Juin Dates for 2015 2015 Fees



Juin Dates for 2015 2015 Fees
The Alliance Française Albury Wodonga Newsletter
Juin 2015
Term 2 classes are fast coming to a close. Hope
everyone has found them enjoyable and worthwhile.
Enrol for Term 3 classes soon and don’t forget that AF
membership fees are due in July.
If you are looking for more French experiences, this
edition of the Flash provides information on our Bastille
Day celebration. This will happen before classes resume
next term so make sure that you have notified us of your
participation by the due date.
Also coming up are our regular Cafe Bavard and our
AGM. Details are in this newsletter- be sure to put the
dates in your diary.
We would be very pleased to receive information on
anything French for this newsletter or suggestions for
future articles. Love to hear of your favourite French
books, web sites or app.
Bonne soleil de juin
N’a jamais ruiné personne.
Dates for 2015
Term 2 2015
Monday classes: April 27th –June 22rd (no class June 8th)
Wednesday classes: April 29th –June 17th
Term 3 2015 (Note that these dates have changed since the
December 2014 Flash)
Monday classes: 20th July- 7th September
Wednesday classes: 22nd July- 9th September
Term 4 2015
Monday classes: 12th October- 30th November
Wednesday classes: 14th October- 2nd December
Intermediate (B1)
Intermediate (B1)
Advanced (B2)
Mon 6:30 to 8:30
Wed 6:30 to 8:30
Wed 6.30 to 8.30
2015 Fees
The prices for an 8-week term are as follows:
Early Bird
2 hr classes/members $160
- non-members*
- Student/conc.
1 hr classes
- Student/conc.
Note that you will need to acquire a textbook, the price
of which is not included in the above fees (around $70)
Student prices are for primary, secondary or full-time
tertiary students only.
Payment is by cash, cheque or EFT (see website for EFT
details and payment policy for classes).
Membership fees are due on July 1st and can be paid
with Term 3 class fees.
Annual membership fees (renewable on 1st July each
* Students:
* Concession:
* Single member:
* Family:
Please complete the membership form on our website
and send with your subscription to the address at the
bottom of the page.
Please note that Student rate applies to Primary and
Secondary students, and full-time tertiary students.
Answers to Puzzle #120
Classes normally run with the NSW School Terms and are
held at Age Concern, near McDonalds in Albury.
Entry is from the car park – off Townsend St.
For more details, email [email protected] , or call
0407 734 751
: Mon 5:30 to 6:30
Beginners (A1)
: Mon 6:30 to 8:30
Continuing Beginners(A2):
Mon 6:30 to 8:30
The answers for the mai puzzle are:
3. seplaindre 7. serappeler 9.secoucher 10.sesentir
12.serencontrer 13. sedéshabiller 14. semoquerder
1.sepresser 2.setromper 4.sepasserde
5.sedemander 6.seraser 7.setaire 8.s’enaller 10.semaquiller
Alliance Française Albury Wodonga - PO BOX 3384 - Albury NSW 2640
Website: www.afalbury.org.au
email: [email protected]
Tel 0407 734 751
The Alliance Française Albury Wodonga Newsletter
Les Bijoux
1. charm
2. necklace
3. pearl
4. brooch
6. ring
10. anklet (3 words)
12. amethyst
13. diamond
14. locket
1. earring (3 words)
2. nose stud (3 words)
5. emerald
6. gemstone
7. jewellery box (3 words)
8. pendant
9. ruby
10. opal
11. tiara
Answer in French, INCLUDING ARTICLE (le, la, l’, les)
Solution in the next issue.
Puzzles are compiled each month using:
Alliance Française Albury Wodonga - PO BOX 3384 - Albury NSW 2640
Website: www.afalbury.org.au
email: [email protected]
Tel 0407 734 751
The Alliance Française Albury Wodonga Newsletter
The AGM of the Alliance Française Albury Wodonga will
be held at 7 pm Friday August 21st at the Age Concern
building, off Townsend St (behind McDonalds), Albury .
We invite all members to attend as it is an opportunity
to have your say in the running of your Alliance, meet
the Committee and give feedback.
After the official business (reports, election of
Committee and office bearers), there will be a guest
speaker-watch this space. Drinks and nibbles will be
We encourage members who wish to participate in the
governance of their Alliance to nominate for the
Committee- it is an interesting and rewarding
experience. If you wish to nominate, the nomination
forms can be found on our website.
Bastille Day
This year to celebrate 14 juillet we are having a Bring
and Share Lunch on Sunday 12th July, starting at
12:30pm, at the home of Carol Smith, 388 North Street,
practice valuable.
The next one will be on Saturday June27th at 3pm at La
Maison on the Causeway.
« 14-18 » WW1 Commemoration
An interactive exhibition, digital and multilingual
by L’Institut Français
24 April to 27 November 2015
The way this works is that each person attending
provides some French-style food to share (eg salad, main
course, dessert or cheese platter), and their own drinks.
We need definite numbers by 7th July, so email us at
[email protected] or ring the Alliance mobile
0407 734 751 (please leave a message if there is no
answer), and tell us your first and second preferences
for what you would like to bring.
We’ll then confirm what we want you to bring, so we
can try to balance the menu. Hope you can join us!
Le Cafe Bavard
An opportunity to speak French with other Francophileslast Saturday of the month. No RSVP, no booking, very
casual, just turn up with your friends for coffee and
conversation. Don’t be shy, even those at beginner level
will be made welcome and will find the language
Alliance Francaise, Eildon Gallery, 51 Grey Street,
Free admission
The exhibition “1914-1918” is part of a range of events
held across many countries commemorating the Great
War. Presented around the world, the exhibition will be
on display at the Alliance Française in Melbourne from
24 April to 27 November 2015. The Exhibition consists of
several posters with incorporated "QR codes" enabling
smartphone and tablet users to access a wide selection
of archives (texts, pictures, sound, video and 3D objects)
commented in English, French, German and Spanish.
A chronological account, "1914-1918" recounts the
experience and personal stories of war throughout the
different continents involved.
Alliance Française Albury Wodonga - PO BOX 3384 - Albury NSW 2640
Website: www.afalbury.org.au
email: [email protected]
Tel 0407 734 751
The Alliance Française Albury Wodonga Newsletter
French Novels for Sale
Website of the AF Délégation Générale in
We have been contacted by Simone Gerardu from
Wagga Alliance Française who have some French novels
that they are willing to sell.
L’élégance du
Les ames
Philippe Claudel
Prix des
Grand prix
de Elle
Grand prix
Des vents
Quand souffle le
vent du
No et
La joueuse de
Shan Sa
Une pièce
Blandine le Callet
Delphine de
Daniel Pennac
Prix des
of Copies
Mettez un peu de ponctuation dans votre
4 ou 5
Une virgule, c’est gratuit et ça peut sauver des vies!
Et si on mangeait les enfants?
Et si on mangeait, les enfants?
This is the website of the Director-General of the
Fondation Alliance Française in Australia which oversees
the operation of all Alliance Française groups in this
It includes information on French Cultural events around
Australia and Resources for Teachers. The latter includes
resources for classroom projects on WWI but also links
to French media and other sites that could be useful to
any student of French. It’s worth a look.
Most of these books were adapted into films. Our books are in very
good condition. We will sell for $5 per book + freight.
We are now reading "les naufrages de l'ile Tremolin" (5 books) by
Irene Frain
and our next book will be "Rien ne s'oppose a la nuit by Delphine de
And finally from Coluche
(-one of the most popular, talented and irreverent
French comedians).
“La politique, c’est pas compliqué, il suffit d’avoir
une bonne conscience, et pour cela il faut juste
avoir une mauvaise mémoire !”
(Politics is not complicated, you just need to have a
good conscience, and for that you just need to have
a bad memory!)
Please let me know if you are interested to buy some of these books.
Best regards
Simone Gerardu
Ph: 02 69211418
Book club coordinatrice
Alliance Francaise de Wagga Wagga
“Le plus dur pour les hommes politiques, c’est
d’avoir la mémoire qu’il faut pour se souvenir de ce
qu’il ne faut pas dire.”
(The hardest thing for politicians is to have the
memory needed to remember what not to say.)
If you are interested please contact Simone.
Alliance Française Albury Wodonga - PO BOX 3384 - Albury NSW 2640
Website: www.afalbury.org.au
email: [email protected]
Tel 0407 734 751