N Public speaking: Power Points


N Public speaking: Power Points
Crosscultural skills
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(14 heures)
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N Public speaking: Power Points
Profil des participants
Managers and future managers who want their slides to enhance their presentation not embarrass
their boss
Objectifs et compétences visées
Creating a visual narrative
Harmonizing your visuals with your message
l Implementing visual design best practices
l Lancement 2014
• 2
2-23 mai
• 9-10 oct
• 18-19 déc
l Itinéraire
Why bad slides cost sales and ruin careers
Managing the dynamic between what is seen and what is said
l Using cutting edge cognitive load theory as a design tool
l Learning how to use progressive enhancement to share complex concepts
l How to select appropriate transitions
l Three things you must never put on a slide
l Understanding the design differences between reading and presenting slides
l Solving readability and legibility issues
l Basic Color theory and how to work within your company's constraints
l Using "Hidden" slides and dynamic design to deal with difficult audiences
l Story selling principles to organize your visuals
l Story boarding techniques to reduce design time
l l Participants will be required to create a visual narrative and deliver a presentation incorporating core concepts and
strategies covered in the training.
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