House system presentation set PS-02 Your logo


House system presentation set PS-02 Your logo
House system presentation set PS-02
Have your presentation professional...
Samples to be shown on the demonstration board.
Set of “hand to hand” evaluation samples.
Presentation set PS-02 Jablotron
· The best way of training for installers is their active involvement in a real installation. It can be easily done even in a meeting
room, using the PS-02 presentation set.
· There are two sets of samples. The first one is a working system (all items are marked with green labels). It is based on the
GSM JA-63KRG control panel and can be easily attached to the presentation board. The presentation board has a built in
enlarged display, so all the indicators are very visible everybody even in a large meeting room. All items (detectors, remote
controls, sirens etc.) are equipped with velcro, so their installation is more than simple. A lecturer can easily demonstrate all
features of the products, their programming and setting.
· The second set of samples (marked with red labels) is for “hand to hand” evaluation by participants. They can touch real
products and they also become an active part of the show, when the wireless keypad or remote control provided them is
enrolled to the demonstrated control panel.
· The presentation set PS-02 goes with all accessories (power adapters, batteries, telescopic stand, screwdrivers) and also
with transportation covers. There are two blank notice boards included as well. They can be easily marked with your logo
and can be used to navigate participants to the training place.
· On the provided CD-ROM is a PowerPoint presentation, explaining the products and their installation to the participants.
For the lecturer there are comments reminding him details and practical experience collected from other installers. The
presentation file is editable, so it can be easily translated to any language and customized by the lecturer. There is also
the ComLink SW provided on the CD-ROM to show and demonstrate use of the software with the presented control panel.
· The presentation set PS-02 will make your presentation professional and it can significantly help to your sales.
1850 € €
Working samples on demonstration board.
The PS-02 set ready for transport.
Trainings in progress.
Working samples:
Hand to hand samples:
60E, 60F, 60N, 60P, 60S, 60B,
DE 20-15 adaptor
RC-40, RC-28, RC-22, RC-60
GBT-212, SA-214/2
PC-60A interface
JA-60A siren + adapter
SMS terminal Picollo
UC-222 + fan
2x screwdrivers
Batteries AAA, AA, 9V, 6V for RC
Board with builtin display + stand
JA-65X module
60E, 60F, 60N, 60P, 60S, 60B,
JS-25, SA-200
Optional lens for 60P
RC-40, RC-28, RC-22, RC-60
GBT-212, SA-214/2,
UC-222, UC-216, UC-230
SMS terminal Picollo