8 tips to overcome stress during Infertility treatment


8 tips to overcome stress during Infertility treatment
8 Tips to Overcome Stress During Infertility Treatment
Infertility is a rare condition wherein there are changes in the reproductive system that prevents
the conception of children. It is often related to a lot of stress and anxiety as the prospect of not
being able to conceive and being excluded from the joys of parenthood could be very hard to
Marital distress is common when it comes to infertility, and it often leads to the unreasonable
perception that all the pain will melt away if there is a child, and not having one would only make
things worse. Some couples strengthen your bonds while some drift apart due to infertility
When you confront such a situation, it is crucial to separate personal feelings and expectations
which have been forced upon you by others. That is, couples going through infertility stress may
end up comparing themselves to peers or relatives who have children who would fuel the
feelings mentioned above of stress and anxiety.
If the couple is seeking treatment, the financial aspect of the situation would stress the couple
even more. Not being entirely invested in the treatment processes would make the couple feel
like it is a burden. Since these treatments are costly, it might not be affordable for everyone.
Therefore, it could meddle with the financial setup of the couple as they have to set aside
money for treatment apart from bills, tax, and so on.
Let us go through the steps to overcome Infertility Stress 1. Clear your Questions and Fears
Dealing with infertility stress is not easy, especially when you feel isolated and burdened with
questions. In such a situation, it is advised to get surrounded by people who can clear all your
doubts sensibly and understand your fears and concerns. Another option is to join a local group
or meet other infertile couples, just so that you do not feel alone in the struggle.
2. Stay Connected to your Family and Friends
A great deal can control infertility stress if people who love and support they surround the
couple. Having friends and family by your side would give you comfort, and it would be easier to
manage your life when you have people to help you. For example, they would be able to cook
your food and clean your house a bit so that when you come back home, you would instantly
feel relaxed from the pressure.
3. Communicate with your Partner
Though being infertile does not always end a marriage, it can take a significant toll on the
couple. Feelings such as resentment, self-doubt, inadequacy and pressure would go by the
minds of both partners, and if left unspoken, it can create barriers between the couple. You and
your spouse may have different methods of coping with the stress, but it is necessary to talk to
each other and understand their way of dealing with the problem. Reassurance and support can
go a long way in the case of such couples, and they might even be able to come out of it happy
and closer than ever.
4. Learn not to Suppress
Both the male and female partner should understand that even though infertility stress can get
overwhelming, it is not ideal for suppressing their feelings of hurt and self-doubt. It will only
cause more stress and would cause the couple to isolate themselves and feel lonely. It should
be noted that you should surround yourself with people who understand and vent all your
feelings of anger, guilt or sorrow. By addressing and releasing your emotions, you would feel
supported and optimistic about their condition.
5. Keep Yourself Occupied
It is necessary that the couple does not lose their sense of individuality amidst the infertility
stress. Therefore, you should carry on with your hobbies, and do things you enjoy doing the
most, alone or with your spouse. Be it painting, gardening or dancing; it could take away the
stress and bring some normalcy in your lives.
6. Yoga or Meditation
Both partners could do yoga, maybe daily or a few times a week to reduce infertility stress.
Another right way to calm down is by practising deep-breathing techniques, either alone or with
your partner. One exercise involves sitting comfortably, with eyes closed and taking slow, long
and deep breaths. You would be able to feel the pressure melting away and relaxation coming
7. Keep a Journal
Keeping a journal can be comforting as you would feel free enough to write down whatever you
are going through. Without much judgements or sympathy, you would be able to cope with
infertility stress on your own.
8. Maintain a Healthy Diet
Among all the stress, it is vital to keep your health in check and maintain your diet. If you are
going through a period of stress, try to reduce the intake of salt, sugar, saturated fats and white
flour. Other items to avoid would be alcohol, caffeine, black tea and hot cocoa.
The primary point to keep in mind is that even though there is infertility stress, you would be
able to cope with it if you are emotionally and physically close to your partner. Hence, try to be
around people who make you happy and do the things that you love the most. There are
alternative ways of having a child such as adoption, surrogation and many more, which you can
navigate through with your partner. In case, if you wish to give one more try, you can also visit
Dr. Shweta Goswami ​to cure your infertility.