Technical requirement


Technical requirement
In a bubble
Technical description and requirements
Duration : 3 x 15 minutes with a maximum of 6 hours between the first and the last representation.
30 minutes break between two representations.
Set-up :
The bubbles should be set up on the place of the show (allow a space hidden from the public,
without stairs). Note, the inflation of the bubbles is noisy (fan)
Bubble diameter : 2 meters
Inflation time : 10 minutes
access to electricity
Time to set-up : 2 hours before the show and 1 hour after
Playground :
smooth, flat
Changing room :
- a locked room with tables, chairs, mirrors, a closet (to hang the costumes) and a catering: water,
coffee, tea, snacks (fruits, cakes,…)
Hostel : 2**category minimum, close to the place of the representation. 2 persons per room
Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner during all the stay of the team.
19 rue Championnet 75018 Paris
Tél. : 01-42-57-34-24 Portables: 06-85-83-44-47 / 06-81-25-18-35
Site : Email : [email protected]
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Association loi 1901, pour la création, la diffusion et la promotion de projets artistiques

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