Technical requirement


Technical requirement
The Flying Madmen
Technical description and requirements
1 tank " véloplane "
1 bright hot-air balloon with a small moving tank
Fanfare 6 musicians
2 bright hot-air balloons
1 German wheel - manipulated by an acrobat
2 stiltwalkers with machineries with articulated wings
Duration of the show : 1h30 maximum or 2 representations of 45 minutes each
45 minutes break between two representations
Set up: 2 hours before the show and 1 hour after
Number of persons : 13 characters – 1 director so 14 persons
Cars: 1 truck (16 m²) + 1 van (9 places)
Place to set-up the show and changing room :
- Very near to the start point of the place of the representation
- 60 m² minimum, flat ground
- Direct access, no stairway
- With a truck access (plan a parking)
- Electricity point – lights
A changing room large enough for 14 persons, costumes and materials.
Please provide tables, chairs, mirrors, access to electricity, a closet (to hang the costumes)
and a catering: water, coffee, tea, snacks (fruits, cakes,…)
Characteristic of the play area:
- Traffic of the structures: 4 m of wide / 4 m of height
- Ground: close (no lawn, no ground, no sand), no staircases
Hostel : 2**category minimum, close to the place of the representation. 2 persons per room maximum
Meals : Breakfast, lunch and dinner during all the stay of the team (Special meal : 1 without pork)
Note : In case of a parade with long distance walking, the team will need a motorised vehicle to
come back to the changing room.
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