Public speaking: Enhancing your Emotional Intelligence


Public speaking: Enhancing your Emotional Intelligence
Crosscultural skills
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Public speaking:
N Enhancing your Emotional Intelligence
Profil des participants
Managers and future managers who want to be seen as sensitive and sensible
Objectifs et compétences visées
How to handle difficult emotions in public
How to speak from your emotional center
l How to blend logic and emotion.
l l Lancement 2014
• 3
-4 avril
• 26-27 juin
• 17-18 nov
Avoiding the most dangerous emotion in a presentation
Discover how to adjust your emotions under pressure
l Exploring the difference between primary and secondary emotions
l Solving the body language paradox
l Creating and using an emotional spine technique
l The critical differences between acting and authenticity
l How to use negative emotions positively
l The real relationship between emotion and reason
l Projecting emotion without becoming emotional
l Responding to emotional attacks
l 5 ways to improve your emotional EQ
l The physiology of self confidence
l Taking the emotional temperate of your audience
l Finding the appropriate level of emotional engagement
l Using voice tone to enhance your message
l Exercises to improve your articulation and expression
l Creating emotional rapport with your audience
l l Participants will be required to create and deliver a presentation incorporating core concepts and strategies covered
in the training.
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