Edgar Munhall and Greuze the Draftsman


Edgar Munhall and Greuze the Draftsman
CHECKLIST - 3rd floor vestibule
Sale, Paris, 15 November 1775 – 30 January 1776
Catalogue raisonné des différens objets de curiosités dans les sciences et
arts, qui composoient le Cabinet de feu Mr. Mariette
Photograph: Jean-Baptiste Greuze, The Education of a Young
Collection: Vienna, Albertina
Sale, Paris, 29 March - 13 April 1779
Catalogue d’une riche collection de dessins et estampes…Vassal de
Photograph: Jean-Baptiste Greuze, The Spoiled Child
Collection: Vienna, Albertina
Photograph: Jean-Baptiste Greuze, Portrait of Jean-Antoine-Hubert
Vassal de Saint-Hubert
Sale, Sotheby’s, New York, June 5, 2002 (lot 90)
Sale, Paris, 25-26 January 1843
Catalogue de tableaux et dessins de Greuze, provenant de la succession
de sa fille Mademoiselle Caroline Greuze
Photograph: Jean-Baptiste Greuze, A Woman Going to Bed
Collection: Lyon, Musée des Beaux-Arts
Curator’s travel diary: Eggie Returns to Russia Thirty-Nine Years to
the Day, September 4-11, 1999 (sketches reproduced on front
and back of brochure)
Curator’s notebook
1960, with revisions in 1999
Photograph: Jean-Baptiste Greuze, Standing Boy Seen from Behind,
Study for The Dry Nurses
Collection: St. Petersburg, Hermitage
(reproduced inside brochure)
Photograph: Jean-Baptiste Greuze, Portrait of the Artist
Collection: Marseille, Musée de Beaux-Arts
Refrigerator magnet: Portrait of Albert Einstein
Photographed by Arthur Sasse
Curator’s travel diary: The Last Greuze Round-up, 23 September –
8 October, 2000 (sketch reproduced inside brochure)
Curator’s travel diary: A Greuze Venture, 29 March – 3 April, 1998
Menu - Restaurant Greuze - Jean Ducloux Chef de Cuisine - près
de l’Abbaye Tournus (1957)
Curator’s travel diary: After Versailles, June 1996
Exhibition designed by Don Swanson and installed by the staff of the Frick Art
Reference Library Conservation Department. May 2002
& Greuze the Draftsman
Christine A. Butler
Edgar Munhall
For thirty-seven years, Edgar Munhall’s grace and
intellect have been a source of inspiration and
stimulation to the staff of the Frick Art Reference
Library. During the past two years, having him as
our first Distinguished Scholar in Residence has been
a special honor. He has given us an exceptional
opportunity to observe how comprehensively the
resources of our beloved institution can be applied to
the serious research required for preparation of the
exhibition Greuze the Draftsman and its formidable
catalogue. We are also happy to exhibit some samples
of Edgar Munhall’s travel diaries, illustrated by him,
along with notations of daily menus. Though these
miniature albums have a certain cult celebrity, they
are exhibited here for the first time. We are deeply
grateful to Edgar for having taken the time to
prepare this display that so aptly demonstrates how
his thirst for knowledge, indefatigable energy, and
whimsical sense of humor conspired to bring about
the great exhibition that The Frick Collection
celebrates this year.
Long aware of the treasures housed in the Frick Art
Reference Library, I was delighted to be invited by
Patricia Barnett — upon my retirement from The
Frick Collection — to be a Distinguished Scholar in
Residence here during the preparation of my
exhibition Greuze the Draftsman and, specifically, its
catalogue. Immediately at hand was almost
everything I needed, besides my own copious files:
standard reference works, sales, exhibition and
museum catalogues, monographs, and photographs.
In addition, I found the library's skilled and patient
staff eager to assist me in many ways, not the least of
all over my fanciful notion of computer skills. I hope
the exhibition and its catalogue will be a sufficient
testimony of my gratitude.
Edgar Munhall
Curator Emeritus
The Frick Collection
Andrew W. Mellon Librarian & Staff
CHECKLIST - 1 floor lobby
Explication des peintures, sculptures et gravures, de Messieurs de
l’Académie Royale
Paris, 1769
Photograph: Jean-Baptiste Greuze, The Death of a Cruel Father
Abandoned by His Children
Collection: Tournus, Musée Greuze
Lettre de M. Raphael à M. Jérosme
Paris, 1769
Réponse de M. Jerôme, Rapeur de Tabac, à M. Raphael
Paris, 1769
Curator’s travel diary: The Summer of ‘91