Deep Kick dossier ENG



Deep Kick dossier ENG
An introduction to the band
-Deep KickDeep Kick is a band full of explosive energy who’s slowly but surely climbing the stairs
towards success. With a unique ability to mix technical virtuosity, humor and originality
in their composing, this Neuchâtel-based trio breathes new life into funky rock. All the
members show amazing technical and musical skills, their songs are personal and
powerful, and their live shows rock! On stage, you will surely remember Deep Kick for
their contagious amount of energy, passion and joy for playing.
In spite of the band's recent creation (2010), Deep Kick has already impressed more
than a few people, and even beyond the borders of their home country, as it will be
explained in the following lines. There's a lot of buzz about them on the Internet, with
thousands of views on their Youtube videos. Besides, Deep Kick has a strong Internet
following, with fans eagerly waiting for news about the band. But let’s get back to the
2010-2012: The evolution
Full of an unstoppable will to create music, the trio releases, shortly after its formation
in 2010, their debut EP « First Shot » who’ll open doors to prestigious Swiss stages, such
as Caprices Festival, Avenches’ Rock Oz’Arènes or Festi’Neuch. At each of those festivals,
the band reveals himself to organizers and audiences as THE surprise. Taking the
connection with the audience as a key element – for example, they invited a random
person from the audience on stage to break a watermelon while they are playing – Deep
Kick is quickly described by medias (see “press releases”) as one of the most promising
rock bands of the country. Still filled with huge – but always healthy – ambition, the
band doesn’t stop there and proves that their music is stronger than the borders of
Switzerland; indeed, they are flied to Greece in July of the same year to play Athens’
well-known Schoolwave Festival (picture below) in front of 5000 wild festival-goers…
Picture: 2010 performance in Athens in front of 5000 people
(link to the video :
-Deep Kick-
Encouraged by their success in this first year, Deep Kick puts the boxing gloves on
(picture below) and gets back in the studio to record their second EP, « Second
Round ». Again, the audience follows… And the support keeps growing: having to face
bigger popular request, the trio successfully invades digital platforms (iTunes, Amazon,
Virgin, Deezer and more) to sell their music worldwide. This 2011 year also offers great
surprises to the band in terms of playing shows, as they make a remarkable debut in
France (where they open for the band Empyr, for example) and they are invited to play
Athens’ Schoolwave Festival again, Greek listeners being still shocked by the trio’s
impressive 2010 performance. Deep Kick also keeps developing in Switzerland: they
keep increasing their number of shows (see “shows played”), they convince big festivals
like Estivale Openair, and last but not least, they reach the medias even more: they
multiply their radio appearances (Radio Chablais, Radio Fribourg, RTN) but also make
their television debut, showing their skills on the musical programme « Musicomax » on
the national TV station RTS, during 4 different broadcastings!
Willing to raise the bar higher a create a bigger connection with their listeners, the band
decides to record and release one song per month, digitally only, so they can please their
internet audience, harder to reach because as they are spread all around the world… The
success of those “b-sides” is total, and the virtual sphere goes crazy, impatient every
month to discover an unreleased Deep Kick song. Going even further in the idea of
getting closer to their audience, the band organizes a contest whose winner had the
chance to create the cover for one of the songs! Once all the songs are released, the
decision is made to put them together to form one physical EP, so that the band can sell
“fresher” music to their shows. This EP, named « Busted » in reference to the new outfits
worn by the trio on stage (picture below), is also available on the Web through digital
platforms but not only: this time, a physical shop is created too, and Deep Kick’s
-Deep Kickmembers themselves send the CD’s all over the world.
Concerned about surprising, the trio adopts a new visual universe in 2012 – as we said
before – and their shows keep getting better. As a direct consequence, they play their
first headlining show in Paris: a memorable concert in front of hundreds of motivated
French people, some of whom travelled from the other side of the country just to attend
the event. This show is the perfect proof that the support shown to Deep Kick doesn’t
belong exclusively on the Web, but it can be materialized when the opportunity to play
in foreign countries appears. The “frenchies” are not the only ones to notice the band’s
talent. In fact, German radio station “Radarradio” puts them on their playlist AND
chooses their EP as the “CD of the week”. But it doesn’t end here: Radarradio includes
Deep Kick in a compilation financed by “Finestnoise”, an association that collaborates
with many German fanzines and organizes a lot of events. This interest from our German
neighbours is certainly good news for Deep Kick… But in this 2012 year, the Swiss media
doesn’t forget the trio either: they were invited on one of the most famous radio station
of the country, Couleur 3, who plays 4 of their songs on this occasion.
2013 : time for the first LP
After three years of playing shows and recording EP’s, it was time for the band, always
aiming for the next step, to start composing what would become their first full-length
album. Three months of hard work on the pre-production took place in the summer of
2012 at Filo’s studio, before the trio finally settled in the Trilogy studio, in Neuchâtel, to
record the new songs during the autumn of the same year.
« Human Buzz » is a subtle blend of energy, groove and melody, all condensed in 14
well-constructed tracks that are a perfect testimony of Deep Kick’s musical evolution
and their will to reach an even larger audience. The album, that just got masterised, is
preceded by the release – digitally only - of two songs on May 31st, including the brand
new single “The Way She Moves”, which comes along with the band’s first music video
ever, directed by Bastien Bron (known for directing videos for his band, The Rambling
-Deep KickWheels, between others). The new single immediately got high support and acclamation:
while the video was broadcasted on the national German-speaking TV (SRF), the song
made a remarkable debut on SRF3’s radio playlist and can also be heard on a regular
basis on other radios like Couleur 3, after being initially featured on their show “El
Blablo”. Needless to say, an infinite number of comments invaded the band’s pages on
social networks, their followers showing an encouraging impatience to discover the rest
of the album.
The engine is now started… Only a few – but crucial - details are left to solve: the
physical release of the album, as well as its distribution and promotion. Deep Kick is
taking the time to examine every possibility to make this album launch as perfect as
possible. Everything sounds promising… But now the time has come to let people know
about Deep Kick and « Human Buzz »!
The band in the middle of a recording session (Autumn, 2012)
A few numbers
Number of views on Youtube videos :
Number of downloads from Zimbalam :
Number of MySpace visits :
Number of fans on Facebook :
more than 1'500’000
more than 8000
more than 500’000
more than 10’000
-Deep KickThree highly gifted musicians
The high number of digital sales shows the passion of Deep Kick’s followers who, for
instance, rush at Youtube as soon as the band posts a new video.
Of course, the popularity of bassist David Caraccio, real phenomenon on the Web with
millions – literally – of views on his videos, helped building a well-informed audience.
Noticed by the most famous musicians (Flea, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ bassist, was so
impressed by one of David’s videos that he sent him an autographed bass for free!), he
inspires a huge community of musicians around the world day after day, and they let
him know by sending him passionate letters and e-mails. As the true creative force of
Deep Kick, David is way more than just a bassist: he’s an outstanding musician and
composer, as well as an extraordinary showman on stage.
David Caraccio (bass/backing vocals)
But the two other members aren’t any less gifted;
Filo, well-known guitarist in his region, comes with huge experience in terms of
recording and playing shows with an impressive numbers of artists. Classical, hip-hop,
jazz… All those styles of music form a list of 16 studio albums already, some of whom
were signed in major companies. As if mastering his instrument wasn’t enough, he’s
been composing - since 2010 – some soundtracks for short films and commercials (for
Porsche, for example).
Filo’s technical virtuosity makes him a powerful weapon when it comes to experiment
musically in Deep Kick. With him joining the band, the trio found a balance which helps
them pushing the boundaries always further.
-Deep Kick-
Filo (guitar)
Last but not least, Fantin Moreno doesn’t stick to drumming but embodies the voice
(which is exceptional for a drummer) and the identity of Deep Kick. Multiinstrumentalist since the age of 8, he’s got great versatility but also remarkable
charisma: he perfectly knows how to “play” with his audience when he’s on stage or in
the media (it isn’t surprising, then, to know he works as a radio presenter). It often
happens, after shows, that members of the audience suggest that he’d do theatre or
stand-up; you can feel this in his unique way to create connection with Deep Kick’s
audience. And the latter, whatever country the band is playing in.
Fantin Moreno (drums/lead vocals)
-Deep KickEndorsers and partners
Time has passed and Deep Kick, through their reliability and visibility, were able to gain
various partnerships, prestigious ones sometimes, to support them on different levels.
David Caraccio:
Fantin Moreno:
Sandberg Guitars.
GMS drums, Vater drumsticks, Aquarian drumheads.
TWL Guitars, Blackstar amps
Press releases
« Du rock virtuose mâtiné de funk (…) On est soufflé tant par la décoiffante technique
que par la remarquable cohésion du trio, dont les membres rivalisent de virtuosité.
Jamais lassant, le répertoire de Deep Kick oscille entre riffs ravageurs pour faire pogoter
les garçons et power ballades pour faire pleurer les filles (ou l’inverse). Une sacrée
claque, un des concerts les plus frais et les plus intéressants de ce 10e Festi’neuch »
L’Express, June of 2010
« (…) les trois teignes de Deep Kick n’ont pas fini de gravir les marches vers les
sommets… Donnant dans une mixture excitante quelque part entre les Beastie Boys, les
Red Hot Chili Peppers ou encore les Beach Boys (…), ces jeunes loups vont vous arracher
la tête sans vergogne. »
Blog altitude, Le Locle Open Air
« Cette bande neuchâteloise formée en 2008 nous offre du bon gros punk, savamment
teinté de funk. (…) Ces trois p’tits gars jouent avec beaucoup d’ardeur, et à la
Festi’blog (Festi’neuch 2010)
« Un groupe au rock accrocheur, effronté et puissant. »
Rock Oz’Arènes Festival
« C'est sûrement la dernière fois qu'on peut avoir ce groupe sur notre scène »
Jean-Pablo Mühlestein, program planner for P’tit du Gros, via Arcinfo, June 9th of 2012.
« Ils sont jeunes, ils sont beaux (forcément !) mais surtout, ils envoient un boulet
particulièrement efficace ! Mélangeant avec talent différents styles musicaux (rock, funk,
punk), Deep Kick nous promet un live riche en rock’n'roll ! »
Rock Altitude Festival
« And the winners are : Deep Kick ! (…) Un Mozart de la basse déjà célèbre sur Youtube,
une énergie décapante, une complicité évidente, des influences pimentées et une
vigueur juvénile font de ce groupe neuchâtelois la révélation de la Communauté
Caprices. »
Caprices Festival’s blog
« La moyenne d’âge du groupe Deep Kick ne dépasse pas 20 ans, et pourtant leur
musique déjà bien aboutie séduit un large public. A Festi’neuch, ils ont été une des
bonnes surprises de la scène lacustre. »
Canal Alpha, TV station, June of 2010
-Deep Kick« Ils sont jeunes mais ont déjà une solide expérience, ils savent comment se comporter
sur une grande scène »
Antonin Rousseau, program planner and president of Festi’neuch
« Une complicité hallucinante, un plaisir de jouer évident »
Fuzzy O’Bron, drummer for the band « The Rambling Wheels »
-Deep KickShows played :
2010 :
06.02.2010 :
10.04.2010 :
16.04.2010 :
30.04.2010 :
07.05.2010 :
12.05.2010 :
04.06.2010 :
11.06.2010 :
21.06.2010 :
25.06.2010 :
26.06.2010 :
02.07.2010 :
31.07.2010 :
07.08.2010 :
08.08.2010 :
13.08.2010 :
14.08.2010 :
08.09.2010 :
18.09.2010 :
25.09.2010 :
Underscout Bar (St-blaise, CH)
Caprices festival (Crans-Montana, CH)
Bar King (Neuchâtel, CH)
Plattform für Junge Kultur (Wohlen, CH)
Gymnaz’out (Case à Chocs, Neuchâtel, CH)
Fête de l’uni (Patinoires, Neuchâtel, CH)
Festi’neuch (Neuchâtel, CH)
Mermozfascht (St-Louis, Alsace, FR)
Fête de la musique (Cernier, CH)
Le Petit Festival de la Grande Prairie (Valanvron, CH)
Le Lux (Le Locle, CH)
Schoolwave Festival (Athènes, GR)
Bure’lesk Festival (Bure, CH)
Bukolik Freeride (Les Avants/ Montreux, CH)
Hors Tribu Festival (Môtiers, CH)
Rock oz’ Arènes (Avenches, CH)
Rock altitude (Le Locle, CH)
Carouge (Genève, CH)
Paillote Festival (Morges, CH)
Live @Neubourg, Fête des vendanges (Neuchâtel, CH)
2011 :
29.01.2011 :
12.02.2011 :
26.02.2011 :
05.03.2011 :
12.03.2011 :
09.04.2011 :
22.04.2011 :
14.05.2011 :
27.05.2011 :
28.05.2011 :
11.06.2011 :
18.06.2011 :
24.06.2011 :
02.07.2011 :
09.07.2011 :
16.07.2011 :
30.07.2011 :
20.08.2011 :
09.09.2011 :
24.09.2011 :
22.10.2011 :
12.11.2011 :
Le Lux (Le Locle, CH)
Case à chocs (Neuchâtel, CH)
Rock im Chappi (Wohlen, CH)
Kulturgarage (Soleure, CH)
La Barakason (Thônex, CH)
Echandole (Yverdon, CH)
Fête du millénaire, Place du marché (Neuchâtel, CH)
8-bar (Bâle, CH)
Corn'rock festival (Cornaux, CH)
Animai (Vevey, CH)
Bettlach Festival (Alsace,FR)
Rock am Weier (Wil, CH)
Gena Festival (Genève, CH)
Festival promos du Locle (Le Locle, CH)
Schoolwave Festival (Athènes, GR)
Parabôle Festival (Bôle, CH)
Estivale Openair (Estavayer, CH)
Bonafiesta Festival (Valais, CH)
Fête du vin (La Neuveville,CH)
Festival Rockin' the docks (Corbie, FR)
Festivernal (Moutier, CH)
Flösserplatz (Aarau, CH)
-Deep Kick-
2012 :
25.02.2012 :
01.03.2012 :
23.03.2012 :
30.03.2012 :
05.05.2012 :
19.05.2012 :
01.06.2012 :
02.06.2012 :
01.07.2012 :
Bikini test (Neuchâtel, CH)
Zelig (Lausanne, CH)
Bscene Festival (Bâle, CH)
Bierhübeli – Tremplin Gurten Festival (Berne, CH)
Windstock Festival (Martigny, CH)
Bikini Test – 25 ans (Chaux-de-Fonds, CH)
Festi'sac (Genève, CH)
Chräen Openair (Chräen, CH)
Le Batofar (Paris, FR)
Picture: Paris, le Batofar, July 1st of 2012. Deep Kick headlines, the venue is full...
24.07.2012 :
07.09.2012 :
08.09.2012 :
13.10.2012 :
27.10.2012 :
03.11.2012 :
MelidEstate Festival (Lugano, CH)
P’tit du Gros Festival (Le Noirmont, CH)
Fête d’Auvernier (CH)
Bussigny (CH)
Le Landeron (CH)
Delle (FR)
-Deep KickDiscography :
2010 : « First Shot » EP
2011 : « Second Round » EP
2012 : « Busted » EP
Covers for the 2011 “b-sides” series
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