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This summer, I'm
heading to Aubusson
We take a look at six reasons why you
should take a trip to Aubusson, the home
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of tapestry
July 2016 - Issue #81
Brexit - what does
it mean for you?
The United Kindgom has voted to leave
the EU, creating fear and confusion for
expats across Europe. Years of complex
negotiations will follow, but what might
the recent Brexit mean for those of us
living and working in France today?
tions on any future agreements between Britain and
the European Union.
Leave campaigners believe that Britain is such an
important market for Europe that the EU will effectively be forced to give the
UK access to the European
single market through the
European Economic Area
(EEA) agreement. With 500
million consumers, the EEA
is the world's biggest free
trade area. Other non-EU
countries that are members
of the EEA (Norway, for
example) have to allow reciprocal access to their own
markets via the free movement of people and services
in return; the EU is unlikely
to back down on this when
it comes to the UK. The
Leave campaign, however,
believe they can gain access
to the EEA whilst still main-
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NEWS - New superregion named
Those of us who used to live
in the Limousin now reside
in Nouvelle Aquitaine - a
name change that has not
gone down well in many
>> Page 3
NEWS - European
air traffic network?
Following more strikes by air
traffic controllers, a group of
major airlines is calling for a
European-wide air traffic network to reduce the impact of
industrial action >> Page 8
NEWS - Elephant's
broken leg fixed
In a world first, an Auvergne zoo has healed an
elephant with a double leg
fracture - an injury that often
proves fatal
>> Page 9
© Thortuck (WikiCommons)
o it's official.
and the United
Kingdom has
voted to leave
the European Union. The
news has been met with
shock, concern and anger
across Europe and leaves
hundreds of thousands of
British expats in France facing an uncertain future.
Whilst it is not yet clear
what will happen in the medium term, governments on
both sides of the Channel
have been keen to stress that
nothing will change in the
short term. At some point
in the coming weeks and
months, the British government will invoke Article 50
of the Lisbon Treaty. This
will signal the start of the
official exit process from
the EU and will begin at
least two years of negotia-
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The Bugle Business
Defending champion Chris Froome
will be part of the peleton as it passes
through the Limousin
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We all have bad habits.
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Stephen Cullinane & son
• Small repairs to complete renovations • Stone & brick work • Partition walls • Plastering • Flooring
• External and internal colour rendering finishes • Stone pointing • Domestic plumbing installations • Decorating
• Replacement of windows & doors • Roofing & roof construction • Covering Creuse, NE Haute-Vienne & S Indre
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Welcome to
The Bugle
stayed up most of the
night of 23rd June to
listen to the results
coming in. As the
my emotions went
from anticipation, to surprise,
concern, shock and then fear.
Later that day, shame would
be added to the mix.
The referendum debate
was a frustrating one, with
and outright lies causing
a toxic atmosphere. Both
sides resorted to fear tactics
and the facts were quickly
discarded. As it turns out, the
referendum was not actually
about the pros and cons of
the European Union. The
ballot paper should instead
have carried the question,
“Are you happy with the
current government?” as this
is the question that the vast
majority of people appeared
to be answering.
As reporters travelled
around the country gathering
reactions, the common refrain
of those who voted Leave
was “It's always been them
and us”, “Westminster doesn't
understand what life is like
round here”, “It's just a posh
boys club”.
I could have accepted a
Leave vote if it had been
made on the basis of the pros
and cons of the European
Union, but I have absolutely
come to the conclusion that
vast swathes of the country
simply wanted to give the
government a black eye.
What has happened, in my
opinion, is that the UK has
now done the very definition
of cutting off its nose to spite
its face. And it's a one-way
Michael Heseltine summed
it up for me when he said he
wasn't a fan of referenda as
whilst you get an answer,
it is to a different question,
adding, “We know what
people were voting against,
but we don't know what they
were voting for”.
Is the EU a perfect system?
Absolutely not, far from it!
Did the positives outweigh
the negatives? In my opinion,
yes. And before you say it,
I am 100% certain I would
have voted Remain if I had
lived all my life in the UK.
It is not a case of personal
The fear and anger turned
to shame when the instances
of bigotry and racism
began. With a campaign
that revolved so centrally
around the thorny issue of
immigration, it was always
going to happen. I fear for
what my country has become
when a Muslim campaigning
for Remain in Wales is told
on Twitter to “pack your bags
and go home”. When it was
pointed out to the troll that the
lady in question was a British
citizen born in Caerphilly, the
reply came “If a pig is born
in a stable, it doesn't mean
it's a horse”. Unacceptable,
shameful and shocking.
I hope that the Leave
vote does not prove to be a
mandate for racism in the UK.
I hope even more that there is
a backlash to the racism and
xenophobia and Britain will
do some soul searching in the
coming months and years,
although I suspect this may
be wishful thinking.
progressed, I have became
David Cameron and the
Conservatives for calling the
referendum in the first place.
It was initially promised by
Cameron as an attempt to
quash a minor backbench
rebellion ahead of a general
election campaign... and here
we are 3 years later.
So I have decided to stop
worrying and get on with
life. I (literally) had no say
in my country leaving the
EU (I fell foul of the 15-year
rule) and right now I do not
like what the country of my
birth looks like. But hey, I
don't live in the UK, I live in
France and there are loads of
great things in my life. Let the
politicians dismantle Europe,
it'll probably take decades. I
am going to concentrate on
the here and now. Summer
is ahead of us and there are
great things going on all over
the region. If you haven't ever
been to Aubusson, there's
never been a better time (see
page 5). I have always liked
Aubusson, it is a town that has
managed to buck the trend and
still has an “old fashioned”
high street with plenty of
independent stores, despite
the economic downturn. After
reading Neil's piece, I think it
is definitely time for another
If the world is indeed going
to hell in a handcart, then I'm
going to go down smiling!!
Until next month!
Steve Martindale, Editor
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Welcome en
closes down
n a move unrelated to the recent
Brexit, it has been announced
that the Welcome en Limousin
organisation will officially cease to
exist in the coming weeks, another
blow to Franco-British relations in
what has been a difficult month.
The organisation was set up at Limoges Airport in 2002 and grouped
together local businesses in order to
welcome British visitors in their native language, employing one person
full-time. With 85 current members,
the association had been in financial
difficulties for the last few years
and, following the removal of certain
grants, the tough decision was taken
at an extraordinary general assembly
in May this year. ■
Bénévent-l’Abbaye 23210
siret no. 47930451100021
Introducing... Nouvelle Aquitaine
fter months of discussions, suggestions and concessions, leaders
of the new “super-region” - made
up of the former Limousin, Aquitaine and Poitou-Charentes regions - have
finally chosen a new name... Nouvelle Aquitaine.
The news was met with howls of derision
from residents of the two smaller regions
that have fused with Aquitaine and before
long a petition had been set up to protest the
name change. “The merger of three former
regions shouldn't be an annexation of two
regions by the third one,” reads the petition,
which has so far garnered over 22,000 signatures.
“Nouvelle Aquitaine doesn't mean anything,” petition author Hugues Linyer told La
Nouvelle République. “Eleanor of Aquitaine
is dead and we must find a name of today
that respects all identities. I’m Rochelais but
there are also Basques, Béarnais, Limousins
and Poitevins and we are not Aquitains.”
Indeed, it would appear that even the Aquitains are not that happy with the new region's
name. A survey carried out in the former
Aquitaine region by France 3 revealed that
73% of people there were against it.
Nouvelle Aquitaine was chosen by local
officials from a shortlist that contained the
apparently much more popular options of
Sud-Ouest Atlantique and Grand Sud-Ouest.
Despite there being much opposition to the
new name, however, further protests are
likely to be in vain after the Conseil Général
of the super-region officially approved it at a
session held on 27th June.
The naming process has proved unpopular
across the country and not just in the south-
west. Voters in the east of France settled on
Grand-Est as the name of their new region
earlier this year after a public outcry at the
other options offered: Nouvelle-Austrasie,
Rhin-Champagne and Acalie.
In March, the name Hauts de France was
chosen for the Nord-Pas-de-Calais-Picardie
region in the far north, but it too spawned vo-
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ciferous protests.
When the dust settles, the political map
of France will have transitioned from 22 regions to just 13, a move that it is hoped will
save billions in administrative costs. The
Limousin was formerly one of the smallest
regions in France, but it is now part of the
biggest. ■
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Houses on Internet operates throughout
France with a staff of 7 professionals and 89
local photographers who visit our clients to
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For more information, visit our website or give
us call us at +31 (0)1 15 82 35 53.
Plus Vite!
Moins Cher!
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Tour de France heads to the Limousin
uly will see the return of the Tour de France to the Limousin and for
the first time in seven years the region will host a stage finish, as well
as a stage departure. Expect traffic disruption in the region's capital,
therefore, on Tuesday 5th July when the peloton arrives in Limoges
following the longest stage of this year's race from Saumur. “The welcome is
always warm in Limoges,” said race director Christian Prudhomme after the
route was unveiled. “It's a city and a region with real cycling heritage and it
is a pleasure to come back.”
The following day will see the riders head east out of Limoges and towards a tricky finish in the Massif central, but not before passing through the
heartland of French cycling great Raymond Poulidor in the year of his 80th
Organisers have revealed the approximate times that the peloton will be
passing through the region, so fan's of France's biggest annual sporting event
can already start planning their day (see table).
The 3,519 km race will not feature a prologue or a team time trial, a structure that should favour the climbers. It does include two individual time trials
totalling 54 km, however, making it ideally suited to the all-round talents of
defending champion Chris Froome.
Bastille Day (14th July) will see the riders finish on the wind-swept summit
of Mont Ventoux, a crippling 22.7 km ascent at an average gradient of 7.5%. It
is the same stage that Froome won in 2013, effectively securing his first Tour
de France win. “There are a couple of time trials in there, albeit they are not
traditional time trials,” said Team Sky's boss Sir David Brailsford. “Ventoux
is somewhere he really likes going. He has been there before and, if he performs well up there, that could be good. I can't see any reason why he won't be
rubbing his hands together. You have got to race what is in front of you. That
is the great thing about the Tour de France - every year is different.”
“It challenges every aspect of cycling - time trials, mountains, a technical
descent,” said Team Sky's Froome. “It's such an amazing, special race. I'm
still 30 years old and feel I have a lot left in my legs. It suits me better than
last year's Tour. The beautiful thing about the Tour de France is that it's not
specifically about one stage. I think it's going to take a complete cyclist, but
the stage that certainly stands out for me is Mont Ventoux - I know how difficult this climb is and how much time can be won or lost.” ■
Tuesday 5th July
Saumur (depart)
Montmorillon 13:0314:43
Le Dorat (int. sprint) 13:51
Bonnac-la-Côte 14:5216:22
Le Palais-sur-Vienne 15:18
Ave Georges Dumas,
Limoges (finish)
Wednesday 6th July
Ave de la Libération,
Limoges (depart)
See www.letour.fr for full details of stage routes
outside Limousin
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Attic and vaulted cellar. Oil fired central heating. Two large barns on two/three
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Large attic. On the lower ground floor there is a garage/workshop & boiler room.
Garden of 1158m² with a terrace and plenty of parking. DPE G 643 & G 170.
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room, boiler room, workshop & 3 vaulted cellars. Attached to the house is a sizeable barn, plus detached garage. Beautifully manicured
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Six good reasons to visit... Aubusson
Reason One: The New Tapestry Museum
(Cité internationale de la tapisserie)
Due to be opened by President François
Hollande on 10th July this year, the museum
houses the finest collection of tapestries in
Europe, even the world. The fruit of Aubusson's status as a UNESCO site of intangible
heritage since 2008, the museum has taken
over the former Art School, a 1960s building
now extensively remodelled and extended,
right in the heart of Aubusson. 40,000 visitors are expected this year alone!
You can enjoy an in-depth presentation of
the art and techniques of tapestry weaving
as they evolved over the centuries. Allow a
couple of hours for this unique collection.
(www.cite-tapisserie.fr Tel: 05 55 66 66
Reason Two: The Tapestry Cartons Museum
(Atelier-Musée des Cartons de Tapisserie)
This intimate and lovingly curated lit-
tle gem of a museum nestles down by the
Creuse just across the old bridge leading
to the former weavers' quarter of La Terrade. It is the brainchild of Chantal Chirac,
the noted restorer and specialist in 'cartons' - the template or model of a tapestry
for the weaver to copy - and was designed
by her husband, architect Bernard Chirac.
This modest museum has already won a
place in visitors' Aubusson agendas as 'incontournable' (unmissable). Guided visits
by volunteers in French or English are
offered, as well as postcards and cartons
themselves in the boutique section. As a
plus, the museum is a bobbin's throw from
Reason Three....
(atelier-musee.wix.com/amcarta Tel: 06
88 25 35 07)
Reason Three: The Houses by the
Bridge (Les Maisons du Pont)
Filling a gaping hole in the previously
mediocre hotel and restaurant scene of Aubusson, this complex of four old houses
has been converted by Lille entrepreneurs,
Corinne and Olivier Kaulek, to provide an
aparthotel (9 suites), a private spa and - most
welcome for visitors and locals alike - a bistro restaurant (Tel: 05 55 67 72 20) and a
Café Canteen serving snacks (Tel: 05 55 67
72 21), with the added bonus of a new riverside terrace. The whole enterprise fairly
oozes style while remaining affordable and
welcoming. Make sure you book your table
- the Aubussonnais know a good thing when
it's on their doorstep!
by Neil Parkyn
© TERRENEUVE - Cité de la tapisserie
et été, je file à Aubusson - This
Summer, I'm heading for Aubusson. You may have seen the poster
or picked up the flyer in your local
supermarket. Why now, you ask? Six very
good reasons! The 'Cradle of Tapestry' is living in exciting times, the outcome of a happy
convergence of initiatives, bold projects and
real buildings, certainly worth the detour,
according to Michelin. Let's take a stroll
through a town which may have seemed
familiar, even down-at-heel, but which has
suddenly and surprisingly become a mustsee for you and your guests.
Reason Four: The New Swimming
Pool (Aquasud)
Reason Six: The Tourist Office
(Office de tourisme)
Aubusson has jumped a league with its
spanking new pool, a must for those with
children as well as dedicated swimmers
and already an enormous success. Its prizewinning design includes a leisure, 'fun'
pool as well as a conventional basin, with
sauna, hammam and beauty centre thrown
in. Warning: you'll need your Speedos, or
one-piece swimming costumes, to access
the facilities. Shorts and bikinis are definite
(Tel: 05 55 67 71 01)
This should be your first port of call. It's
well staffed and a mine of information on
seasonal activities in and around Aubusson,
accommodation, travel and much more.
(Tel: 05 55 66 32 12)
Reason Five: Aubusson Shopping
(Commerces d'Aubusson)
The town has always offered the usual
suspects in the retail sphere, but in addition
there are a clutch of one-off shops which
make a gander down the rue Grande well
worthwhile. These include 'La Licorne',
arguably the best bookshop in the Creuse,
'Maison Etcaetera', selling homeware and
decorative items [ED – my wife's favourite
shop in the whole of Limousin!], several antique/brocante outlets, craft and gift shops
and numerous cafés. Keep an eye out for
newcomers - interesting shops come and
Only six reasons to visit Aubusson? There
are, of course, a plenitude of such and the
visitor will find favourites of their own. As
you sip your aperitif alongside the Creuse,
or discover yet another remarkable old
house, you will already be planning to come
back, this time with your friends and guests.
Enjoy! ■
Neil Parkyn is a retired British architect
and writer living near Aubusson
www.thebugle.eu ○ THE BUGLE ○ JULY 2016
The UK votes to leave the European Union
>> continued from pg 1
taining control over their borders. Whether this is possible is
likely to become one of the key
points of negotiation over the
coming months and years.
Any future deal will require
the support of a “qualified majority” of the 27 remaining EU
member states and it appears
unlikely that poorer EU members would allow Britain unfettered access to their markets
while their citizens do not have
the right to travel or work in the
UK. Whether or not the UK becomes a member of the EEA is
likely to have a significant impact on those of us living and
working in France.
In the aftermath of the referendum vote, the pound plummeted against the euro. This immediate change is one that will
be sharply felt by those living
in France off British pensions
and investments. The volatile
exchange rates may also dissuade potential buyers from
making the move to France until the markets settle and more
is known.
There are a number of other
areas of concern for people living and working in France, as
well as those planning a move
here. Under current rules, all
EU citizens can purchase property anywhere in member countries. Today, French authorities
couldn’t say to a German or
British buyer that they can’t
purchase houses in certain areas, but they could to an American buyer. Outside of the EU
and with no other agreements
in place, these rights for British
house hunters vanish.
There could also be changes for those who have second
homes here and rent them out.
France has previously tried
to impose additional social
charges on foreigners renting
out their second homes, but the
move was ruled illegal by the
European Court of Justice. No
such protection will exist in the
post-EU landscape.
Healthcare is another area that
will undoubtedly worry many
current or future expats. The
EHIC system and agreements
with the NHS mean that Britons
in France enjoy a basic level of
cover, but again, it is not known
how this will change in the fu-
ture. If bilateral agreements are
not negotiated between France
and the UK, expats in France
could need private healthcare in
order to be adequately covered.
One alternative option is for
expats to take either French nationality, or that of another EU
country such as Ireland. The
process for taking French citizenship is long-winded (it can
take up to 2 years), but relatively straightforward. In general
terms, you need to have lived
in France for five continuous
years and you have to be able to
prove that you have integrated
into French life, understand its
culture and can speak the language. More information can
be found at your local prefecture.
There are as many French
citizens living in the UK as
there are Brits in France, so
while we may well be heading
back to the days of cartes de
séjour, it does seem likely that
the two countries will come to
an agreement on many key issues such as healthcare and
work permits; if they don't,
both countries lose and neither
seems to have an appetite for a
Le Pub
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Every Thursday
eve, 18h-21h
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Mini Fish & Chips
All home-made
€8.95 w/ mushy peas
we are
not an
"expat bar",
but an Englishthemed French
bar open to
Open: Thu 18h to 01h, Fri & Sat 18h to 02h
Sun lunch: 12h to 15h
Function room also available contact Dan for more information
58, rue d’Orjon, Argenton-sur-Creuse
[email protected]
TEL: 06 73 37 45 01
messy divorce. The message so
far on both sides of the Channel
has very much been “keep calm
and carry on”.
The EU will be well aware of
the dangers of uncertainty and
in the aftermath of the referendum vote European leaders
were quick to tell Britain to get
on with it and get out. Outgoing prime minister David Cameron has said it is for his successor to invoke Article 50 and
the government is hoping that it
will be able to begin a series of
informal negotiations with EU
member states before the 2-year
clock starts ticking. Boris Johnson has also gone on record as
saying that there is no rush to
begin the process.
With the EU apparently keen
for a roadmap to be drawn up,
however, answers to some of
these questions will hopefully
start to emerge in the not too
distant future. Either way, expats will still be covered by
EU regulations for at least two
Populist parties across the
continent have been closely
watching events in the UK over
recent months and some are al-
ready calling for their own independence referendum. The
EU may feel it has to take a
hard line in any future negotiations with Britain to dissuade
further countries from voting to
leave and creating a domino effect.
In France, the National
Front's Marine le Pen was quick
to call for a French referendum.
She welcomed the UK vote,
placing a Union Jack flag on
her Twitter page and tweeting:
“Victory for freedom. As I've
been saying for years, we must
now have the same referendum
in France and other EU countries.”
President François Hollande
insisted that the Brexit vote
would have implications far
beyond the UK. After a meeting in Paris with the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon,
Hollande said: “It is true that
for the whole world there is a
question mark as to what will
happen. I very much regret the
vote of the UK, but I respect it.”
“The British vote poses a
grave test for Europe, which
must show solidity and strength
in its response to the economic
Allo Allo
1 rue Saint-Roch, Le Grand Bourg
14th July - Street Party
Celebrate Bastille Day in style
with music, dancing and an
Australian style Mega-BBQ
with salad bar
Tickets can be purchased
in advance at €13
Late bar - come and mix with the locals
To cope with high demand, the Mairie
will be lending us additional furniture
and Le Grand Bourg's fire brigade is
lending us their Mega BBQ.
This really will be the village fête
and you can be part of it!!
François and his multilingual team welcome you
Tue - Thu 10h to 14h & 16h to 21h
Fri & Sat 10h to 14h & 16h till late!
Sunday 12h to 16h
Reservations: 06 73 37 45 01
A. Wright - Carpenter & Joiner
Roofing - Renovation - Kitchens
Bespoke Joinery - General Building
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 05 44 19 15 57
Mob: 06 35 12 10 66
siret: 539 210 542 00012
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L’Orée du Bois, Chouviat, 87120 Eymoutiers
and financial risks,” Hollande
said, adding that the vote was “a
painful choice”, but insisted that
France would continue to work
with the UK, which he called a
“great ally”.
Outside the EU, US president
Barrack Obama, who had urged
Britain to stay in the Union, said:
“The people of the United Kingdom have spoken, and we respect their decision. The special
relationship between the United
States and the United Kingdom is
However, he has not backed
down from a previous comment
that Britain would join “the back
of the queue” when it comes
to trade deals in the event of a
Brexit. After the vote, the White
House confirmed that the president's position remained the same
with regards to Britain's position
in the world order. “Obviously,
the president stands by what he
said and I don't have an update
of our position,” spokesman Eric
Schultz told reporters at a briefing.
It is difficult to predict what
lies ahead but certainly in the
short term there is no need to
panic. Life will go on as usual
and British expats in France will
still be covered by all the rules of
the EU until negotiations on the
UK's exit are completed. ■
What is Article 50
of the EU Treaty?
• In force since 2009 but never tested
• Allows governments to notify intent to leave. Talks then begin
on a range of issues between the leaving nation and other EU
• If no deal is reached, membership will automatically cease two
years after notification
• The article is only a basic template for leaving, settling the
date and some other matters. It does not automatically include
issues such as movement of people or trade. The latter could
take years to conclude
One-hour Amazon service
worries Paris authorities
espite already being in operation
in 40 cities around
the world, including London, Rome and New
York, authorities in Paris have
been taken by surprise by Amazon's unveiling of a 1-hour
delivery service across the
capital. The Socialist mayor,
Anne Hidalgo, has vowed to
take an “uncompromising”
approach to Amazon’s Prime
Now service, saying that it
could upset the French capital’s “commercial equilibrium” and complained that they
were only given a few days'
Hidalgo said she was urging
legislators to examine the delivery service to see whether
safeguards could be drawn
up to prevent it harming independent traders. Paris city
hall has also said it will look
out for unwanted side effects
of the operation, including
increased traffic and pollution. “This operation risks
seriously upsetting the com-
Marc DESCHAMPS - Your French agent
in Bourganeuf-Creuse-Limousin... Since 2002
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6-bed detached stone house with outbuildings,
on 2 ha (5 acres) of attached land
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A village house to restore, with
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house, liveable straight away ~170m², on
5846m² (~1.45 acres) of attached land
Ref 75636 - 152,000 €
Maison bourgeoise, built in the 30’s and
large garage, on 5,000m²(1.2 acres)
mercial balance in Paris,” said
the mayor. “This large American company did not see fit to
inform Paris until a few days
before the launch.”
She said there was a need
to “define by law the protections, in order to prevent such
services becoming an unfair
competition to shopkeepers
and artisans”, going on to say
that “Paris will be intransigent
with regards to Amazon”. The
mayor also called on Amazon
to “guarantee that its approach
fully respects local Parisian
businesses and takes into account the absolute necessity
of preserving their diversity”.
Amazon has previously
only guaranteed same-day delivery on orders placed across
the capital by 2 pm. The new
service, which costs €49 per
year, guarantees delivery
of 18,000 products, including electrical items and fresh
and frozen produce, in under
two hours; one-hour delivery
is possible for an additional
“At first sight it can seem
very good news to have a new
shopping service, except that
it’s not a real shop and is not
under the same constraints as
other businesses,” said Olivia
Polski, one of Paris’ deputy
mayors, speaking on French
radio. She said the service was
a direct threat to local shops,
but was not subject to the
same taxes and competition
rules as physical shops.
It is not the first time that
Amazon has clashed with
French authorities. In 2013
they were branded a “destroyer of bookshops” by the
then culture minister, Aurélie
Filippetti, over their discounted prices and free delivery.
France has strict rules aimed
at protecting independent
booksellers, meaning retailers can only discount books
by a maximum of 5%. When a
2014 law change banned free
delivery on books, Amazon
announced it would charge
customers a nominal one centime for home delivery. ■
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Steve Johns
Domestic sewage treatment specialists.
Planning permission arranged. Inspections.
Design. Supply. Full/Part installations.
10-year decennial insurance cover.
A cleaner future today
• Micro stations • Traditional Fosse septique systems • Compact filter systems • Filter bed systems
• Drainage problems • Design / supply / installation service • DIY and Trade kits now available.
25 years experience. Free quotations.
[email protected]
Calls for EU-wide airspace Cheque validity
rustrated by the frequency of
crippling French air traffic
strikes, a number of Europe's
largest airlines have called for
a merging of airspace, allowing neighbouring countries to step in during
industrial action. Ryanair have long
been a vocal critic of France's air traffic controllers and claim that following
June's action there have now been 51
strikes in France since 2009, unfairly
disrupting airlines. An online petition has been launched by the airline
calling for measures that include a ban
on strikes by the French controllers.
Ryanair have been joined by British Airways’ owner IAG, Lufthansa,
easyJet and others in calling on the
EU to take action. Together, this group
accounts for more than half of all air
passenger journeys in Europe
A spokesman for Airlines for Europe said: “It is the right of anyone to
go on strike but it cannot be allowed to
affect everyone in Europe.” The group
has warned that Europe is “hurtling
towards a summer of disruption and
frustration for customers”, and said
that strikes in France, Greece, Italy
and Belgium have resulted in member airlines having to cancel more
than 2,500 flights over the last three
months, as well as causing long delays
for many flights that did take off.
UK passengers have been among
the hardest hit by the strikes, with
cut to 6 months
ith modern life relying so heavily on technology, one seemingly outdated habit that has
stubbornly refused to disappear in France is
paying for goods by cheque. In a world of
contactless cards and paying with your smartphone, French
shoppers are often forced to wait for several long minutes
while a chequebook is extracted, boxes are filled in, stubs
are updated and two forms of ID are verified.
flights being forced to detour wide
into the Atlantic or central Europe in
order to avoid French run airspace and
reach destinations in the south of Europe.
“It’s unacceptable that we have
these constant disputes affecting the
industry and all of us as passengers,”
said International Air Transport Association (Iata) vice-president for Europe, Rafael Schvartzman, who called
the strikes one of the “biggest challenges we see in Europe”. “Air traffic
controllers are actually highly compensated professionals in a dynamic
industry. They should be embracing
reforms that are critical to delivering
the safety, capacity, cost and environ-
mental improvements that European
air travellers deserve. It’s time for
governments to ensure measures are in
place to keep airspace open, including
looking to their neighbours within the
European Union to help run air navigation services when one country’s
controllers have stopped services.”
Industry experts say that the technology already exists to allow controllers to navigate flights over neighbouring airspace, but politics - and
traditional national sovereignty - was
the stumbling block. “Technically you
can do it. It is not for us to negotiate.
It is for the governments to agree. It is
something that can be done today by
governments,” said Schvartzman. ■
The government has finally taken steps, with MPs voting
to reduce the validity of cheques from 12 to 6 months in
a move it hopes will encourage people to use more modern forms of payment such as by card or bank transfer. The
changes are part of a wider government initiative to slowly
phase out cheques.
Some MPs resisted the changes, arguing that cheques were
an important option “for many on modest incomes looking
to manage their outgoings”. Others argued that phasing out
cheques was logical and that the move was important to protect businesses from unpaid bills and to allow swifter access
to their money.
The average French person currently writes 37 cheques
per year; in the UK this figure is 11 whilst the Germans write
fewer than one! The new limit will come into force from 1st
July 2017. ■
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presentation of this coupon
FOOT SALLE - Take-away Pizza
We invite you to
watch Euro 2016
matches with us in a
friendly, welcoming
environment. Home
made pizza, salads,
beer and cocktails
are all available...!
For information & reservations
Tel: 05 55 02 52 11
Plan d’eau de Bujaras
To place
an advert
The Bugle
05 55 41 17 76
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French eating Plastic bags banned from shops
fewer baguettes
day - less than half of a
standard 250g baguette.
The association cited
changing diets as a significant factor in the
decline of bread consumption, in particular
those low in carbohydrates or which do not
allow gluten. Another
reason given was that
people now place less
importance on breakfast, a meal that would
traditionally involve a
lot of bread.
The baguette was
also once a cheap staple, but prices have
been steadily rising
over recent years. Today a baguette will cost
you an average 88 cents
- not a fortune, but almost 25% more than
it would have set you
back ten years ago.
In a possible “chicken and egg” situation,
there are also far fewer bakeries in modern
France. Whilst there
50,000 boulangeries in
the 1950s, that figure
has dropped to fewer
than 30,000 today. ■
and veg sections, the vast majority of
which are thrown away as soon as the
produce they contain gets home. Furthermore, many of these bags end up
in the sea where they cause serious
problems for marine ecosystems.
The bags covered by the ban are
those thinner than 50 microns - thicker
plastic bags will still be allowed. From
January 2017, the plastic bags used to
package fruit and vegetables must be
replaced by biodegradable paper ones.
Many of France's large chain retailers already charge for plastic bags at
the checkout, a move that has dropped
their usage from 12 billion to just 700
million in the last 12 years.
Today, the average French person
gets through 79 plastic bags every
year. This compares to an EU-wide
average of 175 bags per citizen, a figure the EU hopes to reduce to 40 by
Plastic bag use varies widely across
Europe. In a recent survey, Estonians
were the worst offenders, with each
resident getting through an impressive
466 single-use bags annually. As is so
often the case, Scandinavian countries
lead the way: residents in Denmark
and Finland use only four plastic bags
on average each year! ■
World first for broken elephant leg
n Auvergne zoo has managed to heal an elephant
with a broken leg in what is believed to be a world
first. The elephant received a double fracture of her
leg when she was kicked by the park's male last
year. The injury would ordinarily be a potentially fatal one for
an elephant, requiring the animal to be euthanised to avoid prolonged suffering, but the park's vets were determined to help
save the 23-year-old female who had a 2-year-old son.
Thanks to a series of x-rays and a (presumably quite large)
general anaesthetic, a jumbo-sized cast was applied to the leg
and staff at Le Pal zoo near Dompierre-sur-Besbre worked round
the clock to help the animal recover. A huge sand bank was constructed which allowed Nina to rest without lying down and
daily care was given by the team that look after the elephants.
After six months in plaster - and a €50,000 bill - Nina's cast
finally came off a few months ago and she took her first tentative steps. Now, with all the weight she lost regained, Nina is
back to full health and enjoying life once again as part of the
herd that lives at the zoo in the Allier department.
© Le PAL
hen you
think of
w h a t
is the first thing that
comes to mind? Putting
aside childhood stereotypes of men in stripy
tops, cycling along in
a beret and with their
shoulders adorned by
a string of onions, your
next thought may well
be the humble baguette.
Is there a greater symbol of France... with
the possible exception
of strikes and the Eiffel
however, have shown
a marked decline in
the popularity of the
'French stick'. A century ago, the baguette
was a staple of every
Frenchman's diet, with
three being eaten on average by every person,
every day. By 1970 this
had dropped to just one
and the National Association of French Millers (ANMF) has said
that in 2015, the average person ate just 120
grammes of bread per
rom 1st July, France has begun phasing out the use of
non-biodegradable thin plastic bags. In the first instance,
plastic bags will be banned from
checkouts and then from 1st January
2017, they will also be banned from
the fruit and vegetable sections of
retailers. The law change has been
planned in France for some time, but
has been the subject of a number of
According to the government, there
are 5 billion of these types of bags
used at checkouts across France each
year and a further 12 billion in fruit
Elephants at Le Pal
“We have often kept a male elephant with our small herd of
females, and we've never had a problem before,” explained Arnaud Bennet, Le Pal's manager. “But just to be certain, we are
looking for a new placement for him via the European Breeding Programme (EBP), and as soon as a suitable place becomes
free he will be relocated.”■
siret: 510 357 155 00017
Double D
Renovations & Home Improvements
All types of building work, groundwork,
renovations, decorating and maintenance
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Kitchen & bathroom
Plaster boarding
etc. etc.
Telephone:- 05 55 65 00 29 / 06 33 19 99 64
Email:- [email protected]
Kerviel awarded SocGen damages McDo raid
goes bad
n January 2008, rogue trader Jérôme
Kerviel ran up €50 billion of unauthorised trades at France’s second
largest bank, Société Générale - more
than the bank was worth at the time. The
scandal would eventually cost the bank
€4.9 billion - the biggest loss of its kind in
history - and go on to be seen as a harbinger of the global financial meltdown that
was just around the corner.
Although it was fined €4m in 2008 by
the French banking commission for its
failure to efficiently control its trading
floor, Société Générale vigorously denied
any knowledge or involvement in what it
called Kerviel's “financial terrorism”. The
trader was found guilty in a 2010 trial and
sentenced to 3 years in prison and a fine
of “four billion, nine hundred and fifteen
million, six hundred and ten thousand,
one hundred and fifty four euros” - a sum
equivalent to the bank's losses. The fine
was later overturned on appeal and the
trader subsequently spent 5 months behind
Kerviel has always admitted the unauthorised trades, but said officials at Société Générale knew what he was doing
and turned a blind eye while the bank was
making money. Speaking during his origi-
nal trial, Kerviel told the court: “The daily
encouragements of my superiors didn't put
the brakes on me, but rather encouraged
me”. He claimed that his bosses must have
been aware of his massive illicit trading
positions: “On a trading desk, we are all 50
cm from one another. Everything is seen,
everything is heard.”
In an attempt to hold his previous employers to account, Kerviel recently sued
SocGen for wrongful dismissal and a tribunal has now agreed, ordering the bank to
pay the former trader €450,000 in compensation. The labour court said the bank had
dismissed him not because of his actions,
which it must have known of, but for their
consequences. One of the judges at the tribunal said that the bank could not pretend
it was unaware of Mr Kerviel's fake operations and said he was fired “without genuine or serious cause”.
SocGen’s lawyer, Arnaud Chalut, said
the ruling for unfair dismissal was “scandalous”, highlighting that Kerviel had
been convicted of a crime and adding that
the bank would appeal against a decision
that they claim runs counter to French law.
Kerviel’s lawyer David Koubbi told
Reuters that the tribunal’s decision “restores justice and tears apart the story that
Société Générale has presented from the
French investigators are also currently
considering Kerviel’s request for a retrial
of the criminal case, after Nathalie Le Roy,
the police officer who led the Kerviel investigation in 2008 and 2012, recently
expressed concerns about how she was
pressured to focus solely on evidence that
would incriminate him, and said Kerviel’s
superiors must have known what he was
doing. ■
t is never a good idea to rob a fast food
restaurant, but it is a particularly bad idea
to do so while a crack team of elite soldiers
are enjoying a quick bite to eat.
There were 40 people enjoying their dinner in
a branch of McDonald's near Besançon, in the
eastern Doubs department, when two armed men
stormed in. One fired a warning shot while his
partner raided the till for cash, but neither realised that 11 of the diners were off-duty members
of the Groupe d'Intervention de la Gendarmerie
Nationale (GIGN), an elite unit that specialises
in counter-terrorism and hostage rescue.
In order to minimise the danger to the public, the off-duty soldiers waited for the heist to
end before springing to action and tackling the
pair in the car park, Besançon public prosecutor Edwige Roux-Morizot later explained. The
first man, who was carrying around 2,000 euros
in cash, stumbled as he attempted to flee down
some stairs and was quickly subdued. After
threatening the soldiers with his weapon, the
accomplice was shot in the abdomen and also
The pair soon found themselves in hospital
and awaiting trial on charges of armed robbery
and violence, Roux-Morizot confirmed. ■
By purchasing a luxury holiday
property at the Wyndham
Halcyon Retreat Golf & Spa
Resort, you, your family and
friends can benefit from your own
golf course, turreted chateau spa,
fully stocked fishing lakes, Aqua
Adventure Park and 220-acres of
stunning grounds.
En achetant votre appartement de
luxe auprès de Wyndham Halcyon
Retreat Golf & Spa Resort, vous,
votre famille et vos amis pourront
alors bénéficer du parcours de
golf, du château du XVIème siècle,
des lacs approvisionnés, des centres aquatiques et 90 hectars de
beaux parcs.
For full details, prices or to arrange a viewing trip, contact
[email protected] / /
Pour plus de renseignements, tarifs ou visiter, veuillez contacter
[email protected] / /
Neptune by French Lily | by appointment only
Vervaux, 23240 Saint Priest la Plaine
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In the garden - jobs for July
here is the summer? I want to
shout. And ten million slugs
and snails will slimily reply,
with a certain amount of glee
“Pas encore!” That's been the situation up to the
middle of June. Warmish periods alternating
with wet conditions have seen an explosion
in the growth of weeds and wildflowers, and
a corresponding slowdown of young veg
plants in the garden (those that have survived
the onslaught of the molluscs, in any case) logical when you consider how much more
fragile seedlings are, trying to grow their roots
at the same time as their leaves.
So what do we do? Well, first of all, don't
panic. The weather will do what the weather
will do and this year's rain is luckily filling up
the water table, which was heavily depleted
last year. But during dry moments, go out
and make sure you mow the grass round your
veg garden as short as possible. Trim back
overhanging plants and grasses. Clean around
the bases of shrubs and spread a layer of dry
Then, if les escargots, etc. have been a
problem for you, decide how to tackle them.
Collect and eat them?! Maybe not... Slug pellets
are highly toxic and even the “environmentally
friendly” ones are apparently not as innocuous
as marketed. Killing all these animals also has
a dreadful impact on the things that eat them
- birds, hedgehogs, frogs and toads - so don't
by Michelle Pierce
aim to eliminate too many. Instead, look at
ways to make your vegetable beds less friendly
for them. Remove planks or stones they can
hide under. Some people like spreading wood
ash or broken eggshells round their plants but
I prefer wheat bran (son de blé). This is loved
by our enemies. If you sprinkle it in a thick line
all round your plant, then they'll eat this, bloat,
and not eat your greenery; that is the theory,
and it's worked well for me in the past - with
the added advantage that you are leaving them
for your hedgehogs to consume later! It also
feeds your soil as any uneaten “son” quickly
rots down to compost. A virtuous circle.
As a last resort, try beer traps but you need
to stomach emptying them out!
Keep the weeds under control, especially in
the potager, and mulch newly cleared ground
to slow down their reappearance.
If we do finally get some good sunny
weather, we are likely to see another explosion
of growth, so keep your tomatoes, climbing
beans and peas tied in. Check stakes for things
like dahlias, asters and chrysanthemums. Keep
pinching out the tomato side shoots, melon
tips and the tips of other trailing squash when
you've got a reasonable number of female
If things like courgettes have started to look
a bit yellow from all this water, give them a
feed with some blood fish and bone, or nettle
tea. Or simply pile cut nettles (minus seeds and
roots) round their base. Similarly, pay attention
to your pot plants, tubs, hanging baskets and
containers because they may have had a lot of
their nutrients washed out by the rain. Give
them a good couple of feeds at a week or so's
interval, or add some slow release fertilizer
granules if you didn't at planting.
Should you be lucky enough to have any
fruit left on your trees, keep an eye that there
are not too many, and thin out if necessary
when they are at a small stage.
Keep sowing leaf veg at regular intervals,
to replace the stuff eaten by slugs, and to give
you a good quantity of salad leaves for all
those outdoor lunches and barbecues that we'll
hopefully soon be enjoying. Sow quick catch
crops in between longer term varieties - radish
among cabbages, etc. - to utilise all available
space, thus reducing weed colonisation.
Remember to deadhead flowers to keep them
going as long as possible.
Sounds crazy, but look through the seeds to
see which things will need sowing during July/
August for the autumn - chicory for winter
endives, winter varieties, etc.
If you have left a few plants to go to seed,
things like poppies, etc., now is probably a
good time to collect them. Look at the capsules
and if they seem quite dry, and there are signs
that they are ready to split, either collect the
individual capsules, or cut off the whole stalk,
and put it in a paper bag to finish drying, and
thus collect the falling seed. Alternatively just
let them self sow, but this does mean you have
no control over colour mixes.
Pick regularly to keep things going and
avoid those gluts that can be such hard work to
process. Cut yourself buckets of fresh flowers
for the house! Dry herbs before they flower to
get the best flavours. Collect some stalks of
lavender flowers before they are fully open, to
dry for cooking or flavouring sugar or vinegar.
Remember to collect and dry some of your
roses and rosebuds for pot pourri.
Check and deal with cuttings of shrubs that
you took earlier in the year, keeping them in
moist conditions, but not too wet.
Note where there are new suckers of plum
trees, or cherry trees, baby peaches grown
from stones so that you don't mow them over,
and then you can pot them up later in the year,
move them to more desirable places or give
them away. This is especially important if you
are planning to fell the parent tree.
Visit other people's gardens for new ideas
- www.opengardens.eu is a great source of
Most of all, enjoy the beauty of your garden,
and its productivity. Last year we'd had
temperatures in the 40s by now and everything
was wilting, scorched and suffering. So
different year, different challenge!
Good gardening! ■
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Tel: 05 55 68 74 73
Open Tue - Sat: 09h00 - 12h00 & 14h30 - 18h30
(closed Mon) Sun: 09h30 - 12h00 & 14h30 - 18h00
GPS: Long: 0° 53’ 33’’ 40 E Lat: 46° 13’ 45’’ 10 N
JULY 2016 ○ THE BUGLE ○ www.thebugle.eu
H 20 Creuse
Gas and
oil fired boiler specialist
Heating system anti-freeze installation
Winterising of heating & plumbing systems
Electric ballon replacements
Advice given
Jason Green:
Email: [email protected]
Siret no: 487 425 639 00027
TVA No: FR86487425639
French Residence and Taxes - Blevins Franks
f you own, or are buying, a
property in France and spend
time here each year, you need to
understand the rules about residency in France and the UK, so that
you comply fully with the correct tax
regime. Getting it wrong could cause
problems with the taxman later, or
result in you paying more tax than
you need to.
French tax residency
You will be deemed tax resident in
France if you fulfil any of the following four tests. Note that you do
not have a choice; you either are, or
are not, French tax resident under the
1) France is your main residence
or home (your foyer). This embraces
ideas of permanence and stability
and is the rule the French authorities
most rely on.
2) France is your principal place of
abode, your lieu de séjour principal.
This usually means you spend more
than 183 days in France per calendar
year, or you spend more days here
than in any other country.
3) Your principal activity (for example, your occupation) is in France.
4) France is the country of your
most substantial assets (centre of
economic interests).
You are tax resident from the day
after you arrive in France, if you
arrived with an intention to reside
there indefinitely.
Tax in France
If you meet any of the above criteria, you are liable to French income
tax, capital gains tax and wealth tax
on your worldwide income and assets. You have to declare all of this,
including income that is taxed elsewhere, such as UK rental income and
In France you are taxed on a household, rather than on an individual basis. This means that if you are married or in a civil partnership, your tax
liability is based on your combined
income. French income tax rates are
progressive up to 45%. In addition to
income tax, social charges are levied
on most types of income (8% on salaries, 7.4% on pension income and
15.5% on investment income).
UK government service pensions
remain taxable in the UK and are not
taxed in France, although you need
to declare the income as it is taken
into account when the rate of tax
payable on your other French source
income is calculated.
You also have to consider the tax
implications on any other types of
income such as investment income.
It is important to note that what is
tax-efficient in the UK (such as
ISAs) is not tax-efficient if you become French resident.
Besides income tax you may be liable to wealth tax. This is an annual
tax on the value of a household’s
worldwide assets as at 1st January.
You are liable if your taxable assets
Excuse me madam,
what is your name?
epending on whether you
ask this question to a French
or British woman, you may
get a different response.
In general terms, when a British couple marry, the woman may choose to
take her husband's name. This will then
become the only surname to appear on
official documents such as a passport.
These official documents will not mention her maiden name, which will usually only then be found on birth and
marriage certificates.
On the other hand, women in France
keep their maiden name on official documents, even after they have married:
“Marie DURAND épouse MARTIN” “Marie DURAND married name MARTIN”. The reason for this dates back to
a law from the French Revolution that
is still in force today: la loi du 6 fructidor an II * (23 August 1794), which
states that a citizen can only use the
forenames and surname stated on their
birth certificate.
Upon marrying, a French woman only
gains the right to use her husband's surname - it never becomes hers. For all
administrative dealings, she will still be
identified by her maiden name, because
article 4 of the previously mentioned
law forbids public servants from referring to a citizen by any other name than
that shown on their birth certificate.
So, if you find yourself having to deal
with the French authorities and needing
to verify your name, you should always
take along your birth certificate as well
(showing your maiden name), as this is
the only document that will be recognised by the administration. ■
* During the Revolution, a new calendar, the French Republican Calendar,
was created to replace the one currently
in use at the time (and which is still in
use today). This calendar renamed the
months of the year and began on 22nd
September 1792, thereafter known as
the 1st vendémiaire year 1, the day of
the foundation of the Republic. It was
abandoned in 1806.
Laure CHAVERON - Avocat
36 av. Pierre Leroux,
Tel: 05 55 82 18 99
13 pl. Général Espagne,
Mob: 06 50 66 77 48
are above €1.3m. Rates range from
0% (for assets under €800,000) to
1.5% (for assets above €10,000,000).
Succession tax is the French
equivalent of UK inheritance tax but
works quite differently. Tax is not
charged on your estate but paid by
each beneficiary on the assets they
inherit. Rates vary according to the
relationship between the deceased
and the beneficiary.
UK tax residency rules
In the UK, the Statutory Residence
Test determines whether you are liable for UK income and capital gains
tax on your worldwide income. In
summary, it is a combination of day
counting and the number of “sufficient ties” you have with the UK.
Whether or not you were resident
in the UK in the previous tax years
also plays a part. This is detailed and
complex legislation so you really
need to take professional advice.
You can be resident in both the UK
and France simultaneously. In this
case, “tie breaker” rules in the UK/
France double tax treaty will determine where you are resident for tax
purposes. These consider where you
have a permanent home available to
you, where your centre of vital interest is located, and where you have an
habitual abode. If these are indeterminate, it comes down to nationality.
Many people avoid becoming resident in France because they believe
they would pay too much tax as a result. However, if you are retired and
take specialist, personalised advice,
you may find that you can use compliant tax efficient arrangements in
France to considerably lower your
tax liabilities. You may even find
that you could pay less tax in France
than you do in the UK.
International tax legislation and
cross-border tax planning is complex
and you should always seek professional guidance to make sure you are
completely up to date across your financial affairs. ■
Tax rates, scope and reliefs may
change. Any statements concerning
taxation are based upon our understanding of current taxation laws
and practices, which are subject to
change. Tax information has been
summarised; an individual is advised to seek personalised advice.
www.thebugle.eu ○ THE BUGLE ○ JULY 2016
The Bugle CLASSIFIEDS are brought to you in association with
and inside storage boxes. Used
only occasionally. €250.00 Tel 05
55 76 70 51:
FOR SALE: 6 dining room chairs
Dark wood, with wicker seats.
Guéret-La Châtre. €80.00 Tel: 05
55 80 14 97
FOR SALE: Ercol Plate Rack Dark
Oak 50cm x 100cm. €25.00 Tel: 05
55 80 14 97
FOR SALE: Single electric bed
Raises at head and foot. V.g.c.
Bujaleuf area. €100.00 Tel: 05 55
69 49 28
sideboard, 2 cupboards 3 drawers
168cm long 46cm wide 86cm
high, with 4 long slim legs 50e.
Tel: 04 70 06 34 12
FOR SALE: Table top oven with
grill As new, larger than average.
FOR SALE: 134 litre drum electric
cement mixer In good condition.
Clean drum. St Sornin Leulac area.
€100.00 Tel: +44 (0)7413 242 004
FOR SALE: Acro-props One pair
(French type) acro-props. 20 euros
for the pair. Dun-le-Palestel area.
Email: [email protected]
FOR SALE: 3 Aluminium Scaffold
Towers 6 m high x 1 m width.
Comes with platforms, wheels and
stabilizers. 600 euros each or all 3
towers for 1600 euros. Tel: 05 55
82 09 11
FOR SALE: Automatic selflevelling optical site survey level
kit Comprising: GEO FENNEL X32
dumpy Level; Sturdy carry case
with plumb bob; Tripod, staff
and staff carry sack. Used for
swimming pool project, now
redundant! Very good condition.
(Magnac-Laval). €125.00 Tel: 05
55 68 14 51 Email: [email protected]
FOR SALE: Pillar drill stand
€10.00 Tel: 05 55 68 39 57 Email:
[email protected]
FOR SALE: Twin-headed Halogen
work spotlight on tripod €15.00
Tel: 05 55 68 39 57 Email:
[email protected]
FOR SALE: Renovated cart for
the garden Priced for quick sale.
Coussac Bonneval area. €150.00
Tel: 05 55 08 29 45
FOR SALE: Merida turbo compact
330 electric mower Metal blade,
integral grass box, with long lead.
€50.00 Tel: 05 55 68 39 57 Email:
[email protected]
FOR SALE: Garden Cultivator Petrol
Hardly Used. Guéret-La Châtre.
€150.00 Tel: 05 55 80 14 97
Ideal for a holiday home, summer
kitchen or just to save money!
Dept 87. €20.00 Tel: 05 55 03 04
49 Email: [email protected]
Free for adoption 1 male adult
donkey, 1 female adult donkey
with her 4 month old male sibling.
Together or separated. Please
contact for more info. Tel: 06 11 73
50 00 Email: [email protected]
4 Kittens need good homes
Weaned 1st week of June. Near
Aubusson. Contact Mark. 06 45
82 34 03
FOR SALE: Chair that turns
into a single bed Hardly used,
comfortable and useful. Beigelight brown colours. Nr 23150
AHUN. Tel: 07 68 42 18 01 Email:
[email protected]
FOR SALE: Dresser in medium oak
200 H x 210 W x 50 D cms, shelves,
cupboards, drawers, vgc. Comes
apart for easy transport. Nr 23150
AHUN. €160.00ono Tel: 07 68 42
18 01 Email: [email protected]
FOR SALE: Kitchen wall units Very
attractive 2 kitchen wall units 72H
x 50W x 30D cms 30 euros each; 1
matching wall unit 124H x 50W
x 30D cms with mirror at back 60
euros. Light ash colour, glazed
doors. Nr 23150 AHUN. Tel: 07 68
42 18 01 Email: [email protected]
FOR SALE: Clic/Clac Put-u-up L200
x H98 x D98 cms. Colours two tone
blue with two additional cushions
FOR SALE: Granite cobbles approx
10 x 12 cms 30 euros / m2. Nr
23150 AHUN. Te: 07 68 42 18 01 o
Email: [email protected]
DJ 1 Prosound 800 watt power
amplifier; 2 Prosound 300 watt
loudspeakers, (10” heavy duty
woofer, 4” horn tweeter); 2 Heavy
duty extending speaker stands;
2 x 10 metre speaker cables. All
in excellent condition. Cost new
€470, I would like €350 for the lot.
Text: 0044 7773 152 990 Email:
[email protected]
OIL TANK Plastic tank in very good
condition. 230cm long x 140cm
wide x 145cm high. Delivery can
be arranged at cost. €200.00 Text:
0044 7773 152 990 Email: haynes.
[email protected]
pair of Carl Zeiss Jena 10 x 50 W
binoculars in near mint condition.
Everything works as it should.
Focus is smooth, bodywork is
immaculate, optics are clear &
clean with no fungus, scratches,
cleaning marks or other optical
blight. These have spent the last
30 years in the included case and
are in excellent shape. They were
made in the former East Germany
(DDR). The serial number is
4660936. €190.00 Text: 0044 7773
152 990 Email: [email protected]
FOR SALE: Various Electric log
splitter, 40 cm cut, 120e; Large
electric hedge trimmer 15e; Chain
block 10cwt, 15e; 2 double alloy
ladders, 50e; Yew stereo and tv
unit 25e pair; Corner mahogany
glass fronted unit 40e; Matching
telephone table, nest of tables,
magazine rack 30e; 50 red old
quarry floor tiles 20cm x 20cm, 2
half cm thick, 30e; Cane storage
unit - 2 cupboards plus shelves
188cm high x 90cm high plus
cane chair, 40e; Beautiful old
mahogany English bow fronted
3200. 1190 watt. Excellent
condition. €80.00 Tel: 06 34 06 27
14 Email: [email protected]
Maxi Split. 1590 watt. 16000 BTU/
hour. Excellent condition. €120.00
Tel: 06 34 06 27 14 Email: smith.
[email protected]
FOR SALE: Evo-Stik "Gripfill" Gap
Filling Adhesive 10 x 350ml tubes.
Surplus to requirements. 50 euros
the lot. Tel: 05 55 76 27 18
FOR SALE: Black colonial wood
burner With 1 metre flue, black
doors, very good condition. St
Sornin Leulac area. €100.00ono
Tel: +44 (0)7413 242 004 Email:
[email protected]
FOR SALE: Various Brevi travel cot,
excellent condition 20€; Black
flue for fire size 100 mm, brand
new, bought too much, 1 metre
long 30€ new selling for 10€;
Three quarter mattress, excellent
clean condition 40€; Moulinex
microwave white 1315 microchef,
good condition 10€; 65mm
satellite dish with LNB new 20€
never used. St Sornin Leulac area.
Tel: +44 (0)7413 242 004 Email:
[email protected]
Genuine Australian 'DRIZA-BONE"
brown long wax coat - worn just
three or four times (for walking)...
and then stored away in a dry
place in our barn. €95.00 Tel: 05
55 78 79 02
FOR SALE: Aquarium It comes
complete with filtration system,
heater, aerator, thermometer,
gravel, ornaments and books. The
tank sits on a bespoke cabinet and
measures W : 80cms, D : 30cms
H : 128cms. Photos available
on request. Tel: 05 55 71 30 07
FOR SALE: Various White wooden
bookcase 29 inches wide 54 inches
high; White metal shelving unit 32
inches wide 62 inches high; White
chest of drawers (4 drawers)
ex-Fishpools; French marble
topped bedside cabinet with
pot cupboard; Wooden planter
with trellis back 35 inches wide
52 inches high; Full size antique
pram. Carriage is a replacement,
but the wheels, springs and
handle are original. Would make
unusual garden display. All offers
considered. Tel: 05 55 76 10 36
2m x 1m x 1.2mm; 1 sheet 1.2m x
.6m x 1.2mm. New. Still in original
crate. Weight: 90 kgs. New: €760.
Selling price €500 €500.00 Tel:
06 34 06 27 14 Email: smith.
[email protected]
CH4000B 400kg Electric Power
Hoist (still in box) €100. (New
£119.98 / €154 ) and Polyester
Round Web Sling (SR1/4). New. 2
for €20 - Together €120; CLARKE
CCB2 Compact Floor Mounted
Parts Bender (never used) €85.
(New £95.98 / €123); CLARKE
CHS2E 2” Petrol Powered Semitrash Waterpump (still in box)
€350. (New £395 / €507); CLARKE
CSD3A Submersive Electric
Waterpump (still in box) €200.
(New £239.98 / €308); CLARKE
100+50m 2” diameter Layflat
Delivery Hose + Couplings (still
in box)€200. (New £235 / €301).
Tel: 06 34 06 27 14 Email: smith.
[email protected]
FOR SALE: Various Large stainless
steel Preserving pan 10 Euro;
Large stainless steel Wok with
lid (never used) 10 euro; Coffee
Table 12 euro; Rug 108 x 73 (9ft
x 6ft dark rose with blue) 10
euro; Computer Stand 25 euro;
Mahogany Blanket Box 75 euro.
Coussac Bonneval area. Tel: 05 55
08 29 45
FOR SALE: 10ft opening metal
gates with fittings (Bujaleuf area).
€100.00 Tel: 05 55 69 49 28
FOR SALE: Shower door - Pivot
type 1860 x 860mm. Used but
good condition. White aluminium
frame and frosted glass. Magnetic
door strip. Adjustable pivot.
Montrollet (dept 16). €30.00 Tel:
05 45 89 08 46
FOR SALE: Various Various
furniture new & old - tables,
ercol chairs, sofa, armchairs,
drawers, etc. Also electrical - fans,
fridges, freezers. Other household.
Children's toys for 8ys +. Child's
bike. All for sale due to moving
house. Welcome to view. St. Loup,
Nr Gouzon. Tel: 05 55 62 25 18 or
06 40 30 86 17
FOR SALE: Drawing board Size
A0+ with parallel motion. Solid
wood. Adjustable metal stand. St
Loup, nr Gouzon, Creuse. €50.00
Tel: 05 55 62 25 18
FOR SALE: Aluminumum sink 1
basin, 50cm x 95cm. St Loup, nr
Gouzon, Creuse. €10.00 Tel: 05 55
62 25 18
FOR SALE: Ceramic sink, basin
+ drainage board Fairly good
condition, 60 x120cm. St Loup, nr
Gouzon, Creuse. €35.00 Tel: 05 55
62 25 18
FOR SALE: 3 internal doors Solid
pine, 6 panel, knotty, new, no
fixtures, 1981 x 762 x 34mm.
35euro each. St Loup, nr Gouzon,
Creuse. Tel: 05 55 62 25 18
Down sizing sale Large earthen
ware Chimaera with metal stand
and two waterproof covers great
patio heater. 60euro or near offer;
IKEA kitchen centre work table.
60e or near offer; Ride on mower
needs minor mechanical repair
(fuel filter) 550e. Tel: 02 54 62 01
87 Email: [email protected]
FOR SALE: Camera tripod
With ergonomic joystick head
'Manfrotto' - brand new, never
used. €60.00 Tel: 05 55 69 21 98
FOR SALE: French Rosieres Cooker
(oil burning) Good condition -
Worktop dishwasher Oceanic
OcealVC655AW €100.00. All ideal for
holiday accommodation/rentals. We
are in Dept 23 near Crocq. Tel: 05 55
67 94 52
WANTED: Perrusson Ecuisses S &
L terracotta tiles, 40cm x 25cm
Height 84cms/ Depth 59cms/
Width 75cms. Pick up from
Bourganeuf, you will need 2/3
people to help lift item as it will
be heavy. Ready for collection.
€80.00 Email: [email protected]
TYRES 145/70/6, Fit Suzuki lt 50.
Please contact for further info.
€90.00 Text: 0044 7773 152 990
Email: [email protected]
REPAIR ANNEXE Good aluminium
chassis by Syspal Ltd. Overall
length 6.25m. Overall width
2.13m. Interior ideal for camper
conversion, has cassette toilet,
handbasin, shower, oven. Located
in 03380. Please contact for
further information. €300.00 Text:
0044 7773 152 990 Email: haynes.
[email protected]
FOR SALE: 2005 Vauxhall/Opel
Zafira, Design, 2.0DTi, 16v French
Registered, 7 Seats, 77800 mls,
Full Service History, CT until June
2018, PRE RECALL MODEL. The car
is located in the Limousin near
Limoges. Please contact me for
further details. €1,900.00ono Tel:
+44 (0)7836 202 238
FOR SALE: Luton Transit with tail
lift Year 2005. English registered.
Good tyres. New brakes all round
plus front disc. Mileage 102,000.
Drives well. Comes with tow bar
fitted. €2,750.00 Tel: 05 55 82 09
FOR SALE: Pair of 205/65 R 15 H
Uniroyal tyres Only three months
old. Engine failed not the car. Still
on rims. No offers. €100.00 Tel: 05
55 03 27 67
FOR SALE: New Alternator - Ford
Endura Diesel engine 1.8 Still in
box – not required. €60.00 Tel: 05
55 56 52 28
FOR SALE: Gas Cooker + Fridge/
Freezer + Dishwasher Gas Cooker,
Belling Euroline with gas bottle
connections, v/good condition
€100.00. Fridge/freezer Fagor
Class A, v/good condition €100.00.
X 1; FRONTON DE RIVE X 1. Just need
these remaining few tiles to finish
roof so look forward to hearing from
anybody that may have some tucked
away. Please contact for photos. Text:
0044 7773 152 990 Email: haynes.
[email protected]
WANTED: Aluminium ladders Tel: 05
55 80 14 97
WANTED: Double or 2 single beds
With mattress, must be good
condition. Tel: 04 70 06 34 12
WANTED: Lazy boy recliner in good
condition Contact Robert. Email:
[email protected]
WANTED: Small ride on mower Must
be reasonably priced and in good
running order. Please contact me
by email. Email: [email protected]
In good condition. Text: 0044 7773
152 990 Email: [email protected]
WANTED: Live-In Guardian Frenchspeaking lady seeks an able-bodied
man or woman to act as a livein guardian for her countryside
property near Auzances. Small
jobs to be agreed e.g. help with
gardening. Driving licence essential
(a car is available). Basic spoken
French required. Attractive selfcontained accommodation offered,
with all expenses paid. Tel: 05 55 67
17 56
WANTED: Upright Piano Based south
of Limoges. Tel: 0044 7789 253 342
WANTED: Kitchen units Must be in
good clean condition. Tel: 05 45 23 76
90 Email: [email protected]
WANTED: I want your unused bowls
Cash paid for flat green, crown green,
indoor and short mat bowls, from a
single wood up to sets of four. Tel: 05
55 03 27 67
WANTED: Cleaning lady Cleaning
lady wanted for a manor house in
Verneuil. Must have experience with
antiques and animals in household
as well as recommendations, weekly
basis. Tel: 06 27 10 54 07
WANTED: Housekeeper/Cleaner I
have quite a large house in SaintLéger-la-Montagne 87340 and am
expecting several guests this summer
running into the autumn. I’m looking
for a housekeeper to look after the
house; jobs will include cleaning and
looking after the linen. My house is in
the hills above Ambazac and is quite
remote, so you must have your own
transport. Flexibility in hours is also
required as there will be busy and
quiet times. Please email for more
information. Email: [email protected]
European Vehicle Transport
All vehicles / Tous véhicules
Classic & Prestige cars / Véhicules Collection et Prestigieux
Fully insured / Assurance tous risques
0044 (0)7480 216 395 / 0033 (0)6 23 29 24 70
Email: [email protected]
JULY 2016 ○ THE BUGLE ○ www.thebugle.eu
Business Directory
Your indispensable guide to finding local businesses & artisans
Animals & Pets
Auto Services
Building Services
Fosses Septiques
Animals & Pets
Chimney Sweeps
>> pg 15
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Food & Drink
>> pg 16
Garden Services
>> pg 16
>> pg 16-18 Gifts & Crafts
Handholding Services
>> pg 18
Health & Beauty
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Caring, quiet accommodation
just for cats
JUNCT 22 off A20, Arnac la Poste
Alison & Ray
Tel: 05 55 60 27 83
[email protected]
SIRET: 520 896 671 00010
Cat & Dog boarding (23)
Professional (CCAD)
Our services include,
heated cottage for cats with gardens,
boarding for dogs in a family
environment, plus heated kennels.
Pro 2m high secure garden,
pet taxi, pro pet food.
Contact Kelly Siret: 750 721 581 RM23
[email protected]
05 55 41 17 76
or email
[email protected]
siret: 810 192 807 00016
Dog Grooming
See Display Ad pg 19
European Transport
Open 365 days a year
Call Leanne on:
05 55 80 42 47
Registered Car Mechanic
LCS 23 Autos
Small, friendly English-run
kennels in Bétête (23270)
House Clearance
Insurance & Finance
Language Services
Pest Control
Property Sales
Retail & Commerce
06 23 29 24 70 - see pg 14
Antiques Vintage Retro
Lovely French finds from the Limousin
Open most days
4 La Brauderie, 23160 St-Germain-Beaupré
Tel: 07 80 00 46 23
UK Mob: +44 (0)7902 838 776
Suppliers of Car & Van
Spares & LHD headlights,
anywhere in France
+44 (0)7830 170761
[email protected]
Siret: 499 234 615 00015
Kennels & Cattery
(Farges, nr. Aubusson)
Small & friendly, English run.
Viewings welcome.
Certificat de capacité.
Also available: Pet foods, treats
& accessories.
Mon - Sat: 9.00 - 7.00
Contact Dave Grant: 05 55 67 58 87
siret: 504 584 228 00010
>> pg 22-23
>> pg 23
Renovating your
French property?
New build?
Dossiers prepared
Permis de Construire
Déclarations Préalables
Tel: 05 53 52 36 05
[email protected]
SIRET: 493 770 358 00015
Pre-purchase & Structural Surveys.
Verbal & written reports.
Structural calculations & drawings.
Redevelopment ideas & solutions.
Tim Haw B.Eng C.Eng M.I.Struct.E
FR: 0033 (0)6 05 56 42 81
UK: 0044 (0)7448 466 662
Web: www.versineer.com
Email: [email protected]
Siret: 498 843 051 00018
Please mention
The Bugle when
responding to adverts
The Orchard
>> pg 21
>> pg 21
>> pg 21
>> pg 22
>> pg 22
>> pg 22
Vehicle Repairs
and Repatriation
Can, van & motorcycle
repairs and servicing
Vehicle transport undertaken,
both locally and from the UK
Tyre fitting/repairs/balancing
[email protected]
06 17
49 11 72
siret: 815 114 772 00016
At Masterplans.eu we can help guide you
through your planning application in France.
From initial feasibility to completed dossiers.
We will compile all the relevant drawings and
complete the necessary paperwork to ensure
your application proceeds smoothly.
We are equally at home working with clients
here in France or those living abroad.
Tel: 05 55 80 72 83
Mob: 06 33 07 29 72
Email: [email protected]
Siret: 790 016 984 00011
05 55 41 17 76
www.thebugle.eu ○ THE BUGLE ○ JULY 2016
Septic tanks
systems designed with permissions &
paperwork included and independent
approval with certification.
concrete floors, concrete terraces,
concrete retaining walls, openings,
underfloor heating, insulation, steps.
bathrooms & kitchens
from design to completion, ceilings,
partition walls, drylining.
trading 7 years
see our portfolio at www.LCE23.com
registered and insured for all work we do
Wood Work Lumiere
et Energie
Please explore our website for more info:
05 55 14 12 43
Oradour Sur Vayres (87150) - siren 752 051 482
A. Wright
Carpenter & Joiner
06 35 12 10 66
see main ad - pg 7
Steven Rofe
20+ Years experience
• NICEIC approved Electrician for
8 years in the UK
• Wiring of new installations
(including liaising with EDF)
• Rewiring existing houses/barns
• External & garden lighting
• All aspects of electrical works
• Fully insured - (10 year Decennale)
• Departments covered 19,23 & 87 /
email: [email protected]
Siret No. 501.792.386.00010
Available immediately
All types
Best Rates
References available
Call Mark:
06 45 82 34 03
Siret 798 692 778 00011
Pink Electrique
Ruth & Geoff Kowalczyk
All electrical work, home automation & security.
Project management.
See our website for more
French qualified and insured.
30+ years worldwide experience.
Departments covered: 23, 36, 87.
Tel: 05 55 63 10 68
Mob: 06 64 59 48 64
Mike Christie
05 55 64 35 11 / 07 87 38 58 88
see main ad - pg 17
[email protected]
05 55 41 17 76
E-mail: [email protected]
Mob. 06 40 56 96 12
Tel. 05 55 67 57 64
Siret: 753 054 030 00014
[email protected]
05 55 41 17 76
Available for all types of electrical work
Small jobs, new builds,
renovations, rewires
Consuel assistance and
certification service available
Fully insured with 10 year
workmanship guarantee
Based near Châlus (87230)
Tel: 09 72 35 74 73
Email: [email protected]
@iret: 794 282 368 00016
Tel: 05 55 64 94 20
Mob: 07 86 38 09 61
* Qualified electrician
* All types of electrical
works carried out
* Free estimates
* Fault finding
* Consuel certification arranged
* Temporary and permanent
EDF supplies arranged
* Departments 23 and 87
No Siret: 494 916 760 00015
05 55 41 17 76
- Electricity
- Plumbing
- Air conditioning and heat pump
- Small renovations
(bathrooms, kitchens, etc.)
Dutch and English spoken
Creuse / Puy-de-Dôme
Email: [email protected]
SIRET: 788 709 871 00016
Neuvialle Menuiserie
Please mention
The Bugle when
responding to adverts
[email protected]
Steve Johns
Fosse Septique
25 years experience
All aspects covered:
Paperwork and permissions arranged
Installations (full/part)
Upgrades (to current regs)
Digger and dumper hire
Groundworks, foundations, driveways, etc.
Building & Renovation services
Free devis and site visit
We guarantee to beat any like for like quote !
siret: 514 556 208 00015
▪ Emptying septic tanks
▪ Unblocking pipes
▪ Cleaning wells
▪ Group rates available
between neighbours
Call David - 24/24 7/7
06 49 66 44 25
87800 Jourgnac
Siret N° 750 725 780 00019
Approved septic tank installer
See our main ad above
Building & Renovation
● Roofing - New & Repairs
● Masonry
● Plastering
● Dry Lining
● Sand Blasting
● Equestrian Buildings
● Digger/Scaffold Hire
● ... and much, much more
28 years qualified experience
[email protected]
SIRET: 503 169 237 00016
Paul Jones
Experienced and fully registered
artisan, offering a high quality
finish and service
• house/barn clearance
(pre sale / post sale)
• garden/land clearance
• dechetterie runs
• rubbish removal
Specialist equipment available:
• tractor with flail mower,
rotavator, etc.
• vehicle with 1.5 tonne crane
• 10yr Décennale Assurance
• Full house/barn renovation
• Plasterboarding walls and ceilings
• Tape and Jointing • Kitchen Installation
• Roofing works • Carpentry • Patios/Decking
[email protected]
Tel: 05 55 69 28 12
Mob: 06 73 18 63 47
Email: [email protected]
Fosse Septiques/Micro stations
siret no: 495 067 829 00020
La Coterie Entreprise
Davis & Davis
30 years' Experience in Construction,
Renovation & Project Management
Quality Workmanship Guaranteed
Internal/ External Developments
Barn conversions, loft conversions, new-build,
drylining, plastering, rendering, spray
rendering, tiling, installation of kitchens/
bathrooms, painting, carpentry, replacement
doors & windows, velux installation, groundworks, landscaping, decking & much more...
No job too big (or small). Give us a
call for a free competitive quote.
05 55 60 29 50 / 06 04 13 30 57
email: [email protected]
Based Arnac-la-Poste - Covering depts 87, 23 & 19
05 55 37 45 35
siret 532 981 198 00015
RSW Entreprises
See our Display Ad - pg 9
& More
General building
Renovation & maintenance
Reliable, good quality work
30 years exp
Based central 23 - will travel
Martin Sprague
05 55 61 93 07
[email protected] hotmail.com
Siret: 498 203 652 00017
Entreprise Hines Building Services
All Internal & External Works, completed to a high standard.
We also supply KWIKSTAGE scaffold for hire - either DIY or full scaffold service provided.
siret: 503 169 237 00016
See website for more info - www.entreprisehines.com - 05 55 89 69 46 - [email protected]
SIRET: 531 768 182 00010
JULY 2016 ○ THE BUGLE ○ www.thebugle.eu
Limousin Spas
ere at Limousin Spas we aim to offer
our clients a comprehensive sales, installation and continuing advice and
support package. This means that you can truly
relax and enjoy your experience of choosing
and owning a spa... whether it is for a holiday
home or all year round.
We set up our business after finding it difficult to obtain reliable advice or choice when
trying to buy a spa for our own home. Most
of the widely available models demand a high
power supply and are thus unsuitable for the
majority of rural properties (unless you can
manage without using any other electric appliances at any time!) After many meetings with
suppliers we decided to stock 3 full ranges of
spas which we found particularly sturdy and
reliable... this gives a choice of models for 2 to
8 people and from basic to luxury.
We run our business from home so we don't
have to pass on the cost of running a huge
showroom and can keep prices reasonable.
There is always at least 1 model on display
to inspect and wet test to truly appreciate the
features. We welcome any enquiries and visits
(although we suggest you phone first to check
Durasport Colorado luxury 5 person spa,
now €5,995 including delivery and installation
upvc-solutions R & B Construction
• House & barn renovations
• Garage/loft conversions
• Bathroom/shower rooms
• Doors/windows • Roofing
• Patios/decking
• Plumbing & Electrical
• 10 year Guarantee Insurance
uPVC windows, doors,
porches & conservatories
Available in white, beige
& oak woodgrain.
Visit our website for more information.
email: [email protected]
siret: 503 133 159 00015
Scaffolding Hire
Large stock
Rapid response
Good rates for long & short term hire
Erected or self-erect
Delivery or collection
All areas covered
Call Dave:
06 42 73 83 37
siret: 795 207 067 00013
See our website:
Tel: 05 55 37 74 06 (Dave)
Tel: 05 55 69 75 67 (Steve)
(Depts 23, 87 & 19) siret: 501 792 386 00010
Double D
Renovations & Home
05 55 65 00 29 - pg 10
Stephen Cullinane & Son
Double D
Renovations &
Home Improvements
All types of building work, groundwork,
renovations, decorating and maintenance
email: [email protected]
siret: 510 357 155 00017
Quality Workmanship Since 1986
Carpenter Builder
Portfolio available to view at
Jeff Jones: 05 55 62 46 21
Mob: 06 38 25 74 62
siret: 810 322 123 00011
Kitchens & Interiors
05 55 80 92 91 - see pg 10
English & French spoken - Siret: 518 511 340 00011
fosse-septique23.com - see pg 8
see main ad - pg 7
& Property Services
Established, Professional and
Personal Building Services. Fully
registered with décennale
insurance covering all works.
●New builds ●Roofing
●Stonework ●Carpentry
●Ground works
Large or small projects undertaken
- please view our website.
Contact: Paul or Joanne Rands
[email protected]
All Renovations and Constructions
Roofs constructed & repaired
Attic conversions & velux fitted
Chimney repairs
Kitchen & Bathroom fitting
Dry Lining
All work fully insured
Free Quotation
TEL : 05 55 69 24 82
E-mail : [email protected]
SIRET: 501 144 596 00019
Siret No: 524 866 621 00013
Dave Cardwell - Builder
Paul Goldsmith
Interior Renovations
See our Display Ad - pg 4
Registered for 8 years in France
T: 05 55 69 37 64
M: 06 80 92 23 82
Steve Johns
A. Wright
Carpenter & Joiner
06 35 12 10 66
La Noneix
Max Huggett
All aspects of renovation
and refurbishment, big or
small, undertaken.
Harlequin Developments are
a Distributor and Installer
for Solarventi,
solar dehumidifying
and ventilating products.
05 55 98 24 12
• All types of plastering
• Plasterboarding, studwalling
• Lime mortar pointing
• Window and door openings
• Stone work
• Sand blasting
High quality work,
excellent references available
• Kitchens • Bathrooms
• Tiling • Wood flooring
• Loft conversions • Pointing
• Windows • Plasterboarding
Covering Creuse and Indre
Free and friendly quotations,
no job too small
Fully qualified and registered
artisan for over 19 years
Covering dept 23
[email protected]
Contact: 07 89 71 25 69
SIRET: 494.501.067.00016
siret: 434 085 338 00037
E-mail: [email protected]
e: [email protected]
t: 09 66 03 52 89
SIRET 494 123 847 00019
50,000 sq ft of covered showrooms
& 2 large external display areas
no job too small - very competitive rates
30 Years’ Experience Joiner
Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms
Flooring & General 2nd Fix
Finishing, Joinery & Decking
Emergency Lock Services
Siret: 802 265 728
Mike Christie
05 55 64 35 11 (Home)
07 87 38 58 88 (Mobile)
[email protected]
Neptune by French Lily
Travaux Publics
www.fossepro.com - pg 3
Offering a broad selection of building
services in depts. 87, 19 & 23.
From one off installations to complete
renovations, construction,
landscaping and ground works.
E: [email protected]
email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
From the foundations to the roof
Established 9 years in France
05 55 81 00 53 - see pg 2
Experienced and fully
registered builder with 10
year Décennale Insurance
05 55 65 00 29 / 06 33 19 99 64
we are not out delivering a spa). Many of our
previous customers have offered to discuss
or show the tubs they have bought so we can
probably put you in touch with someone local.
We are happy to visit and advise on siting your
spa and advise on items such as decking and
bespoke gazebos to enhance the surroundings.
Full specifications and details on all our spa
ranges are available on our website www.limousin-spas.com
We are further developing our website, so
please contact us if you would like any more
information in French or English. ■
- P5 18mm tongue and grooved water repellent
chipboard. Available in 8ft x 2ft sheets.
- C.L.S. stud work: 2.4, 3 & 4.8m lengths.
- OSB 8ft x 4ft sheets, 9mm and 18mm in stock.
- Plywood all in 8ft x 4ft sheets. External grade, suitable for construction use.
- Skirting board & Architrave in stock.
- Insulation earthwool, 100 & 150mm. R value for 100mm - 2.25.
- Rigid board insulation Xtratherm R: 40/75/80/90 &120 mm. R value for 40mm - 1.73.
Open Mon-Sat 8.30am to 6pm - www.reclamation-yard.com - Only 1km from Confolens on the D952 Ansac-sur-Vienne road
www.thebugle.eu ○ THE BUGLE ○ JULY 2016
Simon Carter
The Old Orchard
Digger Company Painter & Decorator
3 ton digger & driver
1.8 ton digger & driver
Dumper for hire
Great rates
General property
maintenance undertaken
Contact Daryn
Scaffold Hire
DIY or Full
Scaffold Service
See our website
or phone for details
05 55 89 69 46
[email protected]
SIRET: 503 169 237 00016
Maintenance Services
Qualified Tradesman 20+ years experience
Offering extensive handyman
and general maintenance services
Small jobs a speciality, able to work with
you on your renovation projects
Affordable & reliable, a quality job every time
Servicing 23 and surrounding areas. Call Jim:
05 55 66 23 97
06 27 25 07 78
Siret: 792 049 025 00010
[email protected]
05 55 41 17 76
With driver for hire
Hedge cutting
and paddock topping
Work to High standard
Contact Michael:
Mob: 06 44 24 10 17
Email [email protected]
Area 87, Bellac
m: 06 32 24 03 09
t: 05 55 76 16 40
e: [email protected]
Mini-Digger with driver
[email protected]
See Main Ad below
Please mention
The Bugle when
responding to adverts
Qualified craftsman with over 25 years UK
experience, now based in Haute-Vienne.
Specialist services:
Interior & exterior painting &
decorating, wallpapering, plastering.
Tel: 05 87 19 91 50
Mob: 07 81 26 88 65
Web: www.sjcmontluc.fr
Email: [email protected]
Interior and Exterior
Colour Consultations
Room Re-designs
Kathleen Willis
05 55 63 53 06
[email protected]
siret 802 262 35200015
05 55 80 92 91
[email protected]
Roofing Specialists
see main ad below
& Heating
Roofing & Plastering/
Plasterboarding Service
25+ years roofing experience
All aspects of roofing, large or small
15+ years experience plastering/boarding
Fully registered and insured
Trading in France since 2007
Call Mark for a free quotation
05 55 41 17 76
05 55 41 17 76
Painting and Decorating
10 year guarantee.
Covering depts. 23 & 87.
Call Stuart on:
siret: 792.130.932.00017
The friendly
& reliable plasterer
Siret: 534 396 908 00012
Le Plâtrier du Limousin
Heating & Plumbing engineer
06 78 60 96 16
05 55 63 89 23
[email protected]
see pg 13
Siret No. 493 159 412 00011
Martin Walters
Eurl Réno-Gén
Quality Plasterwork,
Internal & External
Plasterboarding, Partitioning,
Skiming, Solid Plastering,
Floor Screeding,Rendering: Mono
Couche/Coloured Render
Waterproofing Render Systems
Tel: 06 45 18 86 10
(18 Years Experience)
Email: [email protected]
Siret: 527 736 326 00010
the Plasterer
A genuine plasterer
French and English spoken
Traditional Plastering
Rendering, Stud partition dry lining
Lime mortar stone pointing
All types of roofing
External insulation
Carpentry work
Dormer windows
Velux windows
Zinc guttering
Chimney repoints
Lead flashing, etc.
Contact Phil Andrews:
Caught out last winter?
Don't worry!
We can now offer
winter checks, drain
downs, caretaking,
general DIY, key
holding, as well as
our usual friendly
plumbing services.
Mob: 06 42 38 54 22
Tel: 02 54 30 11 20
Tel 02 54 24 84 62
Email: [email protected]
Siret 522 804 723 00016
siret: 509 180 410 00011
Nathan Sherrard
Sales and installation
of all types of boilers,
solar thermal panels,
heat pumps
and many more
heating based products
FREE delivery to all of France
Sand and Blast
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
05 55 41 17 76
service for wood, stone and metal.
Perfect for stripping away years
of grime or paint.
Contact us for a free quote, or see our website:
05 55 63 53 06
06 23 29 48 19
Le Bourg, 23360 Nouzerolles
SIRET: 504 612 441 00015
We provide a fully operated
05 55 76 31 59 / 06 77 40 95 92
[email protected]
[email protected]
SIRET: 812 727 253 00013
To advertise in The Bugle Business Directory, call 05 55 41 17 76
Mini Digger
Experienced shopfitters
with Driver for Hire
John Bonella
Joiners, electricians and labourers
also required.
87440 Marval
05 55 78 62 29
siret no. 523 183 580 00019
[email protected]
[email protected]
Insurance guarantee on all work. 15 years’ experience.
Landscaping, Ditching,
Land Clearance etc.
Hedge Removal and
Stone Wall Construction
Experienced shopfitters required for
installs all across France.
Email: [email protected]
TEL : 06 28 28 04 63
Based St-Junien. Covering Depts 87-16-24.
Siret : 531 655 231 00011
JULY 2016 ○ THE BUGLE ○ www.thebugle.eu
Advertising with The Bugle
ith 7 years’ experience delivering
print advertising to an expat market,
The Bugle represents one of the most
cost-effective ways to let English speakers know
about your business. An advert with The Bugle
starts from just €11.20 HT per month – that’s less
than 37 cents a day to put your business in front
of 30,000 people each month.
In the Limousin we have more than 300 distribution points across the region and surrounding
areas where readers can pick up a copy for free.
We also distribute 3,500 copies through Limoges
Airport, which means that we are in the perfect
position to target not only residents and secondhome owners, but also tourists and those new to
the region.
The Bugle is the only English language newspaper dedicated to the Limousin - in fact, today,
The Bugle is the only free English language
newspaper in France and we are growing all the
If you would like to discuss any of our advertising options further, why not give us a call today to find out more about the ways that we can
help you grow your business.
e didn’t mean to
go, but the sudden loss of my
wife and partner
rather upset the last two years.
Mike has done a tremendous
job keeping things ticking over
without me.
Satellite Broadband
T: 05 55 41 17 76
E: [email protected]
W: www.thebugle.eu
There have been a lot of
changes recently. In a nutshell,
owing to congestion, the low
data rates are not really viable.
However, commercial packages
are still available on both TOOWAY and SES.
Beware of iPhones on satellite, they automatically update
from the cloud unless this function is switched off and will
quickly eat up a 10G allowance.
bigger dish may well be needed. We no longer keep Freesat
boxes in stock, as they can be
obtained easily and cheaply on
the internet. However, our full
professional installation service
is still available for both UK
and French TV. For Sky TV, yes
we will install it, but you must
get the box, etc. yourself.
UK Satellite TV
Wi-Fi and CCTV
Again much has changed.
It is still available in our area
although for reliable reception a
If you have problems in this
area then call us. Here again,
we do not use cheap off-the-
CCTV image taken at 900m on recent installation
shelf kits but professional grade
cameras and recorders. The
above picture was taken from
900m on a system we recently
installed. ■
Mike G
t: 05 55 09 15 73
m: 0044 74 95 21 89 75
or Mike T
t: 03 66 88 06 20
e: [email protected]
To advertise in The Bugle Business Directory, call 05 55 41 17 76
All types of chimney
05 55 63 78 72
Siren: 502 409 949
Call Ruth Clear
Contact Barry Manning
Tel: 05 55 66 48 55
Mob: 06 31 59 81 08
[email protected]
SIRET: 534 351 754 00013
siret: 453 067 910 00019
Satellite Systems
05 55 66 60 21
Food &
High speed internet via satellite
from "tooway" & "SES Astra".
TV Satellite Sales, Service & Installations.
Dish alignments. Sky/Freesat/TNT/FTA.
Most of depts 23,03,63,87,36 covered.
[email protected]
SIRET: 510 117 328 00011
For all your TV
and satellite
installations and repairs
(Sky TV, Internet etc.)
Call Patrice:
[email protected]
Fast dependable service
Based Séreilhac (87)
siret: 353 613 227 00035
Car Mechanic
05 55 81 31 85
■ Services
■ Brakes
■ MOT Prep
(contrôle technique)
SIRET: 494 617 798 00017
Email: [email protected]
siret 504 218 454 00016
Tel: 05 55 62 05 61
Mob: 06 23 40 18 64
[email protected]
Chimney Sweep Service
* All types of chimneys cleaned
* Brush & Vacuum
* Smoke Tested * Fully Insured
* HETAS Approved and
member of NACS
* Official certificates of cleaning
issued (Certificat de Ramonage)
* Clean, tidy, professional
& friendly service
Dept 23 & surrounding areas
02 54 31 48 50
Tel: 05 45 29 03 99
Fully Insured
Satellites &
Web Design
see main ad - pg 12
Brush & Vacuum
• Flue ways cleared
• Birds nests, vermin
& debris removed
• Smoke evacuation & gas
tightness tests
• Official certificates of cleaning
issued (Certificat de Ramonage)
Petticoat Lane
05 55 78 72 98
Established since 1986
Chimney Sweeping
Big Dish Satellite
■ ... much more
Dept. 23 & surrounding areas
05 55 41 17 76
Open for tea, cakes, scones, and full cream teas, on the
terracce or in the garden
Thu - Sun, 3 - 6.30pm
throughout the summer
Tel: 05 87 56 13 78
49, rue du pont de la Gartempe
23240 Bénévent-l'Abbaye
5 Rue Nationale – 16150 Chabanais
Visit: www.petticoatlaneshop.com
E-mail: [email protected]
English groceries, Fresh Beef &
Steaks (to order only), Gammon Steak,
Bacon, Sausage & Cheddar Cheese.
Wide range of frozen items
including vegetarian.
Traditional English beers, Sherries & Wine.
Cards for all occasions.
Opening hours: Mon - Sat 10am – 6pm
Visit us and compare our prices
Try Something Different
Chez Jacques
Marsac (23)
• Cosy atmosphere
• Speciality Crêpes
• Large burger menu
• Around 50 single malt whiskeys
• Selection of bottled British ales
• Book corner, pool table
• Fish & chip night
(2nd Fri each month)
• Curry nights
05 87 40 02 83
closed Wednesdays
www.thebugle.eu ○ THE BUGLE ○ JULY 2016
Le Viaduc Bar-Restaurant
Le Bourg, 87250 Folles
Menu du Jour - 4 courses + wine for €12.90
Full à la carte menu - locally brewed beers - regular events
Opening times - Tue-Sun: 10h-14h30. Wed-Thu 18h-21h. Fri-Sun: 18h-22h. Closed Mon & Tue evening.
Food &
Le Champsac
Excellent beef and lamb available
from our farm direct to you.
All are bred feed and finished
here in Vilenne.
All the lamb is free range
and naturally finished off grass.
A box of beef is 12-18 kg
at €10.90 per kg
B&B Restaurant Bar
Tabac & Salle des Fêtes
good food!
good company!
good night out!
open all year
regular events
private parties
[email protected]
12, Rue des Fontaines, 87230 Champsac
Sue and Rob Manning
EARL Les Fromentaux
Tel: 02 54 25 34 73
Open midday and evenings
for snacks and traditional food.
Beer Garden
Tel: 05 55 62 43 51
Mon & Tue: closed
Wed & Thu: 10h-14h & 18h-22h
Fri: 10h-14h & 18h-23h
Sat: 11h-15h & 18h-23h
Sun: 12h-15h & 18h-22h
Le Village, Chaillac
05 55 02 52 11 - see ad pg 8
Mobile Curry Take Away
For menus and venues:
Follow us on facebook
e : [email protected]
m : 07 70 39 12 23
Parties 20+ & events catered for
siret: 498 199 306 00016
Come to
Annie’s Bar
Great atmosphere,
refreshing drinks,
and a good game of pool.
Open 7 days a week.
For details of our upcoming
events visit:
Le Creusois
Hotel & Restaurant
www.chateaudelacazine.fr - see pg 2
Please mention
The Bugle when
responding to adverts
Book Room
Bar/Café - Bénévent-l'Abbaye
Le Bourg, 87250 Folles
see main advert above
Château de la Cazine
Le Pèlerin
Tel: 05 55 69 33 38
see main ad - pg 3
LA veytiZoU, 87130
Le Viaduc - Bar/Restaurant
10 Route de Vilenne, 36200 Celon
Restaurant AUX CEPES
05 55 10 96 03
33 Rte Nationale, 36300 Ciron
Open : Wed - Sun, 11:30 - 6pm
Monday & Tuesday closed
Food served all day
Licence 4
email for more info:
[email protected]
Don't pass us by...
drop in and say Hi
26, Ecurat 23150
Le Restaurant Ecurat
Atelier d'Art du Jardin
Restaurant du soir by reservation.
Our menu changes monthly.
Special occasions
and parties welcome.
Fish and chips and mushy peas
€11,50 the last Friday of each month.
For more information:
tel: 05 55 81 31 85
email: [email protected]
2km from Chénérailles and the
Chateau Villemonteix.
Les Genêts, Azerables
High quality British & French food
at reasonable prices.
Menu du Jour €12, Traditional Pub
Food, Vegetarian dishes, Childrens
& Snack menus also available
SIREN: 483 988 853
[email protected]
Cross Cut Tree Surgeons
for all your tree requirements
[email protected] /
see main ad below
Sherrie et Steve Jardiniers
All general
No job too small. Reasonable prices.
Contact Steve or Sherrie
M: 06 58 72 03 43
E: [email protected]
Siret No: 811 161 835 00001
26, Ecurat 23150
Atelier d'Art du Jardin
for your
2km from Chénérailles and the
Chateau Villemonteix
tel: 05 55 81 31 85
email: [email protected]
T.A.D. 23
(Travaux d'Accès Difficiles)
All aspects
of garden maintenance
• Tree Surgery
• Garden Clearance
• Strimming
• Pruning
Mon Chic Cottage
Déco Intérieur
Cadeaux / Café
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint,
Little Greene paint &
wallpapers, deco for the home
Le Dorat, 87210
We teach you to paint your
furniture with Chalk Paint™
[email protected]
05 55 41 17 76
T: 05 55 81 14 51
M: 06 85 78 81 32
siret: 788 438 562 00019
[email protected]
05 55 41 17 76
Ladies fashion accessories
05 55 78 62 29 / 06 04 08 29 53
Gifts &
Paul Brown
All gardening work:
Grass Cutting
Hedge Trimming
General Maintenance
Dept 23 & Surrounding Areas
Tel: 05 55 89 57 40
[email protected]
Siret: 483 059 242 00030
Tue, Wed & Fri 10h-16h
Thu 10h-18h
Très Jolie
see main ad opposite
All products made in France.
New for 2016 : Wrinklies Movies
Cards also available at Chez Mabel at Pers.
Same prices as 2015!
Email for more details:
[email protected]
La Jardinerie
05 55 68 73 76 - see pg 12
Contact [email protected]
See Notice Board for details of where
you can find us at local markets.
Send an email to sign up to the newsletter
Tel: 06 86 89 81 02
siret 528 539 448
Ivan Petley
3D Puzzle Maker
Handmade, fully interlocking,
multi-layered 3D puzzles from just €9.
Keyrings €2 plus other unique gift ideas.
Customisation and personalisation possible.
Come and visit the workshop by appointment.
Les Bregères, 23150 St-Martial-le-Mont
[email protected]
05 55 41 17 76
To advertise in The Bugle Business Directory, call 05 55 41 17 76
nt in
disc gust !!
Cross Cut Tree Surgeons
for all your tree requirements
30+ years experience
Free quotes and advice
We will not be beaten on price or standard of work
Reliability guaranteed
Fully qualified arborist - Fully insured Covering depts: 87, 23, 86, 36, 19 & 16
[email protected] /
siret: 530 840 958 00017
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Pioneer France ensures sellers and
buyers maximise their funds
he last fifteen years have
seen a huge volume of
foreign buying and selling
activity in France. In fact,
the level of activity has almost tripled compared with the previous
fifteen-year period.
“The internet has obviously
played a huge part in this change
but so too have methods of financing,” says Harris Raphael,
Managing partner of Francebased Pioneer France. “The biggest financing change has been
the ability for those transferring
funds when buying or selling
properties to utilise the services of
a specialist foreign exchange company to achieve exchange rates
only available previously to large
commercial organisations.”
“What is odd is that buyers are
almost twice as likely as sellers to
use the services of such a specialist,” says Harris. “This is a real shame,
as having tried so hard to achieve
the best price for their house,
many sellers then relinquish an
unnecessary chunk of these funds
by using old-fashioned and very
expensive banking methods to
repatriate their money back into
sterling, dollars or whatever. This
often loses the seller thousands
which could have been so easily
avoided. Our historic data shows
that the average loss is around
Harris believes that this is primarily because the profile of a typical seller is usually older than that
of a buyer. Sellers are therefore
more likely to have traditionally
used a bank for their transfers and
are reluctant and nervous about
using ‘new methods’.
“I understand this completely,”
says Harris. “Anything new can be
daunting, especially when it concerns one’s major asset! However,
Pioneer France’s foreign exchange
brokerage has been operating for
over 35 years and is one of the
very few that is fully authorised
and regulated by the FCA, with the
right of establishment in France.
As such, we are able to provide our
clients with full security of funds,
and we can give expert currency
exchange guidance to aid our client’s decision making, which the
banks are not licensed to do.”
Pioneer France was recently
voted number one for foreign exchange rates and service, so contact Harris and his team to find out
more about saving thousands. ■
& Beauty
The Pioneer France team, from left: Harris, Tanya, Carole and Peter
Tel: 05 53 07 06 27
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.pioneerfrance.com
International tax and wealth
Want to learn French?
French-English / English-French
Cuisine, European Fauna and Flora,
Birds, Gardening and Farming,
Beauty and Cosmetics
management advisers
See our main ad - pg 13
[email protected]
International money transfer
Sophie Arsac
French lessons
& handholding services
Lesley Kidd MSc
UK Reg. Counsellor & Psychotherapist
Senior Accred. MBACP 548379
• French Reg. Conseille de Vie & Coach
• Based on borders of 87-19-23
• Meet in person or via skype
• Initial appointment without charge
[email protected]
05 55 14 07 64 - pg 25
It's our business to shout about yours
see main ad below
Dealing with utilities/banks
Permis de construire
Sourcing/supervising artisans
1-2-1 conversation classes
05 55 62 50 38
Jonathan Critchley
[email protected]
siret: 792 285 025 00013
05 55 41 17 76
see main ad - pg 4
Please mention
The Bugle when
responding to adverts
& Finance
House Clearance Specialists
05 55 38 33 35
SIREN: 818 604 654
Tu Es Belle
[email protected]
Tel: 06 41 69 21 29
see main ad - pg 4
Chez Boutique
Formerly La Petite Place
See our Display Ad - pg 10
Ecole de Langue
86, Rue Nationale, 36400 La Châtre
All your
language needs
under one roof!
02 54 31 12 55
French lessons
& handholding services
05 55 14 07 64 - pg 25
Tesol cert. & BA Hons in French
French tuition
The Spectrum IFA Group
with over 20 years' experience
advising expatriates throughout
Europe on all aspects of financial
planning. Represented in Creuse
by Tony Farrell:
Tel: 05 55 89 57 94
Mob: 06 15 28 54 82
Email: [email protected]
TSG Insurance Services S.A.R.L. Siège Social: 34 Bd des Italiens, 75009 PARIS
"Société de Courtage d'assurances" R.C.S. Paris B 447 609 108 (2003B04384)
Numéro d'immatriculation 07 025 332 - www.orias.fr
SIRET No.: 500 064 183 00014
Très Jolie
Ladies fashion accessories
Beautiful scarves, purses,
handbags, jewellery & gifts
(See Notice Board for where to find me)
Paula Bonella
Granulés du Limousin
Paper brochures and e-books
Sophie Arsac
05 55 41 17 76
05 55 78 62 29
06 04 08 29 53
[email protected]
Facebook: search for “Tres Jolie Milhaguet”
siret 753 125 061 00014
Lizzie Snowden
- Individual lessons 20€ / hour
or small groups on demand, at a
discounted rate (complimentary
session to assess your needs)
‐ Based in Marsac (Creuse) but happy
to travel within a 30km radius
Tel: 07 84 05 56 72
Email: [email protected]
SIRET: 817 419 336 00018
Jenny Homer BA hons, PGCE
Sympathetic French Tuition
- Speaking and Understanding
for life in France
- Relaxed but purposeful
- Confidence-building
Free taster class (3hrs)
Funding possible if in/seeking work
Tel: 09 73 13 62 10
Email: [email protected]
87120 Eymoutiers
www.thebugle.eu ○ THE BUGLE ○ JULY 2016
“SolarVenti”- the solar solution to damp and humidity
How it works
The principle behind Solarventi
is simple: a small, built-in, solar cell powers a 12V fan that is
connected to an air vent, a control unit and an on/ off switch.
Whenever the sun shines, the
air in the solar panel is heated
and the fan, receiving power
from the solar cell, introduces
warm, dry air into your home at
the rate of 20 to 100 cubic metres per hour.
The initial models were more
than capable of keeping the cottages dry (and ventilated), even
with the limited sunshine hours
available in Denmark during
the winter season. Since that
time, the technology has really come along in leaps and
bounds. Now, more than 20
years later, the 3rd and 4th generation Solarventi have exceeded all expectations.
In Southern Europe, Solar-
Pest Control
venti is not only used for ventilation/dehumidification purposes;
with far more winter sunshine
hours, it also provides a substantial heating supplement. Several technical and governmental
studies show that incoming air
temperature can be increased by
as much as 40°C.
A DIY Solution?
The installation process is very
straightforward and should only
take two or three hours. All that
is needed is a drill, hammer
and chisel to make a hole in the
wall. Roof installations are also
possible. In fact, the Solarventi
was originally designed to be a
DIY product - in Scandinavia it
still is.
There are no electrical or
water connections and it can be
safely left running, even when
the property is empty. Solarventi requires no maintenance
Cendrillon - Bourganeuf
Bilingual Estate Agent in Creuse
- if the property is unoccupied
during the hot summer months,
then it can be left running at low
speeds for ventilation and dehumidification purposes or simply
switched off.
With a range of panel sizes,
and the option for wall or roof
mounting, Solarventi is suitable
for all types of buildings, caravans or even boats!! Following
the patenting of its design in
2001, Solarventi has only recently been actively commercialized. Over the last six years,
Solarventi units have been installed in more than 24 countries
and demand is increasing rapidly. From Greenland to Australia,
Solarventi is finally getting the
recognition it deserves. ■
Units start from €630 TTC.
Several ex-demonstration
models available at reduced
prices, call for details.
Moulin de Tintin
Furniture, interiors & gifts
05 55 54 95 85 - see pg 4
www.moulin-de-tintin.com - see pg 3
See our Display Ad - pg 6
Central France
Pest Control
Dératisation, Déinsectisation,
02 48 60 83 72 / 06 74 33 02 38
Email: [email protected]
Curative and preventative
Are you looking for your perfect
base in the UK? We have beautiful
2 and 3 bedroom models available
in East Sussex. Relax in style in a
modern holiday home and take
advantage of fantastic facilities.
Open for 11 ½ months a year.
CALL 0044 1424 853 764
rats, mice, moles, flies, woodworm,
bed bugs, fleas, wasps, hornets
Leggett Immobilier
La Petite Barre, 18210 Bessais Le Fromental
05 53 56 62 54
SIRET No. 498 544 741 00024
see main ad - pg 12
Retail &
Depot Vente des Vêtements
Dress agency and gallery, specialising in
designer and high quality pre-owned clothes
for women and children, together with
accessories, footwear, jewellery, gift items,
and hand made furniture.
8 rue Principale, St Mathieu, 87440
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.soiebois.net
Tel: 05.55 48.28.89
SIRET: 510 995 681 00010
Eco Entrepot
Get down The Shed
87230 Bussière-Poitevine - see pg 12
Kitchens & Interiors
05 55 80 92 91 - see pg 10
see main ad - pg 9
0033 (0)6 83 66 83 09 - see ad pg 7
Limousin Spas
Alongside the amazing "Rotospa"
spa range, we are now able to
supply the "Durasport" &
"Strong Spas" ranges of quality spas.
+31 (0)1 15 82 35 53
All our spas are manufactured to
the highest standards & have
full manufacturers warranty.
These spas have relatively low power
requirements & are very economical.
Agence Newton
Prices start from €3,750.
Models seat 2 to 7 people.
For more information on our range
check out our website:
Houses on Internet
See our Display Ad - pg 3
00 33 (0)5 55 27 51 14
see main ad - pg 4
or telephone: 05 55 63 26 20
Numéro Siret: 752 157 610 00011
Secure self storage
units in Guéret
& Storage
Why not take a look
at our website or give us a call...
we are here to help you!
English & French Spoken
09 82 12 69 73
05 55 63 58 85
87150 Oradour-sur-Vayres
[email protected]
siret: 519 903 082 00013
Siret 530 213 644 00012
Transition Removals
Affordable Moves Europewide
18m3 Van / 4.5m load length
29m3 available on request
Full loads/ part loads/ single items
Regular UK runs.
[email protected]
• Man with a van service
• Friendly, Mature Service,
• Living in Limousin,
specialising in moves between
UK and France
• Competitive Rates
• Fully Insured
Watson European
International Removals
Dry, safe & secure storage
to suit all needs
Vehicle storage also possible
Tel: 09 66 03 52 89
Email: [email protected]
siret: 494 123 847 00019
Please call Mick for further info
UK: 0333 022 0359
FR: 07 68 64 22 54
W: www.milenlighthaulage.co.uk
E: [email protected]
Collections \ Deliveries \ Brico Runs
Transport and Small Removals
France - UK - Spain - NL
Monthly return UK trips available
Based Nr Aubusson, Dept. 23
05 55 83 02 77 \ 06 30 90 58 90
[email protected]
[email protected]
05 55 41 17 76
Stockage Sécurisé - Châlus
"Official Transporter of The Bugle"
see pg 5
see main ad - pg 4
Central France
with 13.5 m3 Load capacity
Bergerac & Limoges Airports
(+33) 05 55 34 19 46
see main ad - pg 7
Siret : 532 526 001 00013
Peugeot Boxer
Buggs Car Hire
Man & Van
Local + Europe + UK runs
Now also available for
House/Barn clearances!
14m3 capacity
4.2m load length
Whether you are a business
or a household, we are here
to make your storage a worry free
experience at affordable prices.
French Lily
06 31 17 25 60
SOLARVENTI - Available in the Limousin
From Harlequin Developments
Tel: 05 55 68 67 56
Mobile: 06 06 60 46 97
Siret No : 523 955 151 00015
simple solar energy system that runs on its own,
even when you are not
there! – And provides a free heat
supplement in winter.
The Solarventi air panel was
invented more than 20 years ago
by Hans Jørgen Christensen,
from Aidt Miljø, with the backing of the Danish government.
He wanted to use the sun’s energy for airing and ventilation of
the thousands of holiday homes
on the West coast of Jutland,
- houses that were left empty
and unheated for long periods
- houses with damp problems,
mould and bad odours - houses
that left their owners with discomfort, lots of work and expense. He wanted a system that
would be safe, simple, without
the need for radiators, water and/
or mains electricity. Slowly but
surely, the first Solarventi model
came together.
Heated, ventilated and secure
storage at our site in Châlus (87230).
Approximately 180 cubic metres.
Just off the RN21, centre ville.
Call Dan the storage man:
[email protected]
siret: 818 782 468 00016
JULY 2016 ○ THE BUGLE ○ www.thebugle.eu
LCS 23 Autos
European Vehicle Transport
Visit: www.lcs23.com
or see our ad - pg 14
DSD Removals
& Storage
The Removal Experts
France ↔ UK
• All risk insurance cover
• Full and Part load specialists
• Professional staff
& modern vehicles
• Every vehicle from a Luton
van to a full removals lorry
• Prices from £3.63 per sq ft
+44 (0)1274 724 545
[email protected]
Please mention
The Bugle when
responding to adverts
UK ↔ France ↔ UK
Full & Part loads
All size of vehicles,
from Man & Van
through to 18 tonne truck
Storage facilities in Sussex
UK free phone:
Cleaning Services 05 55 41 17 76
0800 840 3058
Mob: +44 (0)7808 338 386 www.michaelsmovers.freeindex.co.uk
Cash paid
for scrap
All Limousin covered
Anything considered
Any quantity
Tel: 05 55 37 45 35
Mob: 06 74 21 47 71
siret 532 981 198 00015
05 55 41 17 76
Carrefour du
Bois Limousin
05 55 63 72 45 - see pg 21
Windows Conservatories Garden maintenance Offices
For a free and personalised
quote please don't hesitate
to contact us on:
To raise funds for the
SPA dog rescue centre in Guéret.
High chair, buggy, travel
cot (plus mattress/bedding),
changing mat, etc.
Each item will incur a hire charge
of 10 euros, plus a refundable
10 euros deposit.
For more INFO or to HIRE
Call Vanessa: 05 55 64 32 08
or email: [email protected]
07 81 39 21 49
05 55 41 17 76
Advertising in The Bugle Business Directory
Advertising your business couldn’t be easier. Text only, boxed listings are available in our Business Directory from just €11.20/month. Alternatively,
why not spotlight your business with an Advertorial, available from 1/6 Page (€50 HT) up to Full Page (€300 HT). Both Directory Adverts and Advertorials represent a cost effective way to put your brand in front of more than 30,000 pairs of eyes each month!!
For more information on any of our advertising options, please feel free to give us a call
on 05 55 41 17 76 or send an email to [email protected]
6-Month Contract
Small b&w Directory Ad
Large b&w Directory Ad
Small Colour Directory Ad
Large Colour Directory Ad
12-Month Contract
Large Directory Ad
46mm x 71mm
(Actual Size)
45 words max
Small Directory Ad
46mm x 46mm
(Actual Size)
30 words max
Directory Advertising is available either in black and white or colour, and in either small (30 words max) or large (45 words max) format.
Directory adverts may only contain text - no logos, images or artwork are allowed. The minimum contract length is 6 months.
Advertising is payable on publication. All prices are HT.
€11.20 HT
[email protected]
05 55 41 17 76
www.thebugle.eu ○ THE BUGLE ○ JULY 2016
Noah's Ark
Noah’s Ark is a French registered charity
run by Cindy and Lauren Maasik who
have spent the last five years rescuing
animals and caring for them on their farm
near Saint-Mathieu.
A warm welcome awaits you at their
shop and tea rooms in Rochechouart,
with home-made cakes, tarts, and quiches
followed by plenty of tea or coffee.
For more info visit www.noahsark.fr or
Facebook: Noah's Ark
Tea Rooms and Brocante, 6, Rue de
Poitevin, Rochechuart. Open Tues - Sat
10h-17h. Tel: 05 87 41 26 16.
Farm visits for animal adoption are
welcome at La Ferme, Les Dognons,
87440 Maisonnais-sur-Tardoire. Tel: 05
55 70 64 76. Email [email protected]
Phoenix Association
Phoenix Association is a registered
charity that has existed since 2001 to deal
with the sad plight of the ever-increasing
number of abused and abandoned animals
in France.
Phoenix does not have a 'rescue centre'
as such. Sadly, many of the animals it
saves have only ever known confinement
and isolation, so instead, the animals are
placed in foster homes all over SouthWest France while they wait for their
loving and permanent forever homes.
This gives Phoenix a better chance of
assessing the animal in the normality and
comfort of a home which leads to the
virtually 100% successful adoption rate.
Phoenix is not state funded and so
relies on fund-raising and donations
to cover the very high re-homing and
veterinary costs. Phoenix is formed of a
committed but fun and positive team of
volunteers, and is always on the lookout
for more, so if you are interested in
adopting an animal, foster caring or
becoming a Member, please visit the
Contact page of the website at www.
phoenixasso.com and www.facebook.
Church Notices
Anglican Holy Communion
Services are now being conducted by
Rev Robert Leone at 2:30 pm on the
1st Sunday of each month at the French
Protestant Church, Place du Temple,
Thiat (87) near Le Dorat (87) and
Montmorillon (86) until the Anglican
church is ready for use.
[email protected]
Monthly Worship in English
If your journey of life has brought you
here to France, why neglect your journey
of faith? We look forward to giving
a warm welcome to everyone from
whatever Christian tradition (or none) on
the 3rd SUNDAY of the MONTH at 3pm.
Where? At the Temple in Thiat (in the
north of the Haute-Vienne) – we are part
of the Parish of the Basse-Marche of the
Eglise Protestante Unie de France. The
Temple is on the main road close to the
Mairie. After worship there is tea/coffee
and cake – and a chance to chat.
If you want to know more contact Rev
Derek Lawson on 05 55 68 53 03 or Rev
Stephen Sawyer on 05 49 84 33 86.
English-speaking church services
Come as you are... This is an invitation
to join us at our CHURCH SERVICE
IN ENGLISH. Whether you have a faith
or would just like to attend a church
service you are welcome at 3pm on the
2nd Sunday of each month at the Eglise
Evangélique, 9b Place Bonnyaud, Guéret,
We welcome all who want to join a group
of English-speaking Christians for a
time of worship and learning together.
Children are very welcome. For more
details contact Jim & Pat Scott on 05 55
67 54 78 / email [email protected] or
Ian & Becky Jefferies on 05 55 61 10 23 /
email [email protected]
Christians together in Limousin La
Souterraine Area
We hold a time of fellowship and Bible
study every Tuesday afternoon. Barbara
and Cedric look forward to welcoming
you. Tel: 05 55 71 09 04
The International Free Church in
The church presently meets at 10, La
Chaudronnière, a small hamlet mid-way
between Crozant and Eguzon. Sunday
worship meetings are held on the first
and third Sundays of the month at
10.30am. Fellowship meetings, for midweek prayer, bible study and discussion
are at the same venue every Thursday at
7.30pm. For further information contact
Eric Sutton tel 05 55 89 26 62
Fitness & Fun
Photo Club La Meteorite (87)
All welcome, all levels; we meet
fortnightly at 3-5pm on Sundays. Field
trips, friendly critique, conversation and
competitions (to contact and more details
go to photoclubmeteorite.org).
Chabanais Bowls Club
New for 2016 - Short Mat Bowls (45ft) in
the Charente. Now fully open with 3 mats
incl. a brand new one provided by our
sponsor - FBEYE, Singapore and Manila.
3-hour sessions: Tue 10 am & Thu 2
pm with tea/coffee breaks sponsored by
Petticoat Lane. We welcome all ages and
abilities. Use your own UK bowls or
borrow ours. For more info ring 05 45 29
05 73.
Drawing and painting classes
At Saint-Junien with the CAPCC (art
club). All levels welcome, every Monday
and Thursday, English and French
spoken, friendly atmosphere, materials
provided by the club. 45€ / half-term.
Contact: [email protected] for
brochure with full details.
Keepfit (Bonjour La Forme)
Held at Saint-Sulpice-les-Champs in the
Salle Polyvalente: Mon evening at 19.4520.45 for cardiac and muscle exercises;
Thurs afternoon at 15.00-16.00 for gentle
All are welcome to join us. Contact
Jeanette 09 62 58 49 03 (Eng) or Catherine
05 55 66 67 30 (Fr) for more info.
Tai Chi, Pakua & Qigong
Tai Chi, Pakua & Qigong classes
organised by the ACAMIES (association
culturelle d'arts martiaux internes et
d'exercices de santé). Wed: Jarnages,
18h30-20h, Salle Polyvalente. Thu:
Bétête, 19h-20h30, Domaine de
Tournessac. Individual classes, courses,
massage & treatments also available.
Contact: 06 48 00 02 07
Keep Fit
Amazing abs, breathtaking buttocks!
Come and join our group at the CAPE in
Pontarion. We are all ages, all sizes, men
& women, but are serious about keeping
Our “monitrice” is English and will
happily provide bilingual instructions.
We meet every Thursday at 8p.m. in
Pontarion Town Hall, for a one-hour
Come for a free trial, or call 05 55 64 98
87 or 06 32 42 95 68 for more details.
Indoor Bowling at Oradour-sur-Vayres
If you already play or have never tried
indoor bowling then come along to a
meeting. It's great fun and easy to play.
If you have never played it before we will
show you how. We meet every Monday
evening starting at 18.30 hrs at La
Chapelle, avenue des Chapelles, 87150
Oradour-sur-Vayres. Come and try it - it's
free. If you require further information or
directions to our venue please contact me
- Email: [email protected] or
telephone: 05 55 08 41 75
Regular zumba classes across depts 36,
18 & northern 23. For more info tel 06
58 37 17 04 - email [email protected]
com and for details of classes visit www.
Indoor Short-mat Bowling at Cussac
87150....and now Outdoor too!
As the premier bowls club in the HauteVienne, we are going from strength to
strength with members seeking us out
and travelling great distances to continue
their love of bowls or simply to 'try us
out'. Our reputation as a "very friendly
and welcoming club" goes before us. If
you've never tried the game, just come
along and take a look; there is far more to
it than first appears!
We are a formally registered association
within the French system and benefit
from assistance from our local commune
by use of a wonderful indoor venue. AND
NOW...the use of a synthetic outdoor
court where Flat-green, Crown and
Short-mat can be played. Just imagine
the summer evenings with a drink in your
hand, watching fellow bowlers enjoying
the quiet of village, interrupted only by
the 'click' or 'tunk' of bowl against bowl!
Our regular sessions indoors are
Wednesday evening at 8pm and Thursday
Mornings at 10am. Outdoor sessions will
be arranged as the spring arrives so keep
in touch. Serious bowlers and beginners
are welcome - club bowls are available
for use.
[email protected]
telephone 05 55 78 66 45.
Association Equilibre, le mouvement
du corps
Yoga for all levels: Tue 18:30 Aubusson,
Pied au plancher (Espace Philips);
Wed 18:30 Vallière, salle polyvalante.
Pregnancy/Post Natal: Tue 17:00
Aubusson, Pied au Plancher (Espace
Philips) For further information tel 06
83 24 62 72 or visit www.spaequilibre.
Chinese Gym & Karate
Mondays & Thursdays at the DOJO,
Allée Jean-Marie Couturier, Aubusson.
Chinese gym 17h-18h15 & 18h15-19h30
and karate 19h30-21h.
For more info tel 06 08 92 30 53
Tai Chi at Boussac and La Châtre
Tai Chi classes in Boussac (Tue 18.15
- 19.45) and La Châtre (Thu 18.15 19.45). The first two lessons are free, the
subscriptions are 36 euros per month and
members can go to both venues having
paid this fee. The style is that of Yang. All
ages and abilities welcome, but folk must
bear in mind that they will be on their
feet, doing the equivalent of what one
might classify as light exercise, for about
an hour and a half. For more information
contact 05 55 65 08 20.
Gym Bien-être
Would you like to be more supple?
Come to our gym class on Thursday
mornings from 10.30am to 11.30am,
where we do gentle exercises to help all
our muscles and joints. The classes are
held in Rochechouart in the Capitole
building, upstairs. Our group is part of a
National Federation of Gymnastics. For
information contact Pauline at pauline.
[email protected]
Learn to Meditate
Learn to meditate and meet other likeminded people. Simple mindfulness
technique. Dechen Choling, Le Mas
Marvent, St-Yrieix-sous-Aixe, 87700.
Also, ongoing regular group meetings
and events. Contact tel Christina 05 55 03
82 01 www.dechencholing.org
Les petits jardiniers du Limousin
Getting out in the garden is one of life's
pleasures for many people and there's
a lot of satisfaction in seeing seeds and
plants thrive and grow under your care.
Our Association has a different, garden
related topic each month and you are very
welcome to come and join us in learning
more about growing plants, flowers, fruit,
vegetables and trees in this region. We
also have visits to other gardens and an
Annual Show in September. We meet on
the third Thursday of each month (excl
Feb) in the Mairie at St-Amand-le-Petit
(between Eymoutiers and Peyrat-leChâteau). Meetings start at 2.30 pm and
visit timings will be advised. For more
information contact Carolyn or Antonia
at [email protected]
Agenda for 2016: 21 July - Gardening by
the moon and how to produce your own
seed; 18 August - Summer lunch – venue
to be advised; 04 September - SUNDAY
4th Annual Fruit, Flower and Vegetable
Annual Show; 20
October - AGM
followed by All about Pumpkins; 17
November - Visit to Moulin Got, paper
manufacturers; 15 December - Gardeners'
Question Time and Christmas Party.
Club Liseron – Gardening Club
Meets on the 2nd Mon evening of the
month at 19.30 at the Salle des Fêtes
in Massignac. We're a mixed bunch of
English & French, who are united by
a passion for gardens and gardening,
sharing plants, seeds and information.
This year the President is Véronique
Granet and the Vice President is
Michelle Pierce. For further information
contact Michelle on 05 45 89 36 54 /
[email protected]
Agenda for 2016: 11/07 Taking cuttings;
12/09 Saffron; 10/10 Helpful tips; 14/11
Forest gardens; 12/12 AGM.
Aux Plantes, etc.
We are an association of independent,
ethically-minded and passionate plant
producers. Our aim is to encourage
consumers to know more about the
plants they buy, how they were produced
and their needs, thereby avoiding the
disappointments that so often come with
mass produced plants. It’s not just about
us selling you plants - we want them to
thrive and do well for you!
Current members include plantspeople
specialising in unusual shrubs & trees,
butterfly plants, heritage vegetables and
flowers, irises, perennials and droughttolerant plants.
For more info contact Michelle Pierce 05
45 89 36 54 or visit:
Les Jardins de Sirius
Based in Pressignac, Charente, we are a
small association of people who are keen
on gardening. As well as finding plants an
endless source of interest, we believe that
the simple fact of gardening has numerous
positive benefits for health, stress, social
interaction - in other words, our daily
lives - and we’d like to encourage this
aspect. We run flower workshops on the
first Saturday afternoon of the month. If
you’d like to get involved, have more info
on the association or become a member,
please contact Michelle Pierce on 05 45
89 36 54 or at [email protected]
Bessines-Accueil is a group based in
Bessines-sur-Gartempe (87250) which
seeks to welcome new arrivals both to
the town and to the surrounding region
and to assist them with integration in the
The group is comprised both of French
and English members and meets weekly,
generally on Thursday afternoons, in
Bessines-sur-Gartempe, when various
activities take place, all aimed at
promoting a friendly and welcoming
Through these activities, which include
visits, talks, entertainment and much
more, the group aims to discover and
promote an appreciation of the life, the
history and the heritage of the area and to
help new arrivals settle.
For more details or to join please contact
the President, Bernadette Ruffenach, on
05 55 76 11 19.
Les Franglais de Banize (23120)
French and English people meet every
Wednesday at 2-3 pm in the mairie in
Banize to share English and French
language and lots of laughter.
We all learn from each other, in both
languages and about aspects of both
cultures. In general the English try to
speak in French and vice versa. As far as
The meetings have been going on for
seven years now but new arrivals are
always welcome.
For more information please contact
Anne Chadwick at [email protected]
orange.fr or tel 05 55 67 53 60.
CONNECT is a group for English
speakers of any nationality in the area of
St-Yrieix-la-Perche. Our Objective is to
help people make friends and exchange
information. We hold fun events and a
Monthly Coffee Morning on the First
Friday of every month at Espace Ferraud,
rue du Docteur Lemoyne, St-Yrieix-laPerche. We are a non profit making group
and we are run by volunteers, there are no
membership fees.
For Further information visit our website
www.connect87.info or contact Nikki
Evans at [email protected] or on
05 53 55 09 83.
French Conversation Group at Les
Billanges (87340)
We are a small group who meet fortnightly
for an hour and a half on Tuesday evenings
during term time in Les Billanges,
87340, close to the Creuse/Haute-Vienne
border. We are accompanied by a retired
French schoolteacher and a current
French teacher of English. Discussion
is informal, loosely based on everyday
topics, including some grammar plus
general discussion. We need a few more
people to help keep it vibrant and to
cater for inevitable absences. The only
cost is yearly membership of the local
Association, about €20, which brings
with it other social opportunities. To find
out more please contact Peter Metcalfe at
[email protected]
Familles Rurales in Peyrat-le-Château
Association Familles Rurales now offer
assistance in English and Dutch to all
non-French speaking people (British,
Dutch, German, etc.) concerning all
kinds of administrative steps. The service
is available in Peyrat-le-Château and
surrounding communes. We will try to
provide information and help you find
your way in social and administrative
matters. We will also do our best to
help you with practical matters such
as language problems, payment of
bills, hiring workmen, etc. Find Heleen
Tichler-Botermans at the AFR office in
Peyrat-le-Château on Mondays from 9
am to 12 pm and Wednesdays from 9 am
to 1 pm. You are welcome to drop in or
make an appointment.
[email protected]
Telephone: 06 41 20 06 83
Office address: 19 avenue de la Tour,
87470 Peyrat-le-Château
Familles Rurales 2 in St-Yrieix-laPerche
Weekly courses in French for foreigners
(mainly English and Dutch) living in the
area. Held at five different levels, all with
the same native French teacher, so it is
easy to move from one class to another if
you feel out of place.
Level 1 (beginners) - Mon 10h30-12h;
Level 2 - Thur 10h30-12h; Level 3 - Tue
10h30-12h; Level 4 - Sat 10h-12h; Level
5 (top) - Weds 14h30-16h30.
All courses are held in Familles Rurales'
premises at 1 rue de la Piscine (former
swimming pool), 87500 St-Yrieix-laPerche. For more info tel 05 55 09 30 86,
or Mark GRIEVES (English-speaking
president) tel 06 76 64 89 94 will be
pleased to answer any questions you may
International Apero Reseau
Due to unforeseen circumstances we no
longer meet at Les Picards, Aubusson.
Meetings are continuing Saturdays 11.30
am at various cafes in Aubusson.
Due to the ambulant nature of our
meetings, should you like to join us,
please contact Catherine on 06 86 17
80 88 or email Jan at [email protected]
co.uk for location updates.
We continue to meet to exchange views,
make new friends, help and advise one
another and help integrate newcomers.
We are a friendly group of French and
English who enjoy conversation in both
Learning Together – Apprenons
We are a friendly club based in
Rochechouart and our aim is to promote
good relations amongst the local
French-speaking and English-speaking
community. We offer courses of tuition in
English and French as well as organising
social and cultural events including visits
to places of interest.
For further information please visit our
website www.learningtogether.moonfruit.
com, email us at [email protected]
gmail.com or telephone our President
Alan Bretman on 05 55 49 08 75. We look
forward to hearing from you.
The Melting Pot
Members of the Ambassador's Club of
the Welcome en Limousin Association.
We are a group of around 70 members,
both French and British, who meet with
the aim of sharing things and trying to
integrate with the French community. We
meet every week at the Ancienne Ecole
in Darnac, on a Wednesday morning
from 10am - 12noon, except for the first
Wednesday, when we meet in the evening
at 8pm. We hold information meetings,
plant swaps, BBQ's, games nights, visits
and have guest speakers about topics
relevant to living in France.
Contact: www.meltingpot-limousin.com
CLE is a not-for-profit organisation
whose members form a valuable
resource for the exchange of news,
views, ideas and information. We lobby
and work with key organisations to help
protect our members' best interests,
particularly when Government or other
proposals threaten to impact the wellbeing of expatriate citizens. We organise
a range of events, workshops and
seminars throughout the year, plus social
activities including coach trips, activity
days and charity events. Our special
interest groups include a Fishing Group,
a Pudding Club and Gourmet Club
which holds regular lunches at some
of the region's better restaurants where
we negotiate set menus a cut above the
typical 'plat du jour' but still reasonably
priced – all activities to help members
make new expatriate and French friends.
Email: [email protected]
Tel: Barry Leech 05 49 87 19 85
Libraries & Books
Sale of Second-hand Books, La
On the 18th of every month, during
the monthly market at La Croisillesur-Briance (87130), there is a sale of
second-hand books (both English and
French) from 9am to 12 noon, at the
former restaurant in La Place, opposite
the bar/tabac. All proceeds go towards
the local school funds (for La Croisille-
JULY 2016 ○ THE BUGLE ○ www.thebugle.eu
Individual/Group lessons, all levels - Skype lessons via the INTERNET also available
Free trial lesson!
Lessons in La Souterraine & Dun-le-Palestel (23)
OTHER SERVICES: Accompanying and interpreting - house purchase, arranging new utilities,
car registration, healthcare, liaison with French administration, etc...
Sophie Arsac sur-Briance and St-Méard RPI).
La Souterraine English Library and
Information Centre
Located in the historic Porte de Puy Charraud,
at 10 rue de Portail, La Souterraine, we are
a lively, well-stocked English language
library with almost 10,000 books and media
available to borrow. We have an attractive
cafe which serves tea, coffee and a range of
home-made cakes. There is also a regularly
changing display of works by local artists
and an interesting brocante area on the
ground floor.
The Library offers classes in French for
English speakers with a professional
teacher and also organises Anglo-French
conversation groups in association with the
Municipal Library in La Souterraine. There
are also a number of thriving special interest
groups, such as the Gardening Group,
Camera Club, Friendship Group, etc.
We also provide support & assistance in
bureaucratic and administrative matters
for both existing British residents as well
as newcomers to the area. Whatever your
interests don’t hesitate to pay us a visit and
you will be made most welcome.
We are open from 09.30 until 12.30, Mon,
Thu, Fri & Sat. For more info tel 05 55 89
57 62 during opening hours or visit www.
The English Library, Dun-le-Palestel
The English Library, which has now been
established for over 5 yrs, is situated in the
Route des Rateries, beside the Bibliothèque
Municipale, Parc Benjamin Bord. The
library is a very welcoming meeting place,
where you can come and enjoy a cup of tea,
or coffee, whilst you browse through our
collection of around 7,500 books, DVDs
and talking books. Our opening hours are
Thursdays, 10h00 – 16h00 and Saturdays
10h00 – 12h30.
Also, on the first Tuesday of every month,
10h00 – 12h00, you are invited to join us for
our Club Franglais, which welcomes people
from all nationalities, to chat in French,
English or any language you wish(!) whilst
enjoying a cup of tea, and a piece of homemade cake.
We host a range of other activities too,
including the Café Philo, and Club Scrabble.
More information can be found on
the Entente Cordiale website at www.
ententecordiale-creuse.org or email us at
[email protected]
“Le Jeudi Meta Blues”
Organised by the association Nessgig this
takes place every 4th Thursday of the month,
from 19h30 to 22h at “La Petite Charrue” pub,
Le Bournazeau, Château-Chervix (87).
All music lovers who would like to share
and exchange information and stories around
blues, folk and rock, in French AND in
English, or who might like to jam a little, are
Free admission! For more information email
[email protected] or tel 05 55 09 99 34.
Music Club Boussac
The venue of the Club de Musique & Music
in Boussac "open mic" night has changed. We
welcome musicians of all levels and styles,
spectators and all music lovers to join us
for an evening of musical entertainment and
fun at L'Origan restaurant, 34 rue Vincent,
Boussac 23600 from 20h until midnight on
the last Saturday of each month. A PA system
will be available. For only 8€ Christophe,
05 55 14 07 64 - [email protected]
the chef and proprietor, will be offering a
special formule of Fish & Chips or a small
pizza of choice from a Reine, Campagnarde,
4 fromages or Creusoise plus a drink. His
normal extensive menu is also available. Food
will be served until 22h.
For more info please email Dave and Bev at
[email protected] or phone
05 55 65 19 24 or Rosie and Mervyn 05 55 65
70 06 [email protected]
We look forward to greeting you all at this
new venue.
Open Mic Night
If you like music and have ever fancied getting
up and having a go, why not come along to
our Open Mic Night at “Le Loch Ness” in La
Souterraine town centre every Friday around
L'Orchestre Philharmonique de La
If you or one of your family are interested
in playing in an orchestra and think your
standard might be adequate do get in contact
with us. We meet weekly on Friday evenings
in La Souterraine (apart from the summer
holidays) to rehearse. Most of our concerts
are around Xmas or May-July. Our members
come from all over Limousin so lifts to and
fro may be possible if necessary. Contacts:
French language Marie-France Martinie 05 55
30 76 23 / English language Alan Kerr 05 55
56 34 52
The Harmonics
This is our 6th season of singing as a group.
Our music is varied classical, madrigals,
spiritual, songs from the shows etc and we
sing in French, English, Swahili, Latin whatever the music demands. Our concerts are
in support of a variety of charities including
the British Legion, L'Oregon at Civray and
Retina and thus non profit making. We meet
Wed 14h – 16h in the Salle d'Annexe behind
the Mairie in Civray. Interested? We'd love to
see you so contact: David Lee tel 05 49 87 53
93 email [email protected] or Dolly Ait
Boualou email [email protected]
strength and hope with each other that they
may solve their common problem and help
others to recover from alcoholism. The only
requirement for membership is a desire to
stop drinking. There are no dues or fees for
A.A. membership and A.A. is not allied with
any sect, denomination, politics, organization
or institution. Our primary purpose is to stay
sober and help other alcoholics to achieve
For details of the meetings or other information
contact Roger 05 55 76 22 65 (Limoges),
Ewen 05 53 05 76 62 (Périgueux) or Angela
05 49 87 79 09 (Civray).
Other meetings in South-West France can be
located on our web-site at aafrancesud-ouest.
English-speaking council surgery
...for residents of the commune of St-LégerMagnazeix. Every 2nd Weds in the month,
an English-speaking council surgery with
councillors Manuela Stroescu and Patrick
Johnson will take place at the Mairie between
11am and 12pm.
Elizabeth Finn Care
Registered charity Elizabeth Finn Care is able
to offer direct financial assistance to British and
Irish nationals or residents who live overseas.
We ensure that our help does not affect any
means-tested payments.
For more information contact: Mary Hughes Case worker France, Elizabeth Finn Care - tel
04 68 23 43 79 or visit www.elizabethfinncare.
org.uk and www.turn2us.org.uk
L’Association France Alzheimer Dordogne
Charitable organisation offering Englishspeaking support and guidance to anyone
dealing with the day-to-day difficulties
affecting those with dementia, their families
and their carers and assistance with how to
access the best provisions of care.
English Helpline (available on Tuesday
mornings between 10am and midday): 09 64
21 40 86.
For more information email alzheimer.
[email protected]
Cancer Support France, Charente Plus
Free confidential support for English-speaking
people touched by cancer in departments 16,
17 & 86. CSF 24 hour helpline: 06 45 35
32 30, Email [email protected],
Facebook: Cancer Support France - Charente
Cancer Support Haute-Vienne
We offer free and confidential support to
English speakers affected by Cancer in the
Haute-Vienne (87) and Creuse (23). Our
helpline number is 06 04 43 39 87. If you
would like more information or would like to
become a member or help in any other way,
please contact Sue Ware 05 55 00 31 15,
[email protected] or visit www.
Cancer Support Haute-Vienne
Alcoholics Anonymous
If you or someone you know has a drinking
problem, there are now English-speaking
meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous at
Limoges, Périgueux and the recently opened
meeting at Civray.
Alcoholics Anonymous is a Fellowship of
men and women who share their experience,
thanks everyone who supported the
Barn Sale at the end of May and came to our
Fund-raising Lunch on 12th June.
Both events were very enjoyable
despite the weather!
Sue Ware, President
New President for Cancer Support France – Charente Plus
My name is Vanessa Whyte, I am married to Scott and we recently celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary.
We have two daughters and now have a new member of our family, our first grandson Leo.
We all live here in France, including my parents who also live close by.
I moved over to France in 2007 and don’t regret it for a minute. The whole family have benefited from living
here and have adapted well to their new lifestyle, with both girls going through the French education system.
I am a fully qualified psychotherapist and have worked in the area of mental health, including working for
The Priory back in the UK.
Sadly I lost a good friend to cancer when she was only 40 years old, which then encouraged me to get involved with the charity helping those affected by
cancer. So, when I heard about Cancer Support France, I happily volunteered and have been a member for a number of years now. I trained as an Active
Listener (AL), then went on to become an AL Trainer and am now delighted to become the next President of CSF Charente-Plus.
Meet Gemma
She’s a 9 yr-old Beagle
who, up till we took her
in, hadn't had much of
a life. She came into our
care in November from
the SPA where she had a
zero chance of adoption as
she was elderly and had a
mammary tumour. This has
been successfully removed
and she is now ready to find
her forever home.
Gemma needs an owner who will be willing to keep up her contraceptive
injections, as she cannot be spayed for safety reasons, and as with all
long-eared breeds, her ears will need regular cleaning. She’s also a bit
portly, so it’s diet and exercise for her!
Gemma is very loving and just wants a lap to lay her head on, but she is
a Beagle after all and will require an enclosed garden.
She is good with other dogs, travels well in the car and even took a
liking to the cat (in the nicest possible way). Her only fault, if you can
call it that, is that she likes to sing for her supper and gets over excited
when food or treats are being prepared. She is not a barker, however,
though she does give you a noisy welcome - or maybe a telling off! when you come home if you have left her.
Gemma is chipped and fully vaccinated and has been wormed and flea
treated. She’s house-trained and a really affectionate little character.
All she needs now is a kindly soul to love her for ever and she's hoping
it will be you!
For more information on Gemma please
contact her foster mum Yvonne at
[email protected] or on 06 02 38 20
70 (dept. 87).
This gorgeous boy is
Wolfy, a 5-year-old
Berger cross who has
been at the SPA refuge
in Limoges for 2 long
He is a friendly and
affectionate chap who
has won the hearts of
the volunteers and staff.
After so long in the
refuge he could do with
a bit more training but
Wolfy is a clever boy
who loves to be with
people, walks well on
the lead and enjoys a
game. At the moment he is happily sharing his box with
a female and mostly he is content in the company of
other dogs but sometimes he can be a bit picky about
his friends - if he is to live with another dog they would
need to meet him before adoption. Wolfy is smaller than
a pure Berger and would fit in happily as a family pet or
as a companion. He is castrated, chipped and vaccinated.
I should like to give my special thanks to outgoing President Joan Hogan for all the hard work she has put in over the last few years in raising awareness
and forging vital links within the French medical services and developing the Charente-Plus region to its current respected status.
If you would like to give Wolfy the home he clearly
deserves you can meet him at:
I am looking forward to working with members and friends old and new of CSF Charente-Plus, to forge new links, support fund-raising and spread the word
about the valuable service that CSF provides for English-speaking people touched by cancer.
SPA de la Haute-Vienne, 156 avenue du Général René
Chambe, 87270 Couzeix
Tel: 05 55 48 06 75
or if you would like some help from an
English-speaking volunteer to meet Wolfy
or any of the other many dogs at the refuge
email Pam at [email protected]
------------------------A thank you from Vanessa - Thank you to Richard and Rhiannon Beech for sharing their beautiful garden in June to support CSF Charente-Plus. The sun came out
and the flowers looked quite lovely. Thank you also to Kate Britten for her hard work organising the event and to our members and supporters for contributing
delicious home-made cakes for the garden tea terrace. The whole event ran very smoothly and raised 688 euros. Well done all, great team work!
Mon Chic Cottage
21 Place Charles de Gaulle, Le Dorat
Home Decor & Gifts
Tea, coffee & home-made scones / cakes Official Stockist & Workshop for
Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan
& Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic Decorative Paint Workshops
To learn the basis of using Chalk Paint™ &
ask questions, join us on a workshop.
All materials included. To book contact Jay.
Opening hours:
Tue/Wed/Fri 10h-16h - Thu 10h-18h.
05 87 77 95 59
[email protected]
The Brocante - now has lots of card and scrapbooking
material & crafting books. Plus lots more items... come and
see for yourself. All book sales go to animal charities.
The Restaurant - where you can get a meal or snack
throughout the day, plus tea/coffee, soft drinks
or something a little stronger.
See main ad for details of how to contact us.
Please email us if you are looking
for a special item or book.
www.thebugle.eu ○ THE BUGLE ○ JULY 2016
This month we will be at the following markets:
Cross Cut
Tree Surgeons
20% Discount
Dates for July
Gouzon, Chilled orders only! 3.30pm, (place de l'Eglise) - Wednesday 6th
Boussac, (place de l'Hôtel de Ville) - Wednesday 6th (6pm)
Aubusson, (place Maurice Dayras) - Thursday 7th (6pm)
Le Grand-Bourg, (place du marché) - Friday 8th (5.45pm-7.15pm only)
Marsac, (Chez Jacques) - ** cancelled **
Bourganeuf, (place Martin Nadaud) - Wednesday 13th (5.45pm)
Peyrat-le-Château, Thursday 14th - please contact us for details
Dun-le-Palestel, Venue now finished, but you can order chilled collection,
please contact us for details.
Sardent, (Auberge du lac, Masmangeas) - Saturday 23rd (5.30pm)
Also chilled deliveries to various areas - please contact for details
Tel: 07 70 39 12 23
Email: [email protected]
26, Ecurat 23150
Le Restaurant Ecurat
tel: 05 55 81 31 85
email: [email protected]
Lamb/hogget is now available
to order at €12.50 / kg
02 54 25 34 73 / 06 84 61 52 39
10 rte de Vilenne, 36200 CELON
you at any of the markets, please let me
have your order by telephone or e-mail
[email protected]
5 Rue Nationale – 16150 Chabanais
Tel: 05 45 29 03 99
[email protected] /
Sat 9th July - Battle of the Bands
Roussis Maid
Find us at the following weekly markets:
Piégut (Wednesdays)
Brantôme (Fridays)
and at the following monthly markets:
Aigre English Market - 2nd July
For further details or to order cards, e-mail:
[email protected]
Le Champsac
(87250 Folles)
2 rock bands battling it out side by side
with over 5 hours of non stop music.
The battle starts at 8pm - food available.
No need to reserve.
Tel: 05 55 10 96 03
Très Jolie
Fashion Accessories
Where to find me:
Every Wednesday - Piégut Market
12 rue des Fontaines, Champsac 87230
Please see my facebook page...
search 'Tres Jolie Milhaguet' to see what's new.
Saturday 2nd, 16th & 30th July
Pizza Night with "Pizza del Sole"
Mail order available, email for more details.
Most items now stocked at the 'Coeur et Etoile', St-Mathieu
Monday 4th July
Fish & Chip night with the "Dordogne Chippy"
[email protected]
Thursday 14th July (Bastille Day)
Vide grenier - 8h00 till 19h00
For more information, please contact:
[email protected]
Facebook: Le Champsac
05 55 78 53 50
As well as a fabulous range of tried
and tested paints, we are now an
official Crown Paints distributer.
2km from Chénérailles & the Château Villemonteix
Open Wednesday to Saturday for:
English Breakfast
Salon de Thé
Restaurant du Soir
Fish, chips & mushy peas €11.50
For more information
If you would like us to bring anything for
Le Viaduc Bar/Restaurant
Atelier d'Art du Jardin
All by reservation please.
Saturday 2nd July - Aigre
Sunday 10th & 24th July – Panazol
on all work completed
in July and August!!
Email: [email protected]
Petticoat Lane
05 55 78 62 29 / 06 04 08 29 53
LCS23 Autos
We are now making weekly runs
to and from the UK with our LWB van, car
trailer and car transporter.
If you need anything transporting, from
cars, vans, motorbikes and tractors
through to household items and DIY
goods, get in touch for more information.
05 55 80 34 52 / 06 23 29 24 70
Camping Lac du
Pont A l'Age
Fish & Chips: Friday 1, 15 & 29 July
with Oh My Cod Creuse
BBQ: Every weekend in July & August
(Sat & Sun evening and lunch time)
87320 Bussière-Poitevine
Tel: 05 55 68 74 73
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Steve Martindale
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23150 St-Yrieix-les-Bois
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Charente Libre
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Monthly circulation: 14,500 copies
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Dépôt légal à parution.
Live music: Thu 4 & 18 August
05 55 71 42 62 / 06 22 93 17 61
Steve Martindale
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WHAT’S ON ♦ 27
JULY 2016 ○ THE BUGLE ○ www.thebugle.eu
Wed 1st Jun to Fri 30th Sep BOUSSAC
Exhibitions at the Château
This summer Boussac Château is hosting exhibitions of the
tapestries of Georges CHAZAUD, an artist of la Creuse who
created many diverse tapestries that were woven in Aubusson
and the sculpted animals of Françoise MENEVEUX, also a
local artist. These exhibitions can be viewed in the reception
halls before or after your visit to the Château.
Opening times: 9h-12h and 14h-17h30.
Sat 2nd to Fri 22nd Jul BOUSSAC
Exhibitions at La Galerie
Exhibition of the patterns ("cartons") of the famous Aubusson
tapestries by Chantal Chirac and solo exhibition by Sandra
Hanekom entitled "The Feminine Prerogative" at La Galerie,
11 rue du Docteur Gaumet, Boussac.
Wed-Sat from 10h30-12h30 & 15h-18h.
Sat 2nd Jul to Sat 13th Aug CHASSIGNOLLES
Summer Concerts
A series of concerts at "The Piano Barn" in Chassignolles near
La Châtre.
The programme includes Peruvian guitarist and composer
Jorge Caballero's debut performance in France. Caballero
is the youngest musician and the only guitarist to win the
Naumburg International Competition Award, one of the
most prestigious and coveted awards given to performers
of any instrument, and comparable to the Pulitzer Prize for
musicians. He is known for his dazzling virtuosity, his intense
musicality and his spellbinding performances.
For more information and tickets visit:
www.la-grange-aux-pianos.com (see poster page 28)
Sat 2nd to Sun 3rd Jul CIEUX
Festival du Bois de la Pierre et de l’Eau
The 5th Festival of Wood, Stone and Water takes place on Sat
2nd July from 15h and Sun 3rd July from 9h-19h, featuring:
Artisans, artists, creators working with or handling wood,
basketry, ceramics, porcelain, enamel, earthenware, earth,
leather, stone, soaps, cosmetics, jewellery, mosaic, furniture,
cane, wool, saffron, honey...
50 exhibitors - no resellers: 100% producers, artisans and
craftsmen and women.
So much to see and do with stalls, demonstrations,
entertainment, children's games and workshops, refreshments
and tombola! Free entry.
For more information visit www.festival-bois-pierre-eau.fr
Wed 13th to Sun 17th Jul BESSINES-SUR-GARTEMPE
The 20th edition of this incredibly popular music festival will
feature 18 groups from France, Spain, Belgium, Portugal and
Ukraine and 350 musicians to create "the best music in the
best atmosphere".
Plus brocante on the Sunday with over 150 stalls.
For more information and to download the programme visit
Thu 14th Jul GOUZON
Vide-greniers in aid of Secours Catholique
We are once again serving cream teas with English scones,
jam and cream and a cup of coffee or tea for only 2 euros
each. Come along for a chat and we hope to see all our French,
Dutch and English regulars.
Late night opening in La Souterraine
Why stay in on a Friday night? Come and join us; drink in
our cafes, eat in our restaurants, shop in our shops. You will
have the chance to win gift vouchers to spend in our shops and
restaurants if you spot the "intruders", the items that don't fit,
in the shop windows. See the antique cars and perhaps win a
chance to ride in one. Come and join in the fun!
Wed 27th Jul to Sat 20th Aug
Festival du Haut Limousin
Nine superb concerts, a new dance production, six free music
events and two opportunities to meet some of the performers,
also free, make up the programme for this year's Festival.
Further information at www.festivalduhautlimousin.com
Jack Laws' Rock Concert
In aid of CSHaute-Vienne and La Ligue 87.
Venue: Harry's Bar, Route 66, Bussiere-Poitevine (87320).
Tel: 05 55 47 35 08 for more information.
An evening of country blues with Rag Mama Rag
On Sunday 31st July at 18h top European country blues
duo Rag Mama Rag will be playing at the church in SaintSornin-Leulac 87290. Formed in 1991, the English duo has
a well deserved reputation as one of Europe’s finest Country
Blues acts, making use of an interesting and wide range of
instruments. They create an exceptionally full and hard
driving rhythmic sound which soon has feet tapping.
Their repertoire is 20s and 30s Blues based, but very varied,
encompassing Mississippi Blues, East Coast Ragtime sounds,
early White Country tunes and many other regional styles of
the period as well as original compositions.
Touring non stop Rag Mama Rag have played at many major
festivals in the UK, Europe and beyond.
Tickets for this excellent evening are 10 euros per person and
can be reserved by contacting M. Rene Guimbard on 05 55 76
31 86 or 06 15 46 17 58.
Guided tours of the Zizim Tower
and medieval city of Bourganeuf
The medieval city of Bourganeuf was founded in the 12th
century by the Knights of St John. Between 1484 and 1486, the
Ottoman Prince Djem, known locally as Zizim, was detained by
the knights in the tower which had been specially built for him.
This summer, the tourist office of Bourganeuf-Royère de Vassivière is offering guided tours of the Zizim Tower in French,
Dutch and English. The English tour is on Thursdays at 11 am.
As well as these tours, the tourist office is staging 3 night visits (in French), by torchlight in medieval costume. These visits
are planned for Friday 8th and 22nd July and 12th August at 9
pm. Children may wear their own medieval costumes or borrow
them from the tourist office whilst adults (in costume if they
wish!) carry their torchlight. Fairy tales, music and theatre are
planned for these three performances.
Guided tours in English: RDV 11 am at the tourist office. Adults €4; Under 12s €1. Costume rental €1. Reservation necessary.
Torchlight visits: RDV 9 pm at the tourist office. Adults €5; Under 12s €2. Reservation necessary.
For more information contact Geoffroy Bénat on 05 55 64 12 20 or at [email protected]
here is so much intolerance in the world today between
competing cultures that, this year, the Festival du Haut
Limousin is promoting the value and excitement of cultural exchange in both music and dance. There are also a number
of exciting new productions.
It opens with Amel Brahim-Djelloul, a brilliant Algerian soprano accompanied by her country’s top musicians singing poetry from the 711-1492 Muslim Al-Andalus civilisation, when
culture was paramount and prevailed over all ideologies.
In exciting interpretations of Bach, Mozart, Saint-Saëns and
American jazz, Vassilena Serafimova and Thomas Echo marry
piano and percussion (including the African “marimba” handpiano) for our second concert.
Music from France, Poland and Germany comprises the next
multi-cultural offering, with “Les Esprits”, three superb chamber music musicians playing sonatas by Debussy and Chopin,
followed by Schumann’s trio no 1.
Music from great 20th century American composers, Renaissance English masters as well as French composers, Poulenc
and Debussy, creates a superb “a capella” concert from the
world acclaimed British “Kings Singers”.
The Festival premières a concerto for cello, composed and
played by Raphaël Merlin with Les Forces Majeures orchestra which he conducts. They push musical boundaries in this
concert with additional pieces from Mozart through to jazz
arranged by American double bassist Marlon Martinez. In a further concert this talented orchestra will offer music from Ravel
and Debussy finishing with Faure’s final version of his wonder-
ful Requiem, where they will be accompanied by soprano Amel
Brahim Djellou and baritone Marc Mauillon with the Limousin
Youth Choir and “Le Petit Coeur qui Bat”.
Festival weekends move around the chapels and “patrimoine” of the Haute Vienne. They are usually free. Mesomede,
a young ensemble created specially for the Festival, make their
debut in the little church at Rancon and the theatre-barn at
St-Junien-les-Combes with a cross-Channel selection of French
and English 17th and 18th century music, including repertoire
for castrato and soprano singers.
Among other free events, two choirs, “Kaléis” and “Le Petit
Choeur qui Bat”, will be singing to the public on café terraces, in
shops and public spaces in the mediaeval city of Le Dorat during
the hours of the famous French apéro. The churches of BussièreBoffy and Mézières-sur-Issoire host their second free concert,
with songs from the UK and USA. There is also the chance to
meet some members of the Festival-sponsored orchestra, Les
Forces Majeures at the Ferme de Villefavard, and, later on, Joe
Goode, choreographer, writer and director talking about his latest dance, created specially for the Festival.
Joe Goode’s new dance creation, “Nobody lives here now”,
was inspired by the martyrdom of Oradour-sur-Glane and the
disappearance of many friends through AIDS in San Francisco.
It is a beautiful and optimistic performance, with his actordancers accompanied by the Quatuor Varese.
Fiona Campbell, Vice President
Festival site: www.festivalduhautlimousin.com
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