Relieving Lower Back Pain


Relieving Lower Back Pain
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Relieving Pain in the Lower Back
(YouTube, 2012)
So, as we know, increasing flexibility definitely decreases risk of injury, so this next exercise is a stretch for the
lower back. It’s a ‘rotator stretch’, and what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna lie down on the mat and with our
knees bent, we’re gonna bring our knees to the left while keeping our torso straight, and this is going to really
stretch the lower back.
And we’ll do the same thing on the other side. Ideally you wanna hold this stretch for about forty-five seconds
to a minute. So I’ll demonstrate how this stretch looks. Lying on my back, I make sure my body is aligned,
keeping my shoulders on the mat, my lower back on the mat
And so what I do now from here is bring my knees to the left, so I’m gonna bring both my knees to the left and
in doing so, I’m keeping my shoulders on the mat. And this ensures that I’m not rotating my torso so much as
my legs and it really gives you a stretch on the lower back.
And so, I wanna hold this ideally about forty-five seconds and then do it on the other side.
So I’ll demonstrate the other side for you. Make sure everything’s aligned, shoulders are on the ground, then
I’m gonna bring the legs over to this side, keeping my shoulders on the ground. Keeping my shoulders planted
on the mat (noise from touching the microphone!) it really stretches the lower back. So you wanna avoid any of
this; you wanna keep it all on the mat, which really ensures that you’re stretching your lower back. So we’re
holding this for forty-five seconds, and then you bring it back and you can repeat one or two times just
depending on how good it feels and how much time you have.
And that’s the rotator stretch. It’s a stretch that really gets into the lower back to help reduce back pain.
1. Relieving pain
2. in the lower back
3. as we know
4. flexibility
5. definitely decreases
6. risk of injury
7. stretch
8. rotator stretch
9. we’re gonna lie down
10. mat
11. knees bent
12. while keeping our torso straight
13. hold this stretch
14. my shoulders
15. from here
16. in doing so
17. on the ground
18. over to this side
19. you wanna avoid any of this
20. get into the lower back
soulager la douleur
dans le bas du dos
comme on le sait
la souplesse
diminue vraiment
risque de blessure
étirement de rotation
(= we are going to) on va s’allonger
genoux pliés
tout en gardant le torse droit
tenez cette position d’étirement
mes épaules
à partir de là
en faisant ainsi
de ce côté là
on veut éviter de faire ça
qui travaille le bas du dos

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