November 2012 - Hintonburg Community Association


November 2012 - Hintonburg Community Association
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Come on in from the cold! Rentrez du froid!
There are lots of activities to keep you warm in Hintonburg this winter.
Il y a plusieurs activités pour vous réchauffer dans Hintonburg cet hiver.
Saturday, November 24th
HCA Artisan Craft Fair
10 am to 4 pm, Hintonburg Community Centre
1064 Wellington Street West
Ottawa Grace Manor
Christmas Craft Fair and Bazaar
10 am to 3 pm, Ottawa Grace Manor
1156 Wellington Street West
La foire artisanale de l’ACH
10 h à 16 h,
au Centre communautaire Hintonburg
Ottawa Grace Manor is holding its annual
Christmas Craft Fair and Bazaar in support
of its Residents’ Council. Residents’ tables will
feature various crafts, baked goods, plants
and an assortment of used books. Other
vendors will be selling a variety of items
including jewelry, knitting, handmade
cards, preserves, sewing, and much more. A small café will have food and beverages
available for purchase. For more information
call Ms. Que Chanh Du at
722-8025, extension 112.
This event will feature work by painters,
glass workers, jewellers, clothing
designers, sculptors, photographers and
more. It’s a great opportunity to pick
up some very special treasures – for
yourself or your loved ones. In addition
to the homemade baked goods, the
kitchen volunteers will be serving hot
food – vegetarian or meat chili. Come on
out, meet your neighbours and enjoy the
fun! Donations of baked goods are welcome.
Ottawa Grace Manor tiendra une Foire artisanale
de Noël à l’appui du Conseil des résidents. Les
kiosques des résidents offriront divers projets artisanaux,
produits de boulangerie, plantes, ainsi qu’un assortiment
de livres usagés. D’autres fournisseurs seront sur les lieux
avec une variété d’articles incluant: des bijoux, du tricot,
cartes artisanales, des conserves et plus. Un petit café sur
place aura des collations et boissons en vente. Pour plus de renseignements, communiquez avec
Mme Que Chanh Du au 722-8025, poste 112.
Cet événement mettra en vedette les œuvres de peintres,
souffleurs de verre, bijoutiers, dessinateurs de vêtements,
sculpteurs, photographes et autres. En plus des produits de
boulangerie faits maison, la cuisine servira de la nourriture
chaude – un chili à la viande ou végétarien. Joignez-vous
à nous, rencontrez vos voisins et amusez-vous! Les dons de
produits de boulangerie sont les bienvenus.
Hintonburg Community Association Newsletter
November 2012
Please support your local businesses / Encouragez vos commerçants locaux
Joanne T. Lauzon
Director, Design Services
Suite 101
30 Rosemount Ave
(613) 454-1239
In Pain?
Personal + Corporate Branding | Publication Design
613 884 5886 [email protected]
We can help
Hintonburg Pottery
featuring over 25
local potters!
The only exclusively pottery shop in Ottawa,
right here in happening Hintonburg
Open Tuesday thru Saturday 12-6pm
78 Hinton Avenue, at Wellington Street West,
two blocks from the Parkdale Market 613.979.8240
Hintonburg Community Association Newsletter
November 2012
News From The Hintonburg Community Centre (HCC)
Nouvelles du Centre communautaire Hintonburg (CCH)
You don’t have to hibernate this winter! The HCC is gearing up
for an exciting winter session with lots of activities for the entire
family. Register now for our new sessions starting in January.
Check out our dance studio while trying our Caribbean
fitness, Low Impact, Zumba, Kickboxing and Youth
Breakdancing classes. Come join our Ball Hockey League
for kids aged 6 to 13, sign up for Friday Youth Nights, the
Drama program, workshops and much more!
A Winter Holiday Camp is planned for 5 to 12 year olds
from January 2nd to 4th. The registration deadline is
December 16th to determine if there is enough interest. The HCC is also offering a March Break Camp for the same
age group from March 11th to 15th. Register early to avoid
disappointment. Registration starts on January 16th.
For more info about programs and bookings, drop by 1064 Wellington
Street West, call 798-8874 or visit
Le CCH offre plusieurs programmes d’hiver, incluant deux programmes pour
enfants pendant les vacances scolaires de janvier et de mars. Pour plus de
renseignements, venez nous voir au 1064, rue Wellington ouest, composez le
798-8874 ou visitez
Free Christmas Day Dinner at the Carleton
Tavern – 11 am to 3 pm / Dîner de Noël gratuit
à la Carleton Tavern de 11 h à 15 h
Free Kringle Event
Friday, December 7th,
6 pm to 8 pm
Santa returns to Hintonburg!
As always, the Hintonburg
Community Association and
the Hintonburg Community
Centre will be providing free
hot chocolate and holiday
goodies, as well as free crafts
for kids of all ages to
make and share.
There will also
be free photos
of the kids with
Santa (he’ll be
there from 6:30
to 7:30 pm). Come enjoy the
holiday spirit. All are welcome.
Arrivée du Père Noël
le vendredi 7 décembre
de 18 h à 20 h (entrée libre)
Le père Noël revient à Hintonburg!
Comme toujours, l’Association
communautaire Hintonburg
et le Centre communautaire
Hintonburg pourvoiront du
chocolat chaud et des pâtisseries
saisonnières, ainsi que des activités
artisanales à faire et à partager
pour les enfants de tout âge. Il y
aura aussi des photos gratuites des
enfants avec le père Noël (il y sera
de 18 h 30 à 19 h 30). Mettezvous dans l’esprit de Noël. Tous
sont les bienvenus.
The Carleton Tavern and the Hintonburg Economic Development
Committee are hosting the 12th annual Christmas Day Dinner at
the Carleton Tavern, 223 Armstrong at Parkdale. Each year the day
gets bigger and bigger and it has become a tradition for many in
the community. Last year about 650 meals were served, either in the
Tavern, or delivered to people who could not come, thanks to our
amazing volunteers. At the end of the day any remaining food is taken
to various rooming houses and a family shelter in the neighbourhood.
It is an important day to not be alone, but to spend together with other
people. Musicians donate their time to bring the joyous sounds of carols and music to all those in attendance.
Donations of turkeys, baked goods and gifts are needed to make this a day to remember (especially new warm
items for men such as socks, gloves and scarves). Items can be dropped at the Carleton Tavern anytime during
the week before Christmas. For more information, call Cheryl at 728-7582 or e-mail [email protected]
La Carleton Tavern et le Comité de développement économique Hintonburg organise le 12e dîner annuel de Noël à
la Carleton Tavern, 223, rue Armstrong (angle Parkdale). Pour plus de renseignements, communiquez avec Cheryl
au 728-7582 ou par courriel : [email protected] Des dons de dindes, gâteaux, pâtisseries et cadeaux sont requis
pour rendre cette journée mémorable (spécialement des vêtements chauds neufs pour hommes, tels que bas, gants et
foulards). Ces articles peuvent être déposés à la Carleton Tavern n’importe quand durant la semaine avant Noël.
Hintonburg Community Association Newsletter
November 2012
Welcome to our new
Board members!
Bienvenue aux nouveaux
membres du conseil !
Appealing to the
Ontario Municipal Board
— A risky business
As readers have probably heard, the HCA settled its
Ontario Municipal Board appeal of the City’s
decision to permit Claridge to construct
a mixed-use 23-storey building at 1050
Somerset Avenue on October 17, 2012.
The Minutes of Settlement are posted in
full on our website at www.hintonburg.
The HCA held its latest Annual
General Meeting on September 27th
with approximately 85 people in
attendance. There were reports from
the HCA President, as well as from
Committee Chairs. The AGM was
followed by an “Open Forum”
discussion. An election was held
for the Board of Directors. The
2012-2013 Board members
are: Jay Baltz, Anthony Bruni,
Dickson Davidson, Paulette Dozois,
Sharon Fernandez, Eddie Fu, Linda
Hoad, Jeff Leiper, Barbara Long, Robert
McLean, Stefan Matiation, Kerry Millican,
Pat O’Brien, Nicholas Olmstead, Cheryl Parrott,
Wayne Rodney, James Valcke, Thomas Williams and
Matt Whitehead.
The Board of Directors struggled with a choice
between accepting the risks of pursuing the
appeal or negotiating a settlement to ensure
that some of the community concerns would be
Regrettably, the settlement does not affect the
height that was approved for the development by
City Council. A reduction in height was our first
negotiating position but this was rejected by Claridge
and the City. We then requested benefits which had
been identified in discussions with the community,
including space for a daycare, parking space for
Devonshire teachers, control of traffic in the lane, a
wind study, and more bicycle and car-share parking.
With our lawyer’s help, we worked through the course
of two days to make the minutes of settlement as
advantageous and air-tight as possible.
A big thank you goes to outgoing board members
Gemma Boag and Valerie Stam, as well as to
Nicholas Olmstead, outgoing Treasurer, and
Carol Paschal who stepped down as Chair of the
Communications Committee.
The executive was acclaimed at the first meeting of
the new board of directors and includes Jeff Leiper
(President), Matt Whitehead (Vice-President), James
Valcke (Secretary) and Eddie Fu (Treasurer).
The HCA was prepared for the hearing: our
lawyer and planner had assembled the “Book of
Documents” which each party at a hearing has to
share with all the other parties; we had photographs
taken to illustrate the character of the community;
we made photocopies and assembled five copies of
the 220 page book.
Le comité de direction de cette année a été élu lors de la
première réunion du nouveau conseil d’administration.
Il se compose de Jeff Leiper (président), Matt Whitehead
(vice-président), James Valcke (secrétaire) et Eddie Fu
In presenting the Minutes of Settlement to the Board,
the City’s planner indicated that the By-law under
appeal represented good planning. However, our
lawyer and planner did not concede that the zoning
By-law represents good planning. Instead, our
planner stated that the settlement does not address
HCA concerns about height and compatibility, but
does represent an acceptable outcome in the public
interest. The HCA thanks members and residents for
the financial and moral support you have offered.
Hintonburg Community Association Newsletter
November 2012
Colouring Page!
Hintonburg Community Association Newsletter
November 2012
Calendar at a Glance
Coup d’oeil sur les évènements d’Hintonburg
HCA Artisan Craft Fair . . . . . . . . . . November 24
Ottawa Grace Manor Craft Fair . . . . November 24
Kringle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . December 7
Christmas Dinner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Christmas Day
A big thank you!
Un gros merci!
Leeanne Charlebois
Que Chanh Du
Paulette Dozois
Linda Hoad
Jennifer Ladouceur
Cheryl Parrott
Look Who’s New to the ‘Burg!
Des nouveaux venus dans le quartier!
Businesses continue to flock to our vibrant neighbourhood. Here are some
businesses that we have welcomed since our September 2012 newsletter or that
we recently discovered.
Hintonburg est en pleine croissance ! Des commerces continuent à ouvrir leurs portes
dans notre quartier. En voici quelques-uns à qui nous avons souhaité la bienvenue
depuis l’édition de septembre 2012 de notre bulletin d’information ou que nous
avons récemment découverts. Bienvenue dans le quartier!
+ T he Abnorm Gallery, by appointment
1004 Wellington St. W., 884-8007, Facebook/The Abnorm Gallery
+ A lcorn Music Studios,
953 Gladstone Ave., 729-0693,
+ A lphabet Creative, Advertising, design, new media creative consultancy
1053 Somerset St. W., 244-0858,
+ T he Capelli Club, Hair, makeup, fashion design, photography, set design
Carol Paschal
Arthur Chartrand
Design + Layout
Joanne T. Lauzon, inDetail
Brian Tracey,
merge design, print & promo
And a big hurrah to the fabulous
volunteers that deliver your
newsletter! Un gros merci
aux merveilleux bénévoles qui
distribuent votre bulletin!
10 Bayswater Ave., 695-5004,
+ G ig Space, Performance studios, concerts
953 Gladstone Ave., 729-0693,
+ L ivney’s Modern & Vintage Wear,
1159 Wellington St. W (downstairs), 680-2804
Facebook/Livney’s Modern & Vintage Wear
+ L oam Clay Studio, Pottery classes & studio time
7A Hamilton St. N., 722-2529,
+ R & R Recording Studio, 1004 Wellington St. W., 286-3322
Welcome to the neighbourhood, folks!
Bienvenue dans le quartier!
Please Recycle…
Are you done with the newsletter? Then pass it along to a neighbour,
let them read about what is going on in Hintonburg and help the planet
stay a little greener in the process.
Quand vous en aurez fini avec ce bulletin, refilez-le à un de vos voisins afin
qu’ils soient au courant des activités dans notre quartier. Faites votre part
pour l’environnement et joignez l’utile à l’agréable!
Hintonburg Community Association Newsletter
The HCA is always interested
in hearing from Hintonburg
residents. If you have any
questions, suggestions or
concerns please contact us at
798-7987 or
[email protected]
You can also check out
our website at
Pour toute question, suggestion
ou commentaire, n’hésitez pas à
contacter l’ACH au
798-7987 ou
[email protected]
Vous pouvez aussi visiter
notre site web au
November 2012