the plastic injection mould creation, there are other services that
our manufacturing unit provides to customers and clients.
One such service includes high precision CNC machine parts of plastic
moulds. Along with plastic mould, we provide the same machine parts in die
casting moulds with a precision of 0.01 – 0.02mm. The products are then sent
to the client’s factory for the final fitting process. This is done to ensure that
the fittings are done according to the satisfaction of the clients and also to
save time – for both the client and even our manufacturing unit. This service
can be availed by any client within a short period of time. It might take some
extra time for the clients who seek the machine parts in harden treatment
steel. The whole process along with the final delivery takes approximately 10
– 18 days, depending on the number of units and the complexity of the whole

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