Atlas des migrants en Europe Géographie critique des



Atlas des migrants en Europe Géographie critique des
Atlas des migrants en Europe
Géographie critique des politiques migratoires
An Atlas of Migrants in Europe
A Critical Geography of Migratory Politics
Reference & Dictionary
September 2012 - 2nd edition
23 x 28.7 - 144 pages
World rights available
A new and entirely updated edition taking into account the prominence of this issue
in the news and the challenges to European open borders (the Schengen Agreement)
A major graphic recasting
This politically engaged atlas seeks to use maps and charts to bring out the inconsistencies
and global negative consequences of how the question of immigration is posed by the
European Union. The 2012 edition surveys the situation and analyses the most recent
events: the uptick in migration in the wake of the Arab Spring, the agreements between
Italy and Libya, reinforced border controls, the closing of detention camps, etc.
By Réseau MIGREUROP (a network of 39 groups,), edited by Olivier Clochard,
geography professor at the University of Paris-8, and, among others, K. Dorai, research
director at the CNRS/ADES Bordeaux III, and A. Pecoud, researcher at MIGRINTER
(Poitiers) and Unesco.
I- Migration – globalized but restricted
Migrants of the world – Exiles, refugees, displaced persons and rejected applicants –
Ecological crisis – Freedom of travel – Walls and immigration – Isolated Minors –
Migrations and work
II- International barriers to migration: towards a reinforced protectionism?
The EU: when freedom of circulation becomes problematic – European visa policies
– Liaising agents – European neighbourhood policy – Frontex – Relationships
between Italy (or UE) and Libya since 2003 –Dublin II: asylum in orbit – Biometric
ID files – Subcontracting of migratory controls to private companies – Distant
bastions of the European politics – The last frontier: information and immigration
III- Cutting off the outside world: asylum and migration policies
Open and close camps – Modalities and functioning – Belgium – Turkey: transit
point for many exiles – Ukraine – Greece – Southern Italy – The imprisonment of
migrants for being undocumented – Readmission – “Voluntary departure” –
Rom Camps
IV- The effects of departure and transit zones
Buffer zones in Morocco – Informal camps – Border vagrancy – Afghan refugees –
Border deaths – Maritime agreements – Saharan migrations perturbed by European
migratory policies
Antoine Bonfait: [email protected]
21 rue du Montparnasse - 75006 Paris - France / 0033 1 44 39 54 47
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I- Leaving
1. Forced exile or dreams of Europe?
2. Kamel, Fathawit, Ibrahima and the others
3. Those who do not leave...
II- The journey
1. 1 000 € single ticket
2. Night freighters
3. The impossible docking
III- The “welcome”
1. "Benvenuti a Lampedusa!"
2. From the dock to the retention centre
3. Reception by the inhabitants: between solidarity and rejection
IV- What then?
1. "Those from Lampe"
2. To Calais
3. Strategies or survival and integration
Antoine Bonfait: [email protected]
21 rue du Montparnasse - 75006 Paris - France / 0033 1 44 39 54 47