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Ebb and Flow - Alliance Française de Kenya
Every Monday at 6pm Entrance free
Films in English or with English subtitles
5, 6, 7 Feb.
9 - 15 Feb.
Mon. 9 Feb.
directed by Sammy Mwangi
Alliance Française auditorium - 500/Weekdays. 6:30pm, Weekends: 3 & 6.30pm
Heartstrings Entertainment, winner of the Best Comedy at the
2014 Sanaa Theatre Awards for their end of year show: ‘Kenya
Made in China’, begin 2015 with another
original comedy. ‘Take it or Leave it’ will crazily show what
happens when one is unable to say Yes or No.
If love is the answer, what is the question?
Sat. 14 Feb.
‘Respire’ by Mélanie laurent, 2014, 1h30
Alliance Française gardens - 1000/6pm
Love is in the air. The Gikuyu music and stand-up comedy series
‘Thingira’ present a special Valentine’s show with
legendary musicians Kamande wa Kioi and Wanganango and
comedy stars Kings Mwana Mwende,Pastor JJ, Zeddi, Njoro,
Prof. Mugweru,Gathemba and the Wagithomoz. The evening will
be mceed by Njomo Nyathira and Jokonia.
21, 22 Feb.
Charlie, une jeune fille de 17 ans. L’âge des potes, des émois, des
convictions, des passions. Sarah, c’est la nouvelle. Belle, culottée,
un parcours, un tempérament. La star immédiate, en somme. Sarah
choisit Charlie.
17-year-old Charlie is bright and beautiful but a little insecure. When
new girl Sarah arrives, Charlie is captured by her charisma and the two
strike up a deep friendship. For a time, it seems as though each is what
the other has been waiting for. When Sarah tires of Charlie and begins
making new friends, their relationship takes a turn for the worse. It was
screened during the Critics’ Week at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival.
‘La Cour de Babel’ by Julie Bertucelli, 2014, 1h29
Ils sont Anglais, Sénégalais, Brésilien, Marocain, Chinois... Ils ont entre 11
et 15 ans, ils viennent d’arriver en France. Le temps d’une année, ils cohabitent dans la classe d’accueil d’un collège parisien. Dans ce petit théâtre
du monde s’expriment l’innocence, l’énergie et les contradictions de ces
adolescents qui, animés par le même désir de changer de vie et de vivre
ensemble, bouleversent nos idées reçues et nous font espérer en l’avenir...
A straightforward and insightful documentary about a class of diverse immigrant kids who speak little to no French. It details a year in the life of a
Parisian class of immigrant youth who are placed in a “reception class,” to
learn French. It shows the innocence, the enthusiasm and inner turmoil
of these teenagers who, caught in the midst of starting out on a new life,
question our preconceived ideas and give us hope for a better future...
a CHATTERBOX production
directed by Jayjay John Jumbi
Alliance Française auditorium - 500/Sat. 7pm, Sun. 3pm
After feeling betrayed by local leaders, a watchman decides that
he has had enough. He decides to take it upon himself to change
the headship of his local county.
‘Makofi ya Kilo’ is the story of a local would-be-hero caught up in
the complexities of a challenging leadership environment, and
typifies the plight of those who in naivety believe that change
comes only through the intention of a well-meaning individual.
26 Feb. - 1 Mar.
Mon. 23 Feb.
directed by Terence Macharia and Triza Kabue
‘Les Gazelles’ by Mona Achache, 2013, 1h40
Marie et Eric, trentenaires en couple depuis le lycée, signent l’achat de
leur premier appartement quand Marie est saisie d’un doute vertigineux.
Sa rencontre avec un beau brun ténébreux va précipiter sa décision :
elle quitte Eric pour plonger dans le grand bain du plaisir et de la liberté.
Elle découvre un monde sans pitié : à son âge, le célibat est vite perçu
comme une tare suspecte.
A romantic comedy, the film deals is about a 30-year-old woman Marie
readjusting to single life after splitting from her long-term boyfriend. A
joyous mix of realism and 21st century girl power.
Mon. 16 Feb.
Bice Ferraresi
Alliance Française auditorium - 500/Thu. 6pm, Fri. 6 & 8pm, Sat. 3, 6, & 8pm, Sun. 3 & 6pm
Winner of the Best Production for ‘Revenge’ at the 2014 Sanaa
Theatre Awards, FCA present a sensational new play about love,
faith and the joys -- and trials -- of marriage. When a sexy young
temptress threatens an already troubled marriage, a close-knit
family rallies together to examine their own marriages.
Bice, an abstract artist, has been visiting Kenya since the
1990s. However it was only 6 yrs ago, grieving the loss
of her husband and contemplating on the cycle of life, that
she found strength and inspiration in the tidal rhythms of
Kenya’s coastal waters. Since then, her work vibrates
with shades of ocean blue, interrupted with distant and
evanescent objects and landscapes that extend the horizon
towards infinity. Bice is a graduate of the Tomaso Minardi
Art School in Faenza, Italy.
Nuru, originally from Kilifi, studied fashion design at
Evelyne’s College of Fashion and Design, followed by
architecture at the Nairobi Institute of Technology. Since
graduating, he has been experimenting with his two
practices, combining them to develop large conceptual
fabric artworks. He draws inspiration from space, colour
and movement. One of his pieces is part of the permanent
collection at the Casoria Contemporary Art Museum in
Naples, Italy. His art is regularly hired for fashion statements
by creatives and performers..
11 - 28 February
Alliance Française ground floor gallery
Labelling our Memories
Nuru Jeffah
photographs by graduates of
K-Youth Media is a youth organization based in Korogocho
that offers six-month practical training in film and photography
to young people, empowering them with skills for economic
and social empowerment.
This photo exhibition, presented on the occasion of its 5th
graduation ceremony, captures memorable events during
the student’s time with K-Youth Media Centre.
17 - 28 February
Alliance Française first floor gallery
Tue. 24 Feb.
Alliance Française auditorium - 500/6.30pm
Ricky na Marafiki band resume their monthly Afro-Jazz
evenings at Alliance Française. Led by talented bass
guitarsit Ricky Nanjero, the band mostly play afro-jazz and
world music. They will be introducing their video Dufa
Mpararo during this concert.
produced by Eluid Abuto
Adults only
artworks by Bice Ferraresi and Nuru Jeffah
Italian painter Bice Ferraresi and Kenyan artist Nuru Jeffah
share the Alliance Française gallery space in a strikingly
contrasting exhibition. Bice’s canvasses immortalize the
spirit of tides whereas Nuru’s canvasses, undulating with
symbolic patterns, accessorize the ordinary.
7pm, Alliance Française auditorium - 500/-
Every first Monday of the month, LightBox® Africa, a local film
production company bringing together passionate creatives who
seek to inspire and uplift a generation through film, will curate a film
evening around local and international productions followed by topical
The 1st Monday of February will feature 4 shorts from myFrenchFilmFestival.
com followed by a conversation about distant relatives as no matter
where we live in the world, we are distant relatives bound by similar
life stories.
Ebb and Flow
Under the direction of Canadian theatre artist, Brianna Roberts
the cast has devised the script together using their personal
stories about times when society has made them feel like a “freak”
based on something they cannot change. The performers will be
sharing scenes of their personal experiences related to:
gender, identity, mental illness, sexuality, physical illness,
addiction and body image.
The cast includes actors: Paul Ogola, Dival and Lawrence
Murage, spoken word artists: Mufasa and Teardrops and
members of the Kenya Dance Academy.
MyFrenchFilmFestival.com est un concept inédit qui a pour but de mettre en lumière la jeune génération
de cinéastes français et qui permet aux internautes du monde entier de partager leur amour du cinéma
français. C’est du 16 janvier au 16 février 2015 que les cinéphiles du monde entier auront accès à tous
les films que propose la 5ème édition du festival du cinéma français en ligne.
‘Les Insouciants’ by Louise de Prémonville (24min, 2014); ‘Guy
Moquet’ by Demis Herenger (30 min, 2014); ‘Dip N Dance’ by
Hugo Cierzniak (6 min, 2013) and ‘Shadow’ by Lorenzo Recio
(23 min, 2014)
inaugural play by the Freakshow Collective
a new theatre company creating plays for social impact
The CinemAlliance programme for the first half of February will screen a selection of 2 features and 4
shorts from the online film festival: myFrenchFilmFestival.com.
In its 5th year, the online Festival was launched by UniFrance Films (the French association responsible
for the promotion of French cinema worldwide) to showcase productions by a young generation of French
filmmakers and to promote French cinema to the video-on-demand (VOD) market.
In 2014, this online festival attracted 4 million viewers. This year the films are available in 13 languages
and streaming is free in China, India, Latin America, Poland, Russia, Africa, Romania and Turkey.
Online viewers are invited to vote for the ‘Lacoste Audience Award’ for their favorite film.
Mon. 2 Feb.
Sat. 28 Feb.
Alliance Française garden stage - 500/6.30pm
Le Band, bring together young musicians for an evening
of afro-pop, afro-soul and afro-poetry music.
Headline artists include Le Band and H_art the Band.
Other performers include Ciano Maimba and Vereso
Cindy from Sauti Academy , Kelvin Gashago and Lots of
Love band.
Alliance Française
February 2015
presented by
online Film Festival
Thu. 19th Feb. 2015
9h30 - 16h00
Alliance Française de Nairobi
Campus France Kenya invites you to the inaugural French Higher Education Forum. Your chance
to interact face to face with representatives from leading French Business and Engineering
schools, French universities, French research institutions, the French School in Nairobi as well as
French companies operating in Kenya.
France is the world’s fifth-largest economy and the third-most-popular destination for international
students as a result of its high quality and affordable higher education system with a strong
emphasis on research and innovation.
At the Open Day, three of the participating institutions will introduce programmes offered in
both French and English languages in their institutions as well as give information on admission
procedures, followed by Q&A sessions as per the following programme:
The Université Catholique de l’Ouest is 135 yrs old. Its current
student population of 12,000 incudes 1,700 foreign students
from 60 countries. UCO offers courses in diverse fields including
Humanities and Social Sciences; Science, Eudcation, Theology.
Founded in 1906, EDHEC Business School ranks as one of
Europe’s leading business schools educating students and
business leaders at all levels: undergraduate, graduate and
executive programmes on its campuses in Lille, Nice, Paris,
London, and Singapore.
Centrale Nantes is one of the best public engineering schools
in France.
For the last 90 years, it has been training high
level scientific leaders, managers and innovators. Thanks to
its high quality teaching and research programmes as well as
its international partnerships, Centrale Nantes hosts a growing
number of students, researchers and acadmics from over 50
Le bureau de Campus France-Kenya est heureux d’annoncer la tenue du 1er forum de
l’enseignment supérieur, qui aura lieu à l’Alliance Française de Nairobi le jeudi 19 février 2015,
de 9h30 à 16h00.
Les représentants de l’EDHEC Business School, EC Nantes (Ecole d’ingénieurs) et de l’Université
Catholique de l’Ouest seront présents pour rencontrer des étudiants kényans souhaitant étudier
en France.
Le public pourra également rencontrer l’équipe de Campus France pour des information générales
sur les études et la vie en France, des représentants d’instituts de recherche kényans (informations
générales sur les études doctorales et la recherche franco-kényane pour le développement),
l’équipe du Lycée Denis Diderot de Nairobi ainsi que des représentants d’entreprises françaises
implantées au Kenya.
Email: [email protected] - www.afkenya.or.ke
watch 10 feature films and 10 shorts for free
vote online for your favorite film
16 Jan. - 16 Feb. 2015
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