FOCUS 14 Mobile App User Guide


FOCUS 14 Mobile App User Guide
FOCUS 14 Mobile App User Guide
Why is the FOCUS 14 Mobile App Useful?
The FOCUS 14 Mobile App is designed to enhance your overall conference experience and
enables you to:
Easily access important event information, such as:
o A complete schedule of events (breakouts, keynotes, meals, expo hours etc.)
o Speaker information
o Product information
o Sponsor details
o Welcome Reception and Wednesday Evening Event details
o Expo Hall D interactive floor plans and The Venetian / The Palazzo Congress
Center venue maps
o For registered attendees only: access to session presentations and surveys
and access your previously created agenda (or create a new one) by logging into
the My Schedule site (one time only)
Share your event experience with others by checking in to sessions, meeting areas, and
sponsor booths.
See what is most popular with your fellow attendees.
Earn points, badges, and maybe even prizes while participating in activities.
Expand your professional network and have fun! The App provides an easy way to
connect with fellow attendees, sponsors and McAfee employees during the event.
Respond to general event surveys.
Rate general sessions and speakers.
Receive reminders of upcoming sessions.
Get notifications with the latest news and updates.
What are the different sections of the FOCUS 14 Mobile App?
Below is quick explanation of some key Mobile App sections.
My Schedule – If you are a registered attendee for FOCUS 14, click here and log in with your
email address and password (one time only) that you created when registering for FOCUS to
get access to your previously created agenda (or create a new one), session presentations and
session surveys.
Your Mobile App Profile – Your official Mobile App profile including your name, profile photo,
title, and company.
Update – Check In to share comments, photos and which session(s) you are attending.
Attendees – See who is at the conference and connect with them through the Mobile App.
Activity Feed – Keep your finger on the pulse of the conference. See what people are doing,
view photos from the event, find trending sessions and topics, and “like” or comment on other
attendees’ check-ins. This is really where you find out what is going on at FOCUS 14.
Agenda – View the event’s entire agenda (by day or the entire conference). If you have pre-set
your agenda already (part of the registration site), you will see it within the App via the My
Schedule icon since we have integrated the two sites.
Speakers – Get an alphabetical listing by last name of all the FOCUS 14 speakers with their
company and job title as well as a list of the sessions each speaker will be presenting. You can
also rate each speaker from 1-5 stars and provide comments.
Sponsors – Find an alphabetical listing of all the FOCUS 14 sponsors along with their
sponsorship level, booth number, company description, and website (including social media
sites). You can even locate them on the interactive Expo Floor Plan. You can also complete a
short survey to provide your feedback on each sponsor (not viewable by other attendees) or
rate sponsors from 1-5 stars and provide comments
Product Section – This is an alphabetical listing of all the products that will be referenced
during the event in the various sessions.
Photo Feed – Check out all the photos taken by attendees during the conference listed by day
and if you click on a photo, you will see the associated comments and can make comments of
your own and/or “like”.
Surveys – The surveys listed here are applicable to the FOCUS 14 conference in general and
your survey feedback is confidential and not viewable by other attendees. Individual surveys
can only be completed once and will then be listed under “Completed Surveys”. These may be
multiple choice and/or comments. Surveys for the breakout/deep dive sessions are only
accessible by registered attendees and can be accessed in the My Schedule session. Be sure
to get scanned at the door for each session in order to be eligible to complete the associated
Badges – When you first access this area you will see a number of different badges listed as
locked. Click on each badge to find out how to unlock each badge and earn points.
Careers - We’ve created a spot where you can link directly to the career pages of each of our
sponsors - a quick and easy way to find out what job opportunities are available within the
security industry.
Bookmarks – "Bookmark" Speakers or Sponsors that you want to refer back to by tapping "Add
to Bookmarks" on the info page of that item. You can then easily access all of your bookmarked
items by visiting the Bookmarks Mobile App section.
Sponsor Expo Floor Plan – This is an interactive floor plan of the expo hall. Click on each
booth to get sponsor information and plan who to visit and when.
Venue Floor Plans – The Venetian / The Palazzo Congress Center is a big place and there are
many venues for FOCUS 14 during the week (although the majority of the sessions will be on
Level 2). Scroll through these daily floor plans to help guide you to the right location based on
your planned agenda for each day. If you have any trouble finding your way, don’t worry. There
will be easily recognizable FOCUS 14 staff throughout the congress center to help you with any
questions you have.
How do I get the FOCUS 14 Mobile App?
The FOCUS 14 Mobile App is available for iPhone/iPad, Android and HTML5 for Blackberry
Search your App store for “McAfee FOCUS” or visit this site and download to your mobile
device. After downloading and opening the app, enter your email address and tap “Continue” to
fill in your profile information.
Since FOCUS 14 Mobile App is open this year, everyone will be able to download the App.
However, if you are a registered attendee you will be able to access additional proprietary
information within the App by accessing the My Schedule section. You will need to enter your
email address and password you used when registering for FOCUS. If you can’t remember your
password, you can easily reset. You will only need to perform this step once.
Once you have downloaded the App and accessed it the first time, you will still have access to
your event content - with or without a WiFi or cellular internet connection.
How do I set up my Profile in the FOCUS 14 Mobile App?
After you have logged into the App and put in your email address and tapped on “Continue”, the
next screen is where you set up your Profile. If you are using an HTML5 device (Blackberry,
Windows Phone, etc.), just click Profile, then Settings to update your contact information. Enter
your Contact Details (Name, Title & Company) and update your Profile Photo. To update your
Profile Photo, tap the grey photo icon and either select a photo from your camera roll or take a
new photo.
Set up your App Preferences (link social media accounts, set push notification settings and
enable private messaging.
1. Tap the ≡ Button in the top left corner to access the App Section Menu
2. Tap on your name
3. If you’re on an iOS device, tap the Wheel Icon and then Settings. If you’re on an Android
device, tap Settings (in the overflow menu)
[email protected] | 800-748-9024 |
[email protected] | 800-748-9024 |
What else should I do when I first log in to the FOCUS 14 Mobile App?
Visit the Attendees App Section to see who else is attending the event and connect!
View agenda sessions and add Agenda Sessions of interest to your personal agenda in the My
Schedule section (registered attendees only). You can filter by day and/or session tracks.
Bookmark Speakers and Sponsors that you want to remember.
What is ‘Checking In’?
‘Checking in’ is a great way for you to share your event experience both with fellow attendees
as well as with the FOCUS Speakers, Sponsors and McAfee Employees.
From the main landing page of the Mobile App (the Activity Feed) tap the Pencil icon in the top
right corner to access the Status Update menu.
Check-Ins made by you and your fellow attendees will show in the Mobile App’s Activity Feed,
where you see what’s trending at the event. Check in to the sessions you’re attending, speakers
you’re listening to, and exhibitors’ booths you’re visiting! Including photos and comments in
your Check-Ins is a great way to showcase your experience and provide valuable feedback.
When posting a status update there are a few things you can do. First, you will want to add text
to your post to tell us what you’re doing. If you have a photo to go along with your post, be sure
to add it here by selecting the camera icon. If your post is about something in the event like a
session or speaker, chances are you will want to associate your post with the item you’re talking
about, which you can do by tapping the hash symbol and selecting the item. The FOCUS 14
App has social media connections with Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, which allows you to push
your updates out to those social media channels.
And of course you will earn points for these actions, too!