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Dear new inhabitants,
You have just moved into the community of Aigle and we welcome you
with great pleasure.
The Aigle town authorities would like to make your establishment into
our community easier by offering you this “Welcome” brochure which will
provide you with information and many useful addresses to help with
your daily life (living arrangements, health, school, work, French classes,
We hope that this brochure will be of use to you and offer you, dear new
inhabitants, our best wishes for an agreeable stay in our community.
The Municipality
Office communal de la population
Communal Population Office
Place du Marché 1
1860 Aigle
Tél. +41 24 468 42 60
Fax +41 24 468 42 62
[email protected]
Commission d’accueil et d’intégration de la ville d’Aigle
Aigle Welcome and Integration Commission
Hôtel de Ville
1860 Aigle
Tel + 41 24 468 41 11
Fax + 41 24 468 41 23
[email protected]
Bureau cantonal pour l'intégration des étrangers et
la prévention du racisme
Cantonal Office for Integration of Foreigners and the
Prevention of Racism
Région Aigle & Pays-d’Enhaut
c/o Centre social régional de Bex,
Avenue de la Gare 14 – Case postale 61
1880 Bex
Tél. +41 24 557 27 27 - Natel +41 79 303 28 10
Map of Aigle
Communal Population Office
2.1 Naturalisation
Learning French
3.1 Classes given by associations
3.2 French-language encounter groups
4.1 Riviera-Chablais Hospital, Vaud-Valais
4.2 Doctors
4.3 Social Insurance Agency
4.4 Maternity and Childhood
4.5 Senior Citizens
Family Life
5.1 Day-care
5.2 The Red Cross
5.3 Leisure activities for young people
5.4 Prevention, couples’ relationships, parenting
Education and training
6.1 Compulsory schooling
6.2 After compulsory schooling
6.3 Adult education
6.4 Mother-tongue and culture-of-origin classes
7.1 Municipal library
7.2 « Né pour lire » library-bus
7.3 « A tous livres » intercultural library
8.1 Looking for employment, unemployment
8.2 Associations and employment programmes
9.1 Subsidised housing
9.2 Renters’ Defense Association
9.3 Sorting waste and recycling
10. Finances
10.1 Taxes
10.2 Debts
11. Mobility
11.1 By bus
11.2 By car
11.3 On foot
12. Living in Aigle
12.1 Communal council, municipality
12.2 Aigle’s Welcome and Integration Commission
12.3 Cantonal Office for the Integration of Foreigners and
12.3 Prevention of Racism
12.4 Local and sports associations
12.5 Community associations
12.6 Agoris
13. Emergency Telephone Numbers
The Communal Population Office allows you to take the different administrative
steps required for staying in the community temporarily, for establishing yourself
or for leaving the community.
Office communal de la population
Place du Marché 1
1860 Aigle
Tel. 024 468 42 60 - Fax 024 468 42 62
[email protected]
Language spoken: French
Langue parlée: français
The Communal Naturalisation Office is responsible for informing people and
organising the processes for Swiss naturalisation for foreigners, as well as for
Vaudois naturalisation and acquisition of bourgeoisial rights for Swiss citizens.
Greffe municipal – Hôtel de Ville
Place du Marché 1 - 1860 Aigle
Tel. 024 468 41 11 - Fax 024 468 41 23
[email protected]
French classes given by associations
• Appart 1741 – AMIS – Planchette Community Service
French lessons. Beginners’ – Intermediate – Advanced courses.
Adult classes. Child-care available. Registration compulsory at Appart 1741
Chemin de la Planchette 16 – 1860 Aigle
Tel. 024 466 76 00
[email protected]
• Learning about School – Français en Jeu
Learn French and discover how the Vaudois school system works. Beginners.
Collège des Dents-du-Midi, room 117
Chemin de la Planchette, 1860 Aigle
Activities and French-language Encounter Groups Café Contact
/Welcome Workshop
• Café contact/Atelier bienvenue
The “Welcome” conversation workshop is especially for mothers with young
children. Its goal is to be a place for socialisation and exchanges where the accent
is put on reinforcing knowledge of oral French.
Open to all, no registration necessary
ISO Premises
Across from the Dents-du-Midi College / Planchette
Tel. 024 466 76 00
• Library Project
The Municipal Library catalogue can be consulted on-line at
Place du Marché 4
1860 Aigle
Tel. 024 466 60 62
• Pro Senectute – Jolybus Excursions
Pro Senectute contributes to the physical, material and moral well-being of our
senior citizens. The Jolybus is one of three buses in Vaud owned by Pro Senectute
which offers excursions. Registration compulsory.
Tel. 021 641 70 86 and 021 641 70 87
[email protected]
Health-care insurance is mandatory in Switzerland. It allows you to visit your
doctor or the hospital without having to pay “cash” for the consultation.
Riviera-Chablais Hospital
The Riviera-Chablais Hospital is an inter-cantonal hospital located at two sites, Aigle
and Monthey, which has an acute-care mission in favour of patients coming from
the cantons of Vaud and Valais.
Unless the case is very serious, you must call the number 0848 133 133
before going to Emergency (DOCTORS ON CALL FOR VAUD CANTON)
The Aigle site is for mothers and children.
The Monthey site is for adults.
The Chablais and Riviera hospitals will merge in 2017 and will occupy 3 sites
(Rennaz, Vevey and Monthey). For further information:
Rue du Centenaire 3
BOCHERENS Astrid Tél. 024 466 26 33
ANEX Jean-François
French - German
French - English
Mohamed Reda
Ch. de Pré-d’Emoz 5
Tél. 024 466 11 33
French – Arabian English
Rue Farel 9
Tél. 024 466 50 50
French – Arabian English
GRAFF Patrick
Ch. de Pré-d’Emoz 10
Tél. 024 466 75 25
French – German
Av. de Margencel 29
Tél. 024 468 10 25
French - German
Address and telephone
Languages spoken
Social Insurance Agency
Social insurance agencies inform and orient people about their rights and obligations
concerning social insurance and social systems and also provide help for filling out
official requests for benefits and check that information given by applicants is correct.
AAS (Agence Assurance Sociale)
Administration communale
Place du Marché - 1860 Aigle
Tel. 024 468 41 70 - Fax 024 468 41 73
[email protected]
Maternity and Childhood
• Free-lance Midwives
The free-lance mid-wives of the Aigle area will accompany you to the best of their
ability during your pregnancy, as well as during and after the baby’s birth.
Centrale des Sages-femmes indépendantes du Canton de Vaud
Tel. 021 213 79.05
Profa’s post-natal counselling service offers advice and consultations for questions
on the following subjects:
Pregnancy – birth
Paternity testing
Prenatal diagnosis
Prenatal screening
Homo-parenting, co-parenting
Domestic violence
Post-natal depression
Returning home
Motherhood and work
PROFA – Conseil en périnatalité
Rue du Molage 36
1860 Aigle
Tel. 021 631 01 54
• Tutti frutti Workshop
The Eastern Vaud Prevention Space offers activities related to safety and healthcare which are addressed to the entire population. The Tutti Frutti workshop, about
“Food and Movement” is specifically for families with children between 2 and 6
years old.
The complete programme of workshops can be consulted at:
4.5 Senior Citizens
• Family Association
The Family Association organises activities and workshops for senior citizens.
Association President:
Tel. 024 466 43 09
• Medico-Social Centres (CMS)
Assistance and home health-care are public services.
Medico-social centres offer the following services:
• Nursing assistance, for hygiene and comfort
• Help to care for your home and assistance with your family
• Counselling for young parents
• Meal delivery
• Assistance with social processes
• Ergo-therapeutic treatment
• Supplying of auxiliary aides
• Installation of a Sécutel alarm
• Help with vigil-keeping or presence in case of mortal illness
• Counselling and orienting about existing professional and volunteer structures
• Transport organisation
CMS de la Grande-Eau et de la Gryonne
Avenue des Glariers 20 - 1860 Aigle
Tel. 024 468 40 00 - Fax 024 468 40 05
• La Residence Senior Citizens’ Home
La Résidence Senior Citizens’ Home offers long and short-term stay options as well
as temporary care. Other than these possibilities, La Résidence offers day-care
for people who still live at home but who wish to share the company of others and
benefit from a hotel and medico-social infrastructure.
Different activities are available to participate in, depending on the person’s affinities or capabilities, including:
• Reading workshops, memory games, gymnastics, craft activities
• Outings and concerts
• Painting workshop
• “Wii” workshop
• “Well-being” workshop, Biodanza
• “Anicâlins” workshop, with animals
• Ciné-Chouette: movies
• Gourmet Corner: preparing meals to be shared
La Résidence d’Aigle
Chemin du Levant 6 - 1860 Aigle
Tel. 024 468 66 91 - Fax 024 468 66 95
[email protected]
• Family Association
The Family Association organises :
• Supervised homework sessions for students from Aigle schools, Mondays,
Tuesdays and Thursdays
• Food boxes (Cartons du coeur) for the Chablais region
• Activities for senior citizens
Supervised homework sessions, registration compulsory: 024 466 35 36
Food boxes (Cartons du coeur) : 024 466 43 09
• Vaudfamille.ch (website)
Vaudfamille.ch is an association which serves parents. You can find information and
useful addresses on their website.
• Family day-care
Family day-care is provided by trained “day-mothers”. Children are welcomed into
the day-mother’s home in a family setting, either all day or part of the day.
Central number: 024 557 27 07
[email protected]
• Day-care/After-School Care (UAPE)
There are 2 facilities for day-care and after-school care (UAPE) in Aigle.
Two facilities
Pop e poppa, Chemin de la Planchette 17, 1860 Aigle (75 spaces) 024 466 30 06
Les Petits Pirates, Avenue de la Gare 21, 1860 Aigle (36 spaces) 024 466 77 39
Ages accepted
4 – 12 years (Grades 1 – 8)
From 07h to 8h15 (entire Tuesday mornings for 1st-year kindergarten students, 07h to
From 11h45 to 13h45 with meal
From 13h45 to 18h30 (for kindergarten students)
From 15h30 to 18h30
School Holidays
Open all day for part of each school holiday
Contacts, Registration
Réseau Enfants Chablais
Chemin de Clamogne 27
1170 Aubonne
Tel. 021 821 15 75
• Open Workshop – Prevention Space
The Open Workshop is a facility for small children (0 – 5 years) accompanied by a
responsible adult.
Le Petit Monde
Place du Centenaire 3
1860 Aigle
079 593 32 75
Central number: 024 557 27 07
[email protected]
• Emergency Day-Care
Emergency day-care offers a temporary solution for parents who cannot momentarily look after their children (i.e. due to illness, accident etc.)
Emergency facilities
La Marelle in Villeneuve: 021 968 23 32
Les Lapins Bleus in Ollon : 024 499 19 76
Le Mille Pattes in Bex : 024 463 36 17
The Red Cross
The Aigle Red Cross regional office will provide the following services:
- Care for sick children
- Baby-sitting
- Transport
- Red Cross-trained personnel
- “Au Fil Rouge” thrift shop
Croix-Rouge vaudois
Antenne régionale d’Aigle
Rue du Collège 11
1860 Aigle
Tel. 021 340 00 70
Fax 021 320 66 73
For information about social
services and volunteer work:
Tel. 021 340 00 99
Fax 021 340 00 79
[email protected]
Leisure Activities for Children
• Appart 1741 – AMIS – Planchette Community Services
All year round, including during school holidays, different activities are available at
the Couleurs (Planchette) Playground and/or in the ISO rooms across from the
Dents-du-Midi Planchette High School.
Service communautaire de la Planchette
Case postale 53
1860 Aigle
024 466 76 00
[email protected]
• Junior Space
Games room for children aged 2 to 12 years. Children must be accompanied
by an adult.
Espace Junior
Chemin de Novasalles
1860 Aigle
• The Magic Lantern
The Magic Lantern is a movie club for children aged 6 to 12 years. Its goal is to
allow young children to discover the pleasure of movies.
Cinéma Cosmopolis
Chemin de Novasalles
1860 Aigle
La Lanterne Magique, c/o Cinérive
Rue J.-J. Rousseau 6, 1800 Vevey
Tel. 021 925 88 88
• Holiday Passport
The Holiday Passport allows students (from Grade 3 onwards) to participate in different activities during the first week of summer vacation. Passports and information are distributed by teachers at the schools.
Information concerning activity dates:
Tel. 024 467 00 51
Activities for Young People
• Aigle Youth Association
This association (AJA) offers socio-cultural activities to young people from Aigle, in
its own space. As well as sports and crafts, the AJA provides a place for meetings
and encounters between friends, at noon, after school or during the evening.
Association pour la Jeunesse Aiglonne
Avenue des Glariers – Case postale 390
1860 Aigle
Tel. 079 900 36 45
[email protected]
• ”Clin d’Oeil” Foundation
This foundation offers several youth activities, depending on their possibilities, such
as: OpenMic, Youth Groups, Recording Studio, Vogay Group, Movie Days, as well as
organisation of concert or theme-related evenings. Other inter-generational activities are also organised.
Fondation Clin d’Oeil
Rue du Collège 5
1860 Aigle
Tel. 078 620 70 68
[email protected]
Prevention, relationships, parenting
• Ado and Parents’ Café
The Parents’ Garden is a dialogue and meeting area for parents of young children
and teenagers. Themes which are discussed touch everything about daily life, such
as family relationships, work organisation, quarrels and leisure activities.
Tel. 024 468 40 80
• PROFA – Couples consultation, sexology
QPROFA – Sexual health and family planning
The couples’ consulting and sexology service is the “couples” side of the Profa.
Its goal is to allow communication via dialogue when relationship difficulties are
encountered, and to help create a new balance.
The sexual health consultation service is open to both men and women who are
of child-bearing age, and to offer a space to discuss sexuality, affectivity and
Consultations in French, German, English, Romanian and Turkish.
PROFA – Consultation de santé sexuelle – planning familial
Rue du Molage 36
1860 Aigle
Tel. 021 631 01 44
Compulsory Education
• Compulsory Public School
The Primary and Secondary School Establishment for Aigle, Yvorne and Corbeyrier
teaches students aged 4 to 15 years. The school is compulsory and free of cost for all
children and teenagers, no matter what their legal status. Schools in Aigle schools
have much experience with integrating and teaching children from immigrant families.
Etablissement primaire et secondaire
Ancien Collège, 1èr étage
Rue du Collège 12
1860 Aigle
Tel. 024 557 68 88
[email protected]
School Infirmary: 024 557 68 90
• Parents’ Association
The goals of the Parents’ Association are to encourage discussion between parents,
school administrators and the municipalities and to participate in the creation of
projects connected to school life.
Contact Person
Tel. 024 466 78 03
[email protected]
• Supervised Homework
Aigle Family Association. Supervised homework sessions are planned mainly for
children who are having difficulties with their schoolwork, from Grade 3 to Grade 6,
but also for Grade 7 students on some conditions.
Tel. 024 466 35 36
• La Monneresse Foundation
La Monneresse Foundation organises the services of PPLS specialists (psychologists,
psycho-motor therapists, school speech therapists) who offer consultations and
support in collaboration with parents and school professionals. PPLS services are financed by the canton, therefore parents do not pay anything.
Fondation La Monneresse
Chemin de la Planchette 1 - 1860 Aigle
Tel. 024 466 33 33
• Verdeil Foundation
At the Verdeil Foundation, in the Canton of Vaud, specialised schools and support
services answer the needs of children who have lost their points of reference, helping them to re-acquire a taste for learning.
Chemin de Pré d’Emoz 7
1860 Aigle
Tel. 024 453 73 40
Fax 024 453 73 41
After Compulsory School
• Burier High School
This high school accepts teenagers who have finished their classes in secondary
school and obtained their certificates. The Burier High School offers the following
training subjects:
High school maturity certificate, ending with a baccalaureate or federal maturity
General culture and commercial school
Specialised maturity certificate oriented towards teaching (MSOP)
Specialised maturity certificate oriented towards health-care (MSOS)
Gymnase du Burier
Route de Chailly 170
Case postale 96
1814 La Tour-de-Peilz
Tel. 021 316 93 33
Fax 021 316 93 00
[email protected]
• Chablais Professional School
The Chablais Professional School (EPCA) is a professional teaching establishment in
the domains of commerce and specialised commerce. The school teaches professional theory and professional maturity.
Ecole Professionelle du Chablais
Avenue des Marroniers 3
1860 Aigle
Tel. 024 557 79 39
Fax 024 557 79 40
[email protected]
The Organisme pour le Perfectionnement scolaire, la Transition et l’Insertion professionnelle (OPTI) accepts students aged 15 to 18 years, to help them with a transitional year between compulsory schooling and professional life.
OPTI Aigle
Avenue des Glariers
Case postale 327
1860 Aigle
• SeMo
The Motivational Semester (SeMo) is a transitional measure to prepare for professional training and is subsidized by the Vaudois Work Service via Unemployment Insurance. The SeMo accepts young people who have finished their compulsory
schooling and are looking for a network for professional training, as well as young
people who have left their apprenticeships for various reasons.
SeMo Chablais
Rue de la Servannaz 33
Case postale 305
1880 Bex
Tel. 024 463 09 63
-Aged between 15 and 25
-Living in the Aigle/Riviera district
-Unfinished professional training
Adult Education
• Lire et écrire
Classes for adults who speak French and wish to improve their reading and writing skills.
Registration and information
Tel. 021 922 46 10 - [email protected]
• Connaissances 3
Connaissances 3 is a university created by senior citizens but open to all, with no
age or diploma limit. As a bridge between university knowledge in a wider sense
and everyday society, it aims for life-long continuing education. Conferences are organised in Aigle according to the annual programme, available at
F. Rouge Hall in the Hôtel de Ville
Place du Marché 1 - 1860 Aigle
Contact Person
Tel. 024 463 27 48
[email protected]
Mother-tongue and culture-of-origin classes
• Mother-tongue and culture-of-origin classes are available through
• different community associations. See point 12.5
This high school accepts teenagers who have finished their classes in secondary
school and obtained their certificates. The Burier High School offers the following
training subjects:
Municipal Library
• Compulsory Public School
The Aigle Municipal Library lends out romances, documentaries, comic books, magazines, foreign-language books and reference books to the public. It also organises
different animations on book and reading-related themes (exhibits, reading rallies
for young readers, story-telling evenings, visits of the City Library on request, etc.)
Place du Marché 4 - 1860 Aigle
Tel. 025 466 60 62
[email protected]
«Né pour lire » Book Bus
The « Né pour lire » book bus can be found in public areas, in the corridors of shopping
malls, outside buildings, at the swimming-pool, etc. For several hours, with the help of
local librarians, it allows young families to borrow 400 books especially for small children
aged 0 to 7 years, with books in French and in the immigrants’ mother-tongues (Portuguese, Albanian, Tamoul, etc.)
Place du Marché 4
1860 Aigle
Tel. 024 466 60 62
[email protected]
« A tous livres » Intercultural Library
The Monthey Intercultural Library lends out books in different languages (55 languages
available). It also offers a space for different activities linked with other cultures.
Bibliothèque interculturelle- (Maison du Monde building)
Avenue du Crochetan 42
1870 Monthey
Tel. 024 471 59 74
[email protected]
Looking for a job and unemployment
• Regional Placement Office (ORP)
Regional Placement Offices (ORP) are available to help you find a job and are specialised centres with information about the job market, job offers and unemployment.
As soon as you know that you will lose your job, but at the latest on the first day
you request unemployment benefits, you must register with your local Regional
Placement Office.
Office régional de placement (ORP)
Rue de la Gare 6 - 1860 Aigle
Tel. 024 557 77 40
Fax 024 557 77 45
[email protected]
• Unemployment Offices
You must fulfill certain conditions in order to receive unemployment insurance payments.
→ To learn if you fill these conditions: www.vd.ch/themes/economie/emploi• chomage/espace-chomeurs/indemnisation/
Allowances will be calculated and paid to you via your chosen unemployment office.
Caisse cantonale de chômage
Caisse de chômage
Place du Marché 6
1860 Aigle
Tel. 021 316 93 70
[email protected]
Caisse de chômage
Rue du Bourg 26
1860 Aigle
Tel. 024 466 63 81
Caisse de chômage
Rue du Rhône 14
1860 Aigle
Tel. 024 466 82 87
If you do not fill the necessary conditions for receiving unemployment insurance
payments, you may be eligible for Re-insertion Payments (RI). You can find
information on this at your local social services centre. The social workers there
will be able to orient you towards all public and private services.
→ Regional Social Services Centre (CSR)
Avenue de la Gare 14
1880 Bex
Tel. 024 557 27 27
→ Reception open from 9 a.m. to 12 noon and from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Social services available by appointment in the afternoons from 2 p.m.
to 4 p.m. (tel. 024 557 27 27)
Work Associations and Programmes
• Appart 1741 – AMIS – Planchette Community Service
The on-call section of the Planchette Community Service offers support and
orientation in processes related to looking for jobs, housing, naturalisation and
to understand a document or write a letter.
Service communautaire de la Planchette
Case postale 53
1860 Aigle
Tel. 024 466 76 00
[email protected]
• Syndicates
Professional associations can provide you with information about salaries offered
in the jobs which they represent and can also orient you or accompany you through
the different processes.
Rue du Bourg 26
1860 Aigle
Tel. 024 466 63 81
The Swiss Syndical Union (USS) website provides a list of the coordinates of the
different member syndicates:
→ www.uss.ch
• Migrants’ Job Mentoring
The Migrants’ Professional Insertion Mentoring programme is a knowledgeexchange platform for professionals and is provided for immigrants who are looking
for a job.
Subsidised Housing
The net revenue of your income tax declaration and the household revenue according to the number of people in the family are the determining factors in order for
you to benefit from subsidised housing.
Service cantonal du logement
Tel. 021 316 64 00
www.vd.ch/logement > aides-subventions > individuelle
Renters’ Defense Association
In the case of litigation between you and your landlord or management,
the Renters’ Defense Association (ASLOCA) can provide you with judicial aide
and advice.
By appointment only
Hôtel de Ville
1860 Aigle
Tel. 021 962 78 66
Sorting waste and recycling
Aigle Municipality applies the system of garbage-bag taxing. Garbage is collected
using only the official green and white bags which must then be placed in the
correct bins or on the street, only on the collection day (not the preceding evening).
→ Price of official bags and sales-points:
→ http://www.aigle.ch/N1053/sacs-poubelle-vert-et-blanc.html
For more information, please consult the municipality flyer or their website.
Income Taxes
Anyone living or having a source of revenue in Vaud Canton must fill out an annual
income tax declaration. The main taxes which an individual must pay are taxes on
revenue and taxes on fortune.
→ Taxes at the source:
→ Foreigners who are living permanently or temporarily in Switzerland are
required to pay taxes at the source. The tax will be taken directly from
the employee’s salary by the employer.
→ Income tax declaration
→ People who have a B permit and whose salary is over FR 120,000.—
and people who have a C permit do not have to pay taxes at the source
and must therefore fill out an ordinary income tax declaration.
For more information:
Administration Cantonale des Impôts (ACI)
Tel. 021 316 00 00
Email [email protected]
• Tax Office
Office d’impôt du district d’Aigle
Rue de la Gare 27 - Case postale 119 - 1860 Aigle
Tel. 024 557 70 70 - Fax 024 466 56 43
• Help with your Income Tax Declaration
The AVIVO, Bex and District Section provides help with filling out your income tax
AVIVO Bex / Aigle - Chemin de l’Ecluse 8 - 1880 Bex
Tel. 024 463 10 16
• Appart 1741 – AMIS – Planchette Community Service
The Planchette Community Service on-call section provides help with filling out your income tax declaration.
Service communautaire de la Planchette
Case postale 53
1860 Aigle
Tel. 024 466 76 00
[email protected]
• Info Budget
Vaud State and its partners have set up “Info Budget”, an advice office which tries
to prevent and fight against excessive debt. Advice and practical information are
available confidentially about how to manage your budget and answer all questions
concerning debts.
Info Budget
Tel. 0840 432 100
• Caritas Social and Consultation Service
This sector is a general social service available to answer any of your questions.
It has great experience with advising about controlling debts and accompanying
people with excessive debts.
1880 Bex
Tel. 024 557 27 27
• Young Adults’ Support
This completely confidential and free-of-charge service offered through the
Protestant Social Centre provides information, advice and support for young people
from 16 to 25 with their processes, particularly in the case of financial and debt
problems and legal proceedings.
Jet Service Secteur Jeunes & Travail
Rue Louis-Meyer 3
1800 Vevey
Tel. 021 560 60 30
[email protected]
On-line information concerning
financial problems for young adults
can also be found on the Internet
site www.ciao.ch.
By Bus
The municipal bus is an ecological vehicle which serves the entire community of
Aigle on a circular route twice an hour.
By Car
Foreigners who have a foreign drivers’ licence must exchange it within 12 months
from their arrival date for a Swiss drivers’ licence.
A practical and/or written examination may be required.
Service des automobiles et de la navigation
Centre régional d’Aigle
Chemin Sous le Grand Pré 12
1860 Aigle
Tel. 024 557 71 30
Fax 024 466 45 57
[email protected]
On Foot
The « pedibus » accompanies children to school on foot, with the help of parents.
Aigle contact person
Tel. 024 466 97 92 / 076 391 97 92
Ollon contact person
021 964 84 37 / 079 610 95 46
The Municipality sits once a week (for ordinary meetings) on Monday afternoons at
the Hôtel de Ville.
Town and Municipal Council
The Town Council could be called the “Town Parliament”: it exercises legislative
functions. It is made up of a varying number of councillors, who are elected by the
citizens according to the proportional representation system for a 5-year legislation.
Councillors can be re-elected.
The Municipality is made up of 5 members with a president (called “the Syndic”) at
its head and 4 Municipal Councillors. The Municipality Members are elected by the
people for 5 years, on the majority system. The executive is entirely renewed at the
same time as the Municipal Council.
Greffe Municipal
Hôtel de Ville - 1860 Aigle
Tel. 024 468 41 11 - Fax 024 468 41 23
[email protected]
Aigle Welcome and Integration Committee
Created in 2009, this committee is committed, via charter, to:
• Promote the welcome and integration of foreigners who are staying in
• the community
• Be a place where dialogue and information can be exchanged between people
• and the authorities
• Coordinate and support actions promoting welcome and integration
• Bring together the different actors in the area of integration
• Give replies to integration questions, both for the local authorities as well as for
• people or associations and provide a link between the Cantonal Chamber and
• other municipal committees established in the canton.
Commission Consultative d’accueil et d’intégration
P.a. Greffe municipal – Hôtel de Ville
Place du Marché
1860 Aigle
Tel. 024 468 41 11
Fax 024 468 41 23
[email protected]
Cantonal office for Integration of Foreigners and
Prevention of Racism (BCI)
The main mission of this office is to organise concrete measures to help Swiss
and foreign communities co-exist in harmony on the basis of common values,
respect and mutual tolerance. As a competent integration centre, the BCI offers
personalised advice, pilots cantonal programmes and manages the federal
integration finances.
Rue du Valentin 10
1014 Lausanne
Tel. 021 316 49 59
[email protected]
Aigle Office, Pays-d’Enhaut Region
c/o Centre social régional de Bex
Avenue de la Gare 14
Case postale 61
1880 Bex
Tel. 024 557 27 27 / 079 303 28 10
Local and Sports Associations
Over 50 societies or associations, grouped under the name of USLA (Unions des
societés locales d’Aigle), are active in this area.
Greffe Municipal
Hôtel de Ville
1860 Aigle
Tel. 024 468 41 11
Fax 024 468 41 23
[email protected]
Community Associations
Contact person & additional information
Aigle Albanian Association
«Les ailes de l’Aigle»
p.a M. Labinot Haxhaj
Chemin des Tilleuls 3
1860 Aigle
[email protected]
Albanian language classes in
the Chablais area
024 472 32 21 ou 078 880 28 56
Bosnian Association
Aigle Spanish Centre
Rue Jérusalem 6
1860 Aigle
Tél. 024 466 32 41
Spanish classes
021 964 62 37
Aigle Italian Association
Rue Jérusalem 12
1860 Aigle
Tél. 024 466 47 23
Italian classes
Tél : 021 311 75 68
Fax : 021 323 94 80
[email protected]
Serbian classes
Tél. 079/301.08.03 //Violeta Brakus
Aigle Portuguese Association
Chemin de Marjolin 51
Case postale 456
1860 Aigle
Tél. 024 466 65 95
[email protected]
M. José Lopes - Tél. 079 204 36 01
For lessons, please contact the
Portuguese Association.
Folklore Group. Jovons A Solta:
Dance group for young people.
Agoris Platform for Harmonious Living in the Chablais Area
The Agoris Label wishes to promote harmonious cohabitation between the
different populations of the Chablais human landscape, in a spirit of welcome,
integration and participation in local and regional life.
Translated into 81 languages
Audion in 12 languages
Fire department
Domestic Violence
021 620 76 76
La main tendue
(Help and moral support by phone)
Telephone Information
1811 ou 1818 ou 1850