3° Npg quiz sheet - Collège Jean MOULIN


3° Npg quiz sheet - Collège Jean MOULIN
The National Portrait Gallery
Located in St Martin’s Place, near Trafalgar Square.
The gallery opened in 1856. The national portrait
Gallery has approximately 11,000 portraits in its
primary collection: paintings, drawings, caricatures
photographs, and sculptures. But has 120 000
portraits in total from the 16th century to present day,
including David Beckham.
Did you know?
In 1969 it authorised portraits of living people.
Every year 1.5 million people visit the museum.
1,400 portraits are on display today.
The Gallery has portraits of famous French people
too: from Joan of Arc, Voltaire, Napoleon, Pasteur,
De Gaulle, Carole Bouquet and Catherine Deneuve.
C. Quiz
1. Look for these paintings. Why do you think they
are important?
1. Henry VII (1457-1509)
painted by an unknown artist
Perhaps it is important because ______________
2. William Shakespeare (1564-1616)
The visit starts at the top floor and goes in
chronological order.
A. I know that face and B. My favourites.
Walk through, stop and look at the portraits of
people you think you recognise (A) and the names
of the portraits you like (B). (Promenez-vous et chercher
les portraits des personnages ci-dessous (A) et que notez en
(B) les portraits pas que vous préférez dans la liste ou ailleurs)
painted by John Taylor circa 1610
Perhaps it is important because ______________
3. General Officers of WWI
Did you see…?
Yes / No
King Henry VIII
Anne Boleyn
Queen Elizabeth I
Charles I
Isaac Newton
Horatio Nelson
Charles Darwin
George Stephenson
Queen Victoria
Winston Churchill
Charlie Chaplin
The Queen Mum
The Queen
B Portraits you like.
by John Singer Sargent 1922
Perhaps it is important because ______________
4. The House of Commons, 1883
by Sir George Hayter
Perhaps it is important because ______________
5. Whose portrait is represented the most?
C. What were your top five portraits?
Important rooms 1 / 2 / 4 / 5/ 7 / 21 /27 /30 /31 / 32
and the Ground Floor (contemporary)
Win a prize!!
If you have the same choice as one of your teachers
you will win a small prize!