Floridea Di Ciommo Formation : • 1992



Floridea Di Ciommo Formation : • 1992
Floridea Di Ciommo
Directrice de Recherches "Mobilité durable et comportement du
voyageur", Chair de l'Action COST Transport et Equité TU1209,
Formation :
 1992-1994 : Master of Sciences Degree in Economics (DES) –
Bocconi University – School of Economics, Milan, Italy
 1998-1999 : Master Degree in Transport – Ecole des Ponts et
Chaussées – Paris Tech and Urbanism Institute of Paris, France
2000-2004 : PhD in Transport and Urban Planning – Ecoles des Ponts et Chaussées –
Paris Tech, Paris, France
Juan de la Cierva R&D program. Technical University of Madrid, Transport Research Center,
Chair of Transport and Equity Analysis (TEA) Cost Action, 2013-2017
European research projects of FP7 in the field of urban transport, such as the City-HUB project,
and on ex-post evaluation of Transport Research and Innovation, TRI-Value.
She has worked since 2007 on National Spanish research program on Intermodality and
Modeling Spanish interurban and metropolitan road system INTERBUS, META, Gesta and

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