app store optimization cheat sheet


app store optimization cheat sheet
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v2.2 - 10/12/2012
App Name
App Icon
Choose a descriptive app name, with keywords
Don't use words in icon
Use URL-safe characters only
Keep it simple
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Design with details
Design an icon consistent with app design
App Keywords
Stand out from the crowd / innovate
Don't use more than 99 characters
Consider using borders on icon so it looks good on all backgrounds
Don’t repeat app name keywords
iOS Icon Gallery
App Icon Template
Choose keywords for which you can rank high
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Use single form keywords to save chars
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App Screenshots
Use all available screenshots, most relevant screenshot first
Localize screenshots
App Description
Add explanations / combine screenshots
Keywords not searchable: focus on convincing the reader
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Get the first 3 lines very right
Include social proof (awards, blog/users reviews)
App Ratings
Insert main features list
Let users know how to reach you directly (website, app page, within app)
Localize description
Make sure the support URL on App page is correct (and useful)
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Ask (only) engaged users for ratings
Listen, reply quickly and fix problems
App Updates
Get details
Fill the "What's New" field thoroughly
App Booster
AppBoy Apptentive
Add call to action to encourage updating
App Facebook Likes
Get details
Encourage your community to Like your app on the App Store
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