Easy commuting in Damartex


Easy commuting in Damartex
Easy commuting in Damartex
Damartex is a multi-brand company: Damart, Damart sport, Happy D, Afibel, Delaby, Maison du Jersey, Happy
4. Environnement
Mobilité durable
Taille de l'entreprise
Entreprise de plus de 500 salariés
Days and Sédagyl.
All targeted at a senior collections and offer mostly ready-to-wear and homewear, but also products of comfort
and well-being specifically designed for women whether 55 or 85 years old.
Damart France, whose business is based in Roubaix in three main buildings, has decided to propose an
alternative to the car to get from one building to another.
- promote non-polluting means of transport
- save on transportation costs in comparison with travel time
- educate our employees to get around like this in their private lives
- make time spent for getting around dynamic with a little exercise
The Damart buildings are all in town and away from each other by 5.5 km maximum. Time spent commuting
whether with cars or bikes are relatively the same. If we add the density of traffic, fuel consumption, the difficulties
of parking and the stress of traffic jams, the choice between the two is easily made. In 2010, Damart France
decided to purchase 9 electric bikes and make them available among the three buildings in Roubaix and Hem for
Chiffre d'affaires
2011/2012 : 660 M€
4000 (2012)
25, Avenue de la fosse aux chênes
some 1,000 employees who work there(3 total buildings).
The steps:
- Executive Committee decision of the principle and the allotted budget (1165 Euros per bike including
accessories (bags, helmets, lock, puncture-resistant tires, fluorescent jackets).
- Establishment of a communication plan to inform employees and "tempt" the use of these bikes
- Write a memo on how and what to do if something goes wrong or by accident (insurance).
- Defining the rules of lending and care of bikes (identification of the borrower, charging batteries, helmet loan,
Facteur(s) clés du succès
> set examples (the Board)
Entreprise Sponsor du World Forum
for a Responsible Economy 2016
> identify a visible place for of all to promote it, even vis-à-vis outside the company (putting them at the reception
for example)
> create demonstration days to answer questions and try out electric bikes
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> where possible, the opportunity to borrow the bikes for private travel (lunch at noon, returning home late in the
> The difficulties are mainly related to the weather (rain gear Damart Sport are graciously lent along with the bike)
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Lundi, 23 Mai 2016
> Breaking bad habits
Contribution à la performance de l'entreprise
Figures for 1 year:
1644 km covered by bicycle
170 bike loans / year
Savings in travel costs: 895 Euros (estimate based on an average vehicle of 6 hp)
Bénéfices sociaux, environnementaux et/ou de gouvernance
Savings in terms of CO2: 26.3 kg (estimated on the basis of an average vehicle of 6 hp)
Taking into account our contribution on the environmental level (positive or negative) and the corporate
responsibility to offer alternatives
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