sound delta 2009 centquatre



sound delta 2009 centquatre
Sound Delta is a spatialised sound exploration system: Through ambling, the visitor is invited to discover elements of a musical composition located into space. The
position of each sound source is materialised through a circle of light.
The 3D audio system diffuses a musical moment whose elements have been sliced up and can then be gathered / combined according to the moves of each member of
the audience. The experience becomes an individual one: participants equipped with a sound helmet and a terminal enter the sound installation at their own pace and
unravel the work from its beginning. Various landmarks, located at specific points, are triggering a succession of different parts of the composition.
Created in 2002 by former members of the teaching team of Le Fresnoy (National Studio of Contemporary Arts), the MU collective is now developing in-situ sound and
visual systems. The Sound Delta installation was born out of an encounter between the Collective and composer François Eudes Chanfrault, during Nuit Blanche 2005,
on which occasion MU presented its Sound Drop audiowalk (
The displayed installation benefited from a creative residency at the CENTQUATRE, artistic centre of Paris City Council in April 2009. It was produced with the support of
the CNC – DICREAM and part of the Futur en Seine scheme.
Sound Delta can be experienced throughout IMMATERIELLES, the ‘digital season’ of the Maison des Métallos, from May 15 to June 7 in the Claire room.
François Eudes CHANFRAULT - Conception and artistic composition.
Michel PORCHET - R&D Coordinator
Olivier GUILLERMINET - Déveloper
Zak CAMMOUN - Technical Director
Florence SPIES - Technical Coordinator
David GEORGES-FRANÇOIS - Production
Olivier LE GAL - Production
Charlotte AUDIGIER - Production / administration
Vincent VOILLAT - Stage Designer
Philip GRIFFITHS - Artistic creation assistant - performer
2009 - Sound Delta - CentQuatre - Paris
Maison des Métallos - Paris
Scopitone - Nantes
Ososphère - Strasbourg
Sound exploration within space

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